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Radio Free Northwest – December 1st 2016

Harold on impending Beestial coup d’etat and some housekeeping stuff. Gretchen gets into Schopenhauer and we hear from Comrade Jay from Tacoma.

Radio Free Northwest – November 24th 2016

The Ghost Dance, Part Three

Radio Free Northwest – November 17th 2016

RFN listeners chime in with their comments on the election results and our possible Trumpledorian future.

Radio Free Northwest – November 10th 2016

Shortened episode this week: HAC on the victory of Donald Trump.

Radio Free Northwest – November 3rd 2016

Our last pre-election episode. All kinds of Trump stuff and conspiracy theory.

Radio Free Northwest – October 27th 2016

Very Trumpian this week. Andy answers Gretchen’s question on Trump, HAC bloviates on Trump and PayPal, Gretchen reviews Phyllis Schafly’s book on Trump, and we have a special guest speaker–wait for it!–Donald Trump.

RFN Call-In Show October 20th 2016

Call-in show for October 20th on the Trump-Clinton presidential race and post-election prospects.

Radio Free Northwest – October 20th 2016

HAC on the presidential horse race. Gretchen on Solzhenitsyn, and we also hear from Goyhammer and Ramzpaul.

Radio Free Northwest – October 13th 2016

HAC on the presidential debate and the question of what to do if Hillary wins? Paul Watson on Brexit and Gretchen on living in Montana, then HAC returns to rip on the FBI and Movement misogynists.

Radio Free Northwest – October 6th 2016

We hear from a Mississippi comrade, HAC handles some housekeeping stuff and cribs a Billy Roper article, Gretchen reviews HAC’s Slow Coming Dark, and the second half of HAC and Charles Martel’s rap session.

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