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RFN #55 Erratum and Correction

In Radio Free Northwest #55, dated February 10th, I stated that the German National Socialist financier Hjalmar Schact was executed by the Nuremberg Talmudic tribunal in 1946. This is incorrect. Schact actually died of old age in 1970. For some reason presumably having to do with ongoing senility, I seem to have confused Hjalmar Schact […]

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More on RFN #47 Glitch

From: XXXXX [] Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 2010 7:25 PM To: Northwest Net Subject: Re: Something Wrong With Site Well, I can’t seem to reproduce any of the problems reported. The podcast plays fine for me. Fast and no download issues either. It’s possible it was a server hiccup that is now resolved. Are you […]

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RFN #47 Off

Hi, guys: Those of you who are having difficulty listening to Radio Free Northwest #47 off the site, or downloading it from the server, can download the podcast from Again, I apologize for the glitch. -HAC

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The March of Cambreadth

For the many people who have asked me, last week’s martial and bloodthirsty bagpipe number was called “The March of Cambreadth,” by Heather Alexander.

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RFN Technical Quality

Hi, guys: I’ve been using something called AM Radio Effect in the past couple of RFNs, and I am not completely satisfied with it, but maybe that’s just how it sounds on my speakers. How does it sound to you guys out there? -HAC

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That Singer On #37

Dear HAC: Steve Cash sings both of the songs you’ve played, from White Mansions…just dug my old LP out and checked. Join Under The Flag is a great tune from that LP, too. -Marc H.

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Questions for RFN FAQ

Hi, guys: Okay, barring some really major Edgar Steele-related or other development, I intend to make next week’s Radio Free Northwest the FAQ broadcast, wherein I cover all the basic nay-says, questions, yes-buts, quibbles, and cavils, so that I hopefully won’t have to constantly repeat the same things over…and over…and over…and over again on the […]

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Ad Lib, Yea or Nay?

How did I do on the Radio Free Northwest ad lib this time around, guys? Should I continue to diddle with it or should I stick to a script?

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RFN #28

Harold: I’d rather see you stick to one podcast a week, because I don’t want you to burn yourself out, unless you cut the podcasts to 30 minutes apiece. In response to Aug 5 podcast: 1.  I don’t mind you repeating yourself. Your reasons are valid. 2.  Good take on the IRA, especially their working class […]

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Radio Free Northwest Question

Hi, guys:           Okay, I want to ask you something, and please think about your answer.           In your opinion, would it increase listenership to Radio Free Northwest—not increase your own listening pleasure, but increase actual listenership over the current 1500 or so per week—if I were to do two shows per week?           I […]

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