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Radio Free Northwest – July 19th 2012

HAC talks about what to expect when you come here and why he’s not in prison (so far), we get a pep talk from Gretchen the Librarian,  Edgar Steele talks about Obummer, and we get a blast from the past with The Siege of the Alcazar. And yes, I know, it’s Mark Potok, not “Frank” […]

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Radio Free Northwest – July 12th 2012

The usual gang ranting and raving, plus Jason from Oklahoma talks about how “racism” came to be. This week’s podcast contains a special musical tribute for our comrades in Ulster in honor of the Glorious Twelfth.

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Radio Free Northwest – July 5th 2012

HAC on this and that, Andy Donner on Obamacare, Axis Sally on women in the Movement, then Harold talks about Obamacare and rants and raves for the rest of the podcast on this and that.

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Radio Free Northwest – June 28th 2012

HAC babbles about the Supreme Court’s Arizona immigration law decision, Gretchen talks about Soviet Man, Axis Sally reports on her meeting in Spokane and Harold comes back to give us some of his usual fiery oratory.

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Radio Free Northwest – June 21st, 2012

HAC eulogizes the late Affikin-Amurkin national hero Rodney King; Axis Sally rants and raves along with a new comrade from Australia, and Harold talks about what makes true Aryan character of the kind we need to start displaying yesterday.

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Radio Free Northwest – June 14th, 2012

In this podcast HAC answers some e-mails, Gretchen the Librarian reviews Pat Buchanan’s latest book, Axis Sally dishes on revenge, and Harold rants and raves for a while.

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Radio Free Northwest – June 7th 2012

In this podcast Gretchen the Librarian reviews Alex Kurtagic’s novel Mister,  Axis Sally dishes on transgenders in beauty contests, we have the last of our unseemly levity in panel discussions, and we showcase music from 1970s Rhodesia.

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Radio Free Northwest – May 31st 2012

This week HAC answers an e-mail demanding more Maximal Leader, Gretchen the Librarian talks about racial religion in ancient Greece and Rome, Axis Sally dishes on Ezra Pound, and Harold reads the 12-point NVA peace conference manifesto from A Mighty Fortress.

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Radio Free Northwest – May 24th 2012

In this podcast HAC talks about the moral strength of the Northwest Imperative, Axis Sally dishes on her personal life, we hear from a five-man panel, and HAC reads an excerpt from A Distant Thunder.

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RFN Special Podcast

Axis Sally talks about her recent visit from our friends in the silk suits.

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