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Interested in Pacific NW

Mr. Covington, How are you, sir? First I would like to thank you for the introductory packet that you sent. The Radio Free Northwest podcasts are also excellent, please keep them coming! I don’t spend alot of time on this infernal machine, as family, work and religious duties keep me quite busy. I just wanted […]

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Welcome Home, Kim

Welcome Home, Kim! Dear HAC: I did it! I moved from Southern California (Hellifornia) to Liberty Lake, WA three weeks ago. I am in an apartment here temporarily until I figure out whether I want to live on WA or Idaho side. This was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. I walked away from my […]

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We Are Known

I was sitting here at work quietly listing to RFNW 17  (there are  more Mexicans here than there are humans so I can’t blast it.) Then I remember that my employee (used to have five; now I am down to one) used to live in Oregon, and he is white. So I asked him if he ever heard […]

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Drawn to the Northwest

Dear HAC:           I have been a listener of your pod cast for about 3 months now. I can’t think of a time in my life when things are as clear as they are now.           Everything hits home for me and everything about our cause, the Movement, and the current state of affairs in this […]

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Yet Another Typical Inquiry

Dear HAC,   I covered most of this in my previous email, but I know how the internet can be. At your behest and as a sign of faith the first thing I put into this e-mail is my name and address.   My wife, Ashley, and I discovered the Northwest Front yesterday, May 5, […]

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Typical Inquiry Letter

I came across your plan and personally was  very interested. First a little history about myself. 1) My great great grandfather was a confederate congressman out of Alabama. My name is in the book who’s who of the Confederacy. Not too popular of a backgroundthese days. 2) I was in high school in Dallas Texas […]

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Letter from Salt Lake City

HAC, Just a personal update, so you know I haven’t dropped off the map… I’m back in school at the moment, pursuing a CS associate’s degree since there aren’t any jobs to be had, and since my biology degree is sadly not getting me anywhere. I’ve still got my fingers crossed on the Microsoft program […]

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Letter from Boston

I feel like the domesticated goose that runs down the runway, flapping his wings, cackling and just when all the wild geese take flight…… I go silent and waddle back to my feeder. I have a family of 4 and I can’t muster the courage to leave my secure job (fire captain in Boston), and […]

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Letter From Detroit

[I informed this comrade in Detroit that his mail was being returned marked “Undeliverable, unable to forward. – HAC] Yeah, this has been going on since December.  My house  (which I’ve lived in my entire life) is in foreclosure and will be seized by Wayne County at the end of March. Basically, one of my […]

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I’m taking a law class at school right now, and for the past couple days we’ve looked at Amsterdam, with the indecent society there of prostitution and drugs, the Old South (they didn’t put it that way) with the forced segregation on our historic White brothers and sisters with this bullshit desegregation policy, and today […]

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