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What Will Your Year Be?

Racial Comrades: In the years to come, after the Northwest Agency and a fighting revolutionary party of Northwest independence are finally organized and have sufficient resources, those who have Come Home will be issued with a medal. It may be a cross, it may be round, who knows? On the one side it will have […]

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Coming Home

I have read the majority  of the material you sent  covering Northwest Migration, and at the same time I  began to read your book The Brigade.  I am a man of few words these days so I will keep it simple and to the point.   I believe in the vision of a Free Northwest Republic. I believe it will […]

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Contact Address

In answer to the Comrade from South Africa, and anyone else who’s interested, my contact address is E-mail me there and we can have a natter.

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"But Why Must It Be The Northwest?"

“But, does it have to be the Northwest? Could Mr.Covington’s idea not be expounded upon elsewhere? Could right-thinking White folk not come together anywhere and, through lawful elections and selective migration, create the beginnings of a Homeland, to start something, to give our future generations something to further develop, and be proud of? Why not? […]

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Northwest Migration Is Unique

Northwest Migration is unique within the Movement, because it is based on a physical act rather than a verbal declaration. All these other groups are based on something someone else says. Northwest Migration is based on something that you yourself do.

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