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Miller’s Crossing Gunfight

Hi, guys: A comrade found this YouTube clip of the gunfight scene in Miller’s Crossing I referred to in this week’s Radio Free Northwest. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I just like Thompsons. Anyway, enjoy! -HAC

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The Weird Aryan History Series

[This is the original article I sent out in ’05. Please read it carefully and check out my 2007 comments at the end. – HAC] June 24th, 2005 The Weird Aryan History Series Greetings, Okay, I have been advised henceforth to avoid the use of humor in my posts. Apparently it’s going over some of […]

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Solzhenitsyn Book On The Jews

Racial Comrades: The last seminal book of Alexandr Solzhenitsyn 200 Years Together is of paramount importance, as it documents in finest details the 200-year-long history of Jews in Russia, their ascension to power in the Soviet Union and their role in the Communist terror. It is a must read for every thinking man. The book was translated into […]

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Solutrean Websites

For those of you who have been bitten by the Solutrean bug I mentioned in RFN #35:

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Weird Aryan History Series

Dear HAC,           Here are my thoughts on the Weird Aryan History series that you have broadcast out.           1. I enjoyed reading them. With few exceptions I was not aware of those histories.           2. I am not sure if you had already toned down your humor from previous requests for the recent series […]

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Sorry, Slacking Off Again

I apologize for once again slacking off on this blog, but I really am busy and accordingly forgetful. Got to prepare for another meeting tomorrow, in fact. I really do need that assistant I keep maundering about, but pretty clearly he or she isn’t going to make an appearance. That would be a good way […]

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Toward A Common White Morality

 Dear HAC,              You need to add some clarification to your last fireside audio. True, we need to set aside religious and political ideologies and unite under the common banner of race. But there are limitations to that. I have often stated, and I will continue to stand behind the concept of “Morality First […]

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