Radio Free Northwest
Tune in weekly for an episode of Radio Free Northwest.

Radio Free Northwest – December 11th 2014

HAC with a special message for active duty cops; Andy defends conspiracy theory; we hear from Gretchen and the Trucker.

Radio Free Northwest – December 4th 2014

HAC introduces a speech by Edgar Steele, Gretchen reviews a book on the collapse of France, we hear the last of HAC and Mike Harris last October, and Harold counsels a lady plagued by trolls.

Radio Free Northwest – November 27th 2014

HAC on Ferguson and Obongo’s assumption of de jure dictatorship; Andy on being tasked to capacity; Gretchen on Savitri Devi, with contributions from the Trucker and Lord Lucan. Happy Thanksgiving!

Radio Free Northwest – November 20th 2014

HAC on the NF contact process, Ferguson and the coming Obama amnesty; Andy on the elections, Gretchen reviews Kevin McDonald’s Culture of Critique, and we hear from Joe Adams and the Trucker.

Radio Free Northwest – November 13th 2014

HAC still has a slight touch of ebola, so he lays some more pre-recorded stuff on us. Gretchen reviews a book on Nietzsche and the Trucker reports from his hot tub in the rain.

Radio Free Northwest – November 6th 2014

HAC has ebola this week and his speaking voice sounds like death eating a cracker, so he cuffs it with a couple of new clips from the Mike Harris Show and White Voice.  We hear from Andy on reluctance to migrate and the Trucker as well.

Radio Free Northwest – October 30th 2014

HAC raps some more on the Rotary Club vs. the Secret Squirrel approach, we hear the tag end of Dueling Codgers from last week, Gretche reviews David Duke’s My Awakening, and we hear part of an HAC interview with Joe Adams of the White Voice. Plus a selection of Halloween-ish type music.

Radio Free Northwest – October 23rd 2014

HAC speaks on European immigration and Andy pans gay marriage in Idaho, we hear from the Trucker and from Stefan and Annie, then we get another round of Dueling Codgers and Harold rants and raves to a finish.

Radio Free Northwest – October 16th 2014

HAC eulogizes the late Matthias Koehl and discourses on ebola and the futility of debating with monkoids; Gretchen reviews a book on European nationalism, the Trucker talks about Border Patrol activities on the road, and we hear from the Northwest (England) Nationalist again.

Radio Free Northwest – October 9th 2014

HAC talks about a crack in the publicity blackout that happened last week; Gretchen reviews a book by ex-Communist Douglas Hyde White; the Trucker checks in from the road, and HAC answers some e-mail questions.