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The Romance of Jewish Names

I don’t mean to flood your inbox but I asked some questions in an e-mail subject “Origin of Jews” before listening to the 7/15 podcast.  You must have read my mind by including the segment on origin of Jewish names. That answered a lot. Great to hear the real “Dixie” as well.  Thanks! -Bradley Stewart

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Radio Free Northwest – July 8th 2010

In this podcast I talk about Mel Gibson’s latest racial gaffe, culture in the Northwest Republic, the art of raising White children, and more on the Northwest Volunteers.

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Guest Commentators on Radio Free Northwest

Hi, guys:            Nowhere is it chiseled in granite that Radio Free Northwest has to be some kind of one man band. I would like to get some more participation, if only to show that there is in fact more than one of us, and I am sure people are getting a bit tired of […]

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Great RFN #19

The part of your talk relating to dealing with the FBI was superb. Along those lines, you may benefit from this (long) lecture by a law professor as to why one should never talk to the police, even if they are good, well-meaning local cops. He is even more adamant about it than you were. […]

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Great #18

HAC-  Great podcast on #18. I really liked the message to our enemies at the end and the overall logical directive you gave to our people.  To be honest, I am surprised there aren’t more “Movementarians” jumping onto this bandwagon in droves. I think you are right when you say many of these people are […]

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RFN #18 The Best Yet

HAC: Your latest Radio Free Northwest is the best one yet. I liked your final segment especially where you read the riot act to the FBI and SPLC spies. You are right. We ourselves are the problem. All the novels and computer bulletin boards and key-board tapping in the world isn’t going to do any […]

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Liked RFN #16

Just listened to podcast #16. Can’t emphasize enough the genocide of White people by Jewish policy. The part on how they (Jews) have put White men and White women at odds was very enlightening. Just joined social network. Please feel free to list my e-mail on any roster on the site. I  look forward to […]

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Loved RFN #16

Yesterday afternoon I listened to RFN 16.  That was my favorite RFN yet.  After that my favorite is the RFN where you explain how to identify a rat.  but #16 is crucial, there will be no more white people if we don’t make babies and raise them White and right.    There are so many deluded people these […]

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RFN #16 Nailed It

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have said what we live! I love all Aryan men, for they are my brothers, however, I am married to the one man that I love with my heart, and how I love no other! I know that I do not need to go on and on about how we […]

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RFN #16 Spot On

Dear HAC, I will attempt to keep this short and to the point, as I too am guilty of rambling on and on at times when I am writing. Anyway, simply put, spot on with RFN #16. A friend and co-worker today asked me if my wife knew about him. All I could say is […]

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