Radio Free Northwest
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Radio Free Northwest – November 14th 2013

Gretchen on European Identity youth, Lord Lucan on Fascism as a working class movement, HAC on prisoners and stats, and the second part of Dr. Revilo P. Oliver’s famous “Conspiracy or Degeneracy?” speech from 1966.

Radio Free Northwest – November 7th 2013

HAC talks about Aryan history, Dr. William Pierce, and Dr. Revilo P. Oliver.  Gretchen reviews the Generation Identity book and a new Northwest migrant describes his Homecoming.

Radio Free Northwest – October 31st 2013

HAC and Andy Donner bloviate on White character; audio clips from Dr. Ed Fields, James Mason, and Jack from New Zealand; and a selection of spooky seasonal music for Halloween.

Radio Free Northwest – October 24th 2013

HAC pontificates on the recent publication of Freedom’s Sons and on Ye Olde Goate Dance;  historic speeches from J. B. Stoner and Charles Lindbergh, Gretchen on the Easter Rebellion of 1916.

Radio Free Northwest – October 17th 2013

More discussion on Northwest Constitutional issues from HAC plus his Obamacare experience; Gretchen on appealing to “Americans” and Andy Donner on the absence of a professional clergy in Northwest society, and the conclusion of Bill White’s April 2008 Hitler’s Birthday address.

Radio Free Northwest – October 10th 2013

HAC talks about the Constitution and the book publication (finally!) of Freedom’s Sons; guest speakers include Aristotle Darwin, Bill White, and J. B. Stoner.

RFN Bonus On White Book And The Constitution

Some stuff I didn’t get a chance to go into adequately in the October 3rd podcast.

Radio Free Northwest – October 3rd 2013

HAC drones on about the Golden Dawn incident and why he plays so much “Fenian music,” Andy and Gretchen respond to comments on the “What Do You Want From RFN” post, and Conor from Australia raps on feminism.

Radio Free Northwest – September 26th 2013

HAC talks about some of the responses he received from this week’s “What Do You Want To Hear On RFN?” survey and plays Edgar Steele’s last major audio speech.

Radio Free Northwest – September 19th 2013

HAC jaws about the nature of the Weltfeind and the Jews, Olivia talks activism, Gretchen reviews one of HAC’s favorite books, then Harold comes back and does a reading from The Hill of the Ravens.