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Miller’s Crossing Gunfight

Hi, guys: A comrade found this YouTube clip of the gunfight scene in Miller’s Crossing I referred to in this week’s Radio Free Northwest. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I just like Thompsons. Anyway, enjoy! -HAC

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For Rachel Maddow Viewers

Greetings to our latest crop of website visitors due to Rachel Maddow’s increasingly eccentric obsession with the Northwest Front. You might want to check out our other sites, especially my personal blog at

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Apology From HAC

Hi, guys: I know, I know. I am way behind in e-mail and those “special articles” a few of us know about. I haven’t visited in weeks. Paper and prison correspondence? Fugheddaboudit. I just finished a two-hour Radio Free Northwest special, and now I have to leap right into the January 2011 Northwest Observer […]

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Radio Free Northwest – September 16th, 2010

In this broadcast Mr. Covington gives us an extended update on the Edgar Steele case, answers his Dutch Uncle critics, and discusses the beginning of NF local organizing here in the Homeland itself.

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The Curse of The Brigade Strikes Again

Holy Christ, Harold, it’s happened again! You know that four of the Beautiful People that you describe getting whacked in The Brigade’s “Taking Down Tinsel Town” section are now dead in real life? One of those was Brittany Murphy, that little girl who always looked like she was on heroin. Now her Jew husband has […]

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I’m Baa-aaack…

Sorry for the brief hiatus. I was out of town this weekend hatching all kinds of nefarious plots against freedom and democracy. -HAC

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Kalispell PSA Update

Update from the April Gaede in the Kalispell Primary Settlement Area: *We have received inquiries from some well known WN musicians this week regarding relocation of their family. Will be sending them local information and helping them plan a preliminary visit this summer. *My husband and I will be meeting with a new comrade who […]

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Fireside Chat #12

Harold, I have to say this is a really inspirational speech. I felt exactly the same way as this guy in 1997 as I sat in my cell during that trial waiting for the jury to come back with guilty. If they had, I would have got ten years. As I sat in that cell […]

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The Complete Occidental Quarterly Interview Check out the especially interesting series of comments at the end of Part One and Part Four.

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