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Radio Free Northwest – March 8th 2018

HAC on why we both are and are not socialists. Gretchen, some British guy, double Trucker, and a song about a dragon.

Radio Free Northwest – March 1st 2018

Last week there was some discussion about the Northwest novels being made available on audio books. I explained that I simply don’t have the time to produce audio for all five novels, but I might do selected chapters, starting with this one, Chapter V of Freedom’s Sons. This is arguably the most vitally prescient and […]

Radio Free Northwest – February 22nd 2018

HAC on audio books of the Northwest novels, the Florida shooting incident, and the return of Who Guards The Guardians.

Radio Free Northwest – February 15th 2018

HAC reads his famous “Dreaming The Iron Dream” essay from 1999, and we get a reprise from Andy on White nationalist politics as entertainment. Gretchen on Russian nationalism, plus the Trucker calls in from the icy steppes of Nebraska.

Radio Free Northwest – February 8th 2018

HAC answers some migration inquiries from Canadians and gives out to Movement misogynists, again. Lord Lucan incites the British army to mutiny. Gretche reviews Camp of the Saints.

Radio Free Northwest – February 1st 2018

HAC rambles on about turnover in White nationalist circles and why no one can seem to find what they’re looking for.

Radio Free Northwest – January 25th 2018

HAC on the League of the South mailing list theft, price tag attacks, and some crystal ball gazing. He also stirs the misogyny/feminism pot again.

Radio Free Northwest – January 18th 2018

HAC on the Twitter purge and stochastic terrorism; some Aryan history of the French Revolution variety; Andy, Gretchen, and double Trucker.

Radio Free Northwest – January 11th 2018

HAC on what can be forgiven in a young White person’s past and what cannot. He also discusses his Edifice Complex.  We hear Edgar J. Steele’s last interview.

Radio Free Northwest – January 4th 2018

HAC on Party professionalization and religion. Gretchen, Andy, Trucker.

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