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Radio Free Northwest – December 19th 2013

HAC bloviates on this idea that “the sheriffs” or the governors or the state legislatures out West “will save us” and gives some advice on youth-oriented topics. Andy and Gretchen are there and Olivia to rap on education, and returns from the Outer Darkness, and we hear some Cthulhu Carols.

Radio Free Northwest – December 12th 2013

HAC talks about RFN paranoia, the institution of marriage, and some other stuff. Gretchen review a book on the dynamics of revolution, we hear from a Swedish comrade, and HAC closes with a brief tirade on internet kampf.

HAC On The Mike Harris Show 12-05-2013

HAC makes another appearance with radio talk  show host Mike Harris. They talk about the death of Nelson Mandela, HAC’s new novel Freedom’s Sons, and interesting topics like “When You Can And Should Shoot A Cop.”

Radio Free Northwest – December 5th 2013

HAC bloviates on the Wafer case in Detroit and the future of the GOP, Lord Lucan raps on Amish hatecrime and working class movements, Gretchen reviews Eric Hoffer’s famous book The True Believer,  and then HAC closes with a homily on Movement burnout.

Radio Free Northwest – November 28th 2013

HAC raps on the Bill White sitch and talks about the true meaning of Thanksgiving, Gretchen reviews a critique of Guillaume Faye’s Battle for Europe, Andy winds up his series on White character, and we hear the conclusion of Dr. Revilo P. Oliver’s famous Conspiracy or Degeneracy speech.

Radio Free Northwest – November 21st 2013

HAC on the Craig Cobb fiasco as well as more Northwest Constitutional stuff, Lord Lucan on living with lies, the next installment of Dr. Revilo Oliver’s famous Conspiracy or Degeneracy speech in 1966, and some music from the Romanian Iron Guard.

Radio Free Northwest – November 14th 2013

Gretchen on European Identity youth, Lord Lucan on Fascism as a working class movement, HAC on prisoners and stats, and the second part of Dr. Revilo P. Oliver’s famous “Conspiracy or Degeneracy?” speech from 1966.

Radio Free Northwest – November 7th 2013

HAC talks about Aryan history, Dr. William Pierce, and Dr. Revilo P. Oliver.  Gretchen reviews the Generation Identity book and a new Northwest migrant describes his Homecoming.

Radio Free Northwest – October 31st 2013

HAC and Andy Donner bloviate on White character; audio clips from Dr. Ed Fields, James Mason, and Jack from New Zealand; and a selection of spooky seasonal music for Halloween.

Radio Free Northwest – October 24th 2013

HAC pontificates on the recent publication of Freedom’s Sons and on Ye Olde Goate Dance;  historic speeches from J. B. Stoner and Charles Lindbergh, Gretchen on the Easter Rebellion of 1916.

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