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Montana Primary Settlement Area Web Site

Hi, guys: The comrades in Kalispell, Montana have produced the first local Northwest Homecoming site, located at It’s 100% Shockwave Flash, so you need the browser add-on to view it, and Mozilla Firefox can’t read it at all, so you will need Internet Explorer. This is basically April Gaede’s project, and she chooses to […]

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Kalispell PSA Update

Update from the April Gaede in the Kalispell Primary Settlement Area: *We have received inquiries from some well known WN musicians this week regarding relocation of their family. Will be sending them local information and helping them plan a preliminary visit this summer. *My husband and I will be meeting with a new comrade who […]

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Letter from Spokane

Dear Mr. Covington and the Northwest Front: I have just listened to the latest audio broadcast and have a few things to say in regard. I am twenty six years old and have to completely agree with you. Today’s youth have a very serious problem with not growing up. Playing video games. Till two in […]

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Northwest Revolution

Hi, guys:          It has been suggested (politely) to me that my Northwest Revolution news commentaries are basically boring rite-wing drivel and I need to concentrate on A) More radical stuff and B) what the NF itself is doing rather than engaging in news commentary.          Okay, I can see this comrade’s point. One of […]

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[I guess the holidays must be over. I came home yesterday afternoon and found an e-mail in-box full of inquiries. One is attached as an example. – HAC]  ************  Racial Greetings Kinsman,            I was just sent a link to your site, I am interested in learning more about you, My name is [redacted]. I […]

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NF Montana Report

On December 21st, members of the Kalispell, Montana PSA met at the home of April Gaede and Mark Neufeldt for celebration of the darkest night of the year. Though this night was celebrated by our ancient ancestors it is based on the scientific fact that at this time the northern hemisphere is farthest from the […]

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Get Ready

H, Powerful message. I think the only way most Americans can join this movement is to tie up loose ends and liquidate as much as they can.  People have to think ahead.  I say, work for those people now but instead of putting the money into material wealth, put it into a large, heavy safe […]

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Making Northwest Freedom "Cool"

Very quick ballpark sketch of what needs to happen here, comrades: We need to somehow find the key and make the Northwest Republic and the Northwest novels “cool” among young White people, young White people everywhere, but especially those who live in the Northwest itself. Teenagers are always looking for some way to shock their […]

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A Few Comments

Dear HAC: I downloaded Hill of the Ravens and The March Up Country in .PDF files. I keep forgetting what order you recommend reading the Northwest series, but I thought I’d read one of your other/older books to get a feel for some of your other views. I just read a little bit of March […]

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"Gotta Get Skype", Part Deux

Skype security concerns really boil down to 2: 1. Back doors (either current or future.) 2. Buffer overflows. There have been buffer overflows in just about every non-trivial software program. It just goes with the territory. Skype has had a couple, has been hacked, and has appeared to have fixed the program, as well as […]

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