Radio Free Northwest
Tune in weekly for an episode of Radio Free Northwest.

Radio Free Northwest – September 26th 2013

HAC talks about some of the responses he received from this week’s “What Do You Want To Hear On RFN?” survey and plays Edgar Steele’s last major audio speech.

Radio Free Northwest – September 19th 2013

HAC jaws about the nature of the Weltfeind and the Jews, Olivia talks activism, Gretchen reviews one of HAC’s favorite books, then Harold comes back and does a reading from The Hill of the Ravens.

Radio Free Northwest – September 12th 2013

Andy talks about White character, HAC talks about becoming a rat and the latest FBI entrapment gig, and then explains calmly and carefully to listeners that he is not Batman, which many will no doubt find surprising.

Radio Free Northwest – September 5th 2013

HAC talks about formal Party organization (or lack thereof), Gretchen reviews a book on Irish Nationalist Kathleen Clarke, Olivia discusses the 14 Principles, and we feature the medieval musical group Sequentia.

Radio Free Northwest – August 29th 2013

Olivia on tolerance, Lord Lucan on secession, Andy on religion, and some old codger named Harold wanders in and out.

Let’s Talk A Little Treason

One of HAC’s more well-known short rants.

Radio Free Northwest – August 22nd 2013

HAC gets all crabby in anticipation of his 60th birthday and hurts people’s feelings, we hear from Andy and Olivia and Gretchen, and we showcase Canadian Celtic rock group Rawlins Cross.

HAC Contra Mundum

This is an excerpt from my monologue on the July 4th, 2013 Radio Free Northwest. One of our comrades liked it so much he did it up as a shortcast of his own, for which many thanks. I suppose you might call this your basic Covington rant.

Radio Free Northwest – August 15th 2013

HAC raves on a number of topics, including Obamacare, buggery, and computer encryption. Olivia throws in a few buggery remarks of her own and Gretchen reviews Arthur Koestler’s The Thirteenth Tribe.

The Revolution Starts Now

The Old Man’s Speech from A Distant Thunder. I did this a few years ago, but I listened to it again and I don’t like the poor recording quality, so I re-did it.