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Radio Free Northwest – July 4th 2013

Radio talk show host Mike Harris talks about his recent assassination attempt and HAC raps on secret policemen digging up back yards in Texas, Gretchen speaks on the life and work of philosopher Houston Stewart Chamberlain, HAC comes back with some kindly references to the Jewish people, and then he talks a little treason.

Radio Free Northwest – June 26th 2013

HAC on what should and should not be discussed on here, plus the Edward Snowden melodrama. Olivia on Recovering Whiteness and Lord Lucan rolls out an old conspiratorial classic.

Shortstopping And “Standing And Fighting”

Another shortcast from HAC on people who won’t migrate and people who won’t migrate all the way.

Radio Free Northwest – June 20th 2013

HAC on refuting the nay-sayers, his alleged I.R.A. sympathies, and Movement burnout. Gretchen reviews a biography of Lady Diana Mosely and Bill White discusses his legal cases in a rare radio interview with American Free Press.

Conservatives And The Northwest Front

This is another “shortcast,” almost exactly 30 minutes in length. To remind you, these shorts sum up the main points I have been hammering home in Radio Free Northwest for three and a half years, and will save you guys from downloading the nearly 200 individual episodes, unless of course you’re really hooked.

Radio Free Northwest – June 13th, 2013

HAC on multiple topics, Lord Lucan on revolution in the Northwest, Olivia on immigration riots in Sweden, Andy on failures in White character.  HAC closes with a newly found debt that ZOG owes him.

“Grow Stronger!”

HAC speaks frankly and to the point, to the existing racially conscious community.

Radio Free Northwest – June 6th 2013

HAC on his “dirty books” and the importance of the Bill White case, Gretchen reviews Bill White’s Tradition of the Mother, Andy on solutions versus non-solutions, and Olivia dishes on White women.

Radio Free Northwest – May 30th 2013

Gretchen on her favorite books, Olivia on morality and honor, Lord Lucan on the Tories, and HAC talks about the British Muslim beheading, “Aryan” versus “White,” and the badly misnamed “Movement Modernization”.  

HAC Reads Freedom’s Sons Prologue

HAC reads the Prologue to Freedom’s Sons.