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"The Curse of the Brigade" Part Trois

Hi, guys: Okay, for those of you who are willing to work the celebrity and Hollyweird sites via comment and Twitter and Facebook, you should use the URL This was Calvin’s old blog. I tacked on the Glossary from the novels, which readers will see right below the Brigade letter from Ed Peacock, with […]

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Getting Into The Novels

Hello, Just wanted to let you know where I am at with the NW novels. I finished A Mighty Fortress yesterday and started The Brigade. A Mighty Fortress, personally was a little slower [than ADT], although it did have its action points, but a very good ending! For myself, I CAN see all this taking […]

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A Strange Fan Letter

A couple of days ago, I received the following fan letter: Dear Mr. Covington: I’ve read a great deal of your stuff, and I am definitely a fan. I have read all four books in your Northwest series as well as Rose of Honor and Vindictus. I was able to find them all linked from […]

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Liberal Chokes On The Brigade

We have a lot of newbs on our list, so for those of you who haven’t seen this: I’m actually surprised this is still up. It’s a hostile, lefty review from 11 months ago, but there are some good entries in the comments section before it degenerates into blogspam.

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Sorry, that old-time senility got into me brain again. I forgot to include the Northwest novel download site at Colonel House has it back up after the hebes knocked it off line a few weeks ago, and he has been experimenting with some new soundtracks and effects on it.

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New Online Books

A new OCR copy of The Hill of the Ravens is now available at Coming soon: Deceived, Damned, and Defiant- The Revolutionary Writings of David Lane David Lane was arguably the best known White political prisoner of our time.  Out of print for ten years and extremely rare, Lane’s revolutionary writings are presented as […]

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The March Up Country

Date: Wed, 9 Dec 2009 23:59:50 -0500 Subject: The March Up Country From: To: Sir, I downloaded a .pdf version of the The March Up Country about 5 hours ago. I just finished reading it. Let’s regard the obligatory exclamations of admiration as read. I would like to bounce a few questions and […]

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Ordering the Northwest Novels

Hi Harold,            If we buy books right from you, does this cut out Amazon, etc, and get more money directly to you?    Thom            I get this question a lot. Let’s go over this again, for those of you who came in late.           In order to publish my book-length work, I […]

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For Those Who Bother With This

Okay, for those of you who are members of VNN, and who bother with this kind of (in my view) pretty much pointless activity, there is a passably interesting thread on VNN right now. It appears that Glenn Miller’s drinkin’ buddy Alex Linder was pissed off by the favorable Occidental Quarterly review, and he is […]

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She's Allured

Dear Sir, I was introduced to the world of the Northwest novels by someone that I really admire and respect; he told me READ THE NORTHWEST NOVELS and I did. When I was reading them I was awakened and realised that this world can be my world. I am thrilled and allured and my senses […]

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