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Radio Free Northwest – March 26th 2015

HAC talks about the Matt Hale and Asheville 6 cases, Gretchen reviews Carleton Putnam’s Race And Reason, and Stefan and Annie talk about building a Northwest economy.

Radio Free Northwest – March 19th 2015

Our St. Patrick’s Day music special. HAC talks about dealing with the secret police, Gretchen reviews a book on women in the Third Reich, the Trucker raps on truckin’, and we get another installment of Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

HAC On The Rodney Martin Show

HAC’s interview with Rodney Martin on World View Conversations, recorded March 6th 2015. Listeners should be aware that Mr. Martin was experiencing some technical difficulties on his end and some of his audio is rather badly broken up. Mr. Covington’s audio is clear and audible, though.

Radio Free Northwest – March 12th 2015

HAC bloviates on “permission slips” and we hear the return of his much-beloved Who Guards The Guardians? feature. Stefan and Annie talk about persuasive propaganda on a one-to-one-basis, the Trucker reports in from the road, and as always we hear some cool musical vibes.

Radio Free Northwest – March 5th 2015

HAC answers an e-mail and explains why this isn’t the Harold Covington show; Gretchen reviews a book on TV and we hear from the panel guys in their final installment.

Radio Free Northwest – February 26th 2015

HAC on self-destruction (don’t do it), Stefan and Annie on persuasion, Gretchen on a book of New Right essays, Brian on Rasputin, and the panel boys on their own Northwest conversions.

Radio Free Northwest – February 19th 2015

HAC opens with an explanation, followed by Andy on the Movement mentality. We hear from Brian from Illinois and the panel discussion boys and also get some “back to basics” clips from early RFNs.

Radio Free Northwest – February 12th 2015

HAC on short-stopping, Homeland creep, why the All-Amurrica thang won’t work, and Movement modernization. Gretchen reviews a book by Julius Evola, we hear from the Trucker and also from some of the gang in a panel discussion on the Holohoax.

Radio Free Northwest – February 5th 2015

One of the questions I get asked is “What happens to Radio Free Northwest when Harold bites the big one in some way, either medical or legal?”  Or for that matter, if I just can’t make the show one week or two for a wide variety of reasons? Well, here’s a sneak peek. This is […]

Radio Free Northwest – January 29th 2015

HAC on the Butler Plan, Andy Donner on Real Politics, Edgar Steele on anti-Semitism, and some pretty good music this time around.

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