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Radio Free Northwest – May 11th 2017

HAC on How To This For Yourselves 101 and the character flaws of Richard Spencer (how’s that for clickbait?) Gretchen, Trucker, and more Australian mellows.

Radio Free Northwest – May 4th 2017

HAC, Trucker, Gretchen on a variety of topics including making sure the Party knows you’re dead and handling bitchy feminist wives.

Radio Free Northwest – April 27th 2017

This week’s episode is kind of an experiment, part of a special project. It consists of me just talking for two hours, no music. At least all you stone HAC votaries out there will get your full Harold ration this week. Don’t worry, I won’t make a habit of it.

Radio Free Northwest – April 20th 2017

128th Fuhrertag. Gretchen talks about the Swastika, HAC raps on the Holocaust myth.

Andy Donner On Theorycraft

Andy Donner whups up on Dutch Uncles and tells White Nationalists to pull their socks up.

Radio Free Northwest – April 13th 2017

HAC and Andy dump on Trump; Gretchen talks about the Fuhrer’s escape from Berlin (or not), Trucker, cool vibes.

RFN Bonus Podcast – April 7th 2017

This is a show I did with a young man named Ted on Talkshoe. Got some juicy Movement gossip; I’m starting to use that as clickbait.

Radio Free Northwest – April 6th 2017

Lots of good stuff on this one. HAC and an English guy on Brexit, Gretchen and the Trucker, HAC on the late Dr. William Pierce plus a clip from Pierce himself, and some philosophical musings.

Radio Free Northwest – March 30th 2017

A special panel discussion on health and alternative medicine for all us codgers and little old ladies in tennis shoes, as the stereotype makes us out to be.

Radio Free Northwest – March 23rd 2017

HAC on Obamacare repeal, precautions against entrapment, plus a long Getting Back To Basics spiel.

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