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Northwest Videos

The following videos by Colonel House, which were removed from YouTube due to Judaic complaints, are now available at This is by way of encouraging you guys to join northwestfront.ning and -HAC

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NO Coming

Northwest Observer #91 is at the printer. Will hopefully be in the mail to most of you tomorrow. -HAC

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Covingtonian Mix

Hi, guys: I’m not the only one who has been inspired to start experimenting with mixing software. The following effort is from Wes Dunnington of Bellingham: -HAC

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Northwest Republic Forum

I notice participation is lagging in the Forum. Come on, guys, you’re ready enough to play on VNN and Stromfront, why not a forum that might accomplish something?

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NF Ad In American Free Press

Hi, guys: Beginning with this week’s issue, the Northwest Front has a classified ad in the octogenarian Willis Carto’s American Free Press, the last remaining weekly publication on the right wing. AFP is the heir and successor to Carto’s once renowned Spotlight, which at its height in the late 1970s had a circulation of almost […]

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The Occidental Quarterly Interview of December 2009

Greetings, racial comrades: Some of you may have noticed that the four-part interview with myself, conducted by Dr. Greg Johnson and published in four parts on the Occidental Quarterly web site, has mysteriously vanished from the site. It seems that the Northwest Front in general and my work in particular are a bit too radical […]

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The Final Installment

The fourth and last installment of my Occidental Quarterly interview, wherein I wax all metaphysical:

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HAC TOQ Interview, Part 3

Hi, guys: This is the third of the four parts of my lengthy interview with Occidental Quarterly. Hopefully Greg will publish Part 4 tomorrow, unless he takes New Year’s Day off.   There is also a passably interesting series of comments at the bottom of Part One.   -HAC

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HAC Interview, Part 2

Hi, guys: Okay, guys, I am told the link here is dead. I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to get WordPress to link today. Try cutting and pasting until I get it fixed. Here is the second part of my online interview with Occidental Quarterly: -HAC

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HAC Interview, Part One

Hi, guys: I recently did an interview with Greg Johnson of the Occidental Quarterly. He is publishing it in four parts. Here is Part One:    

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