Radio Free Northwest
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Radio Free Northwest – October 16th 2014

HAC eulogizes the late Matthias Koehl and discourses on ebola and the futility of debating with monkoids; Gretchen reviews a book on European nationalism, the Trucker talks about Border Patrol activities on the road, and we hear from the Northwest (England) Nationalist again.

Radio Free Northwest – October 9th 2014

HAC talks about a crack in the publicity blackout that happened last week; Gretchen reviews a book by ex-Communist Douglas Hyde White; the Trucker checks in from the road, and HAC answers some e-mail questions.

Radio Free Northwest – October 2nd 2014

HAC talks about intro overseas intro packs, Lord Lucan on the Holocaust, German Comrade Johannes Scharf on his new novel. Plus we hear from the Trucker on the road and Andy Donner on street-walking.

Radio Free Northwest – September 25th 2014

HAC on elderly Nationalists who lapse into mysticism, Gretchen does another book review, we hear from Edgar Steele on the subject of Martin Lucifer Koon, then HAC bitches about the pathetic White attention span.

Radio Free Northwest – September 18th 2014

HAC gives a brief Edgar Steele update and concludes his July interview with radio host Mike Harris. We hear from a British comrade, Gretchen reviews a book on rightist politics, and Andy talks about the NF and moral standards.

Radio Free Northwest – September 11th 2014

Special podcast on the murder of Edgar Steele. I suggest that our listeners make it a point to download this cast onto their hard drives. It is sufficiently vigorous and to the point where we might all of a sudden experience mysterious “technical difficulties” with our hosting company or some other more official form of […]

Radio Free Northwest – September 4th 2014

HAC On Mike Harris show and again on the foibles of the U.S. Secret Service; Gretchen reviews a book on the Hitler Youth, plus we hear from the Trucker and Comrade Steve from Michigan.

Radio Free Northwest – August 28th 2014

We hear from prospective Northwest migrants Annie and Stefan, Gretchen review Frank Da Silva’s second book, the Trucker expounds on the White work ethic, Professor Henry Harpending talks about “Do Races Exist?” and Andy tells why we can’t be your BFFs.  HAC also gets an occasional word in edgewise as well.

Radio Free Northwest – August 21st 2014

HAC raps a bit more about aliens and a lot on the St. Louis chimp-out. We hear from a British comrade and Gretchen reviews books on Ruby Ridge by Randy and Sarah Weaver.  Then we get another segment of HAC and Mike Harris on Mike’s July 24th show, HAC cuts loose with another blast at […]

Radio Free Northwest – August 14th 2014

HAC yells at some people, HAC and Lord Lucan rap about the aliens among us, (no, Harold hasn’t lost his marbles), Andy and Gretchen chime in and then HAC rambles on about Rotary Club vs.  Secret Squirrel.