Radio Free Northwest
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Radio Free Northwest – June 16th 2016

HAC on the Orlando shootings and the horse race, Andy on the politics of race, Gretchen on Dharma, part two of HAC on Radio Wehrwulf.

Radio Free Northwest – June 9th 2016

HAC on FBI incompetence and Part One of his appearance on Radio Wehrwolf. Trucker, Gretchen, and some alt.right vibes.

Radio Free Northwest – June 2nd 2016

HAC on the Presidential horse race and also on the “they will follow you” nay-say, we hear from the Trucker and Gretchen, then comes the final part of HAC’s May 12th Mike Harris show appearance.

Radio Free Northwest Call-In Show 5-12-2016

Call-in show recorded May 12th, 2016.

Radio Free Northwest – May 26th 2016

A recent female migrant tells her story, Bill from Texas says he’s on the way, Gretchen reviews a book of essays, and HAC and Mike Harris talk about mass migration and Donald Trump.

Radio Free Northwest – May 19th 2016

Gretchen on the fictional return of Adolf Hitler; HAC and some guests dish a combination of Donald Trump and economics.

Radio Free Northwest – May 12th 2016

Gretchen reviews a book on the Muslim invasion of Europe, Harold reports on the presidential horse race and then goes medieval on your ass.

Radio Free Northwest – May 5th 2016

HAC toe-dances along the line of the Forbidden Subject again. Gretchen reviews Tommy Robinson’s autobiography and we hear from the late Pastor Richard Butler.

Radio Free Northwest – April 28th 2016

HAC reports on the election developments and gazes into the crystal ball as to how “it” might finally happen.

Radio Free Northwest – April 21st 2016

HAC election update and comment on That Day, plus he speaks of Horst Wessel and our own paranoia. Andy on why he’s such a jerk, Gretchen on the Sacred Book of Adolf Hitler.