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Tune in weekly for an episode of Radio Free Northwest with your host Harold Covington.

Radio Free Northwest – September 20th 1914

In this podcast HAC dishes on the elections, Gretchen the Librarian reviews a biography of Ezra Pound, Lord Lucan and HAC rap about cannibalism in England and whether or not Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is a covert Satanist, and Harold talks about the coming Iran apocalypse.

Radio Free Northwest – September 13th 1914

HAC talks about NF propaganda’s no-nudity policy and the Chicago teachers’ strike, Gretchen the Librarian talks about jobs and finances, and murdered north Idaho attorney Edgar J. Steele speaks on illegal immigration.

Radio Free Northwest – September 6th 1914

HAC talks about the “1914” allusion in recent RFN headers and the kind of person he needs for an assistant, Edgar J. Steele speaks on “We Are All Terrorists Now” from 2009, and Harold lays some more Viking history on us.

Radio Free Northwest – August 30th 1914

HAC talks about the Terrorism Industry, Gretchen the Librarian reviews a book on Icelandic women, Edgar J. Steele speaks in defense of anti-semitsm, and Harold has a Viking moment.

Radio Free Northwest – August 23rd 1914

HAC raps on street-walking, Idaho attorney Edgar J. Steele dishes on Martin Lucifer Koon Day from 2007, and we discuss the meaning of the Northwest Tricolor flag.

Radio Free Northwest – August 16th 1914

HAC raps on the Michael Page incident, Gretchen reads from Freedom’s Sons, Edgar Steele lays a Philippic on us regarding the Holy Holocaust, and HAC talks about his new work schedule.

Radio Free Northwest – August 9th 1914

HAC talks about what the Northwest Front is and what it is not, Edgar Steele says “If you see black, don’t go back,” and we have another Weird Aryan History Series reading.

Interview With Two New Migrants

I interview two of the comrades who made their scouting trips this week. Again, this special podcast is by way of apology for the re-run I had to do this week. Barring some catastrophic intervention by Fate or the Great Pumpkin, RFN should be back up and running normally next week.

Radio Free Northwest – August 2nd 2012

HAC dishes some GUBU Movement gossip and follows it up with multifarious stirring orations.

Interview With Swedish Comrade

HAC interviews Comrade Ragnar from Sweden on international racial and political issues. This is an RFN extra by way of apology for this week’s re-run.

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