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NVA Recruiting In Kentucky

Hi, guys: This is an e-mail I received today. I will ask the lady exactly what kind of flyer she found. -HAC —–Original Message—– From: Rachel Jo [] Sent: Thursday, March 08, 2012 12:55 PM To: Subject: Northwest Volunteer Army Flyer Hello, I am a white woman at the University of Louisville. Today, I […]

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Freedom’s Sons Now Available for Sale

Hi, guys: Okay, an acceptable copy of Freedom’s Sons, Volume One is now available for sale online at The price is $30.00, which is a bit heavier than the others, but to be blunt, I need to try and make a little money with this one. You will need to allow ten days to […]

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Civil War II

The book mentioned in todays RFN can be downloaded here for free @ just in case any of the listeners want a pdf copy. -Damian

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Northwest Novels Group

For anyone wanting to discuss Freedom’s Sons or any of the other Northwest independence novels, there is a Northwest Novels group on Facebook.

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Brigade On Facebook

For those of you who are into Facebook, Comrade John Seaforth has started a “Brigade” page at

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Good Quote from AMF

Hi Harold, I found the following quote from A Mighty Fortress particularly interesting: “Human beings are the only creatures on the face of the earth who are capable of deliberate, malicious evil. Even a shark that tears off a swimmer’s leg or a rattlesnake that bites does it because it’s his instinct, because it’s the […]

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Freedom’s Sons Online

My thanks to Colonel House.

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Freedom’s Sons, Volume One

Racial Comrades: Anyone wishing to receive a free copy in .pdf fomat of Northwest Novel #5, entitled Freedom’s Sons, Volume One, should e-mail me at The attachment is 455 pages and 220,000 words in length. I will be printing a very small number of galley copies for top supporters. These are extremely expensive to […]

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Northwest Novels – Free Download Sites

Dear  Mr.  Covington, I’d like to read your novels, but I’m not in a financial position to buy physical copies of them at the moment. You mentioned in one of the podcasts that you’d be willing to provide .pdf copies by email if requested. Regards, Ian C. Dublin, Ireland ****************** In a really extreme case […]

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Another Northwest Novel Download Site

Dear Harold: After reading about the trouble you’ve had with Jews nuking web sites where you’ve posted free PDFs of your novels, I took the liberty of uploading all four of them onto my own web space. They now reside in a sub-forum of my Christian Identity message board. The sub-forum is invisible to search […]

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