Radio Free Northwest
Tune in weekly for an episode of Radio Free Northwest with your host Harold Covington.

Radio Free Northwest – June 11th 2015

Brian from Illinois speaks and Harold berates him with cow-like moos; we hear from Adam and Gretchen, HAC raps on Edgar Steele and also on the first American Holocaust Denial indictment.

Radio Free Northwest – June 4th 2015

HAC on adding new hateful words to the language and a suggestion for our European comrades; Gretchen on William G. Simpson’s essays, also the Trucker and the English guy.

Radio Free Northwest – May 28th 2015

HAC offers another episode of the ever-popular “Who Guards The Guardians?” and talks some more about migration locales, and we hear from some overseas comrades.

Radio Free Northwest – May 21st 2015

HAC and Andy rap on PSAs (Primary Settlement Areas) and migration in general. Gretchen reviews Arthur Kemp’s book on the AWB in South Africa and we hear from an Arizona comrade.

Radio Free Northwest – May 14th 2015

HAC raps on the Northwest Constitution, we hear from Gretchen and the Trucker, and HAC bites the head off a race-mixer on the Mike Harris show. (Last segment of the April 10th show.)

Radio Free Northwest – May 7th 2015

HAC on post office boxes, Gretchen on Arthur Kemp’s South Africa book, Andy reprises one of his better Real Politics spots, and the codgers duel on.

Radio Free Northwest – April 30th 2015

HAC on the North Charleston monkoid-shooting, Gretchen reviews a book on runes, Andy talks about migration and the old folks, and two codgers resume their duel.

Radio Free Northwest – April 23rd 2015

HAC talks about Basic Joosh Eddjication, Gretchen reviews a German girl’s war memoirs, Brian from Illinois talks about the loneliness of a long-distance right-wing runner, and HAC and Mike Harris give us another hot riff of Dueling Codgers.

Radio Free Northwest – April 16th 2015

HAC talks about the Iran nuke deal, Gretchen about the Hitler Salute, the Trucker speaks as he rolls on down the road, then an excerpt from the latest Mike Harris radio show with HAC as guest.

Radio Free Northwest – April 9th 2015

Andy on whigger smarts; HAC raps on the Wimmin Issue; Gretchen reviews Alfred Rosenberg’s Myth Of The Twentieth Century, and we hear from a couple of younger comrades.