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Did We Shut Them Up?

Hey, Harold, nobody;’s heard from either Willard or Speidel for a couple of months now.  Your tactic of  taking no shit from these assholes and seizing control of the NF’s narrative right from the beginning seems to be working. -Ed Peacock

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I’m Speakable Again

Harold, On a positive note…. I was talking to a couple of comrades here in town recently (the ones who as recently as two years ago never wanted to hear your name mentioned in their presence) and they told me that they tune into your pod-cast every week now. You are making progress. Ken.

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The White Internet As Looney Bin

[excerpt from Radio Free Northwest for May 26th, 2011] Now let’s talk about the raving looney bin which is the White internet. And yes, I am aware of the irony of my using the internet to talk about what’s wrong with it. Five hundred years ago, the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon arrived in Florida […]

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Interesting And To The Point

Dear Harold, The reason you are being victimized by the current internet shitstorm is simple: you and the Northwest Migration are now assuming primacy within the Movement. It’s happening almost by default, in a vacuum created by the collapse of the old Movement and its complete moral and political bankruptcy, and also by the total […]

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The First Step

[This is my reply to a declined comment on an earlier post] [Name redacted]: I declined that one post you wrote because it tended to generate heat rather than light. What you need to understand is that we, too, have our stories to tell, and those stories are largely ones of betrayal, harassment, denial of […]

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Is Anybody Having Problems?

A couple of people have complained about experiencing problems getting cut off while playing RFN #69. It sounds fine from here, but try downloading the whole thing instead.

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A Quiet Word

A quiet word in your shell-like ears: the comments section on this blog is monitored by the enemy’s enforcement agencies, and that’s not paranoia. There is specific evidence to that effect. Be careful what you post on here.

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Second May 12th RFN Transcript

Hi, guys: The Martyrdom of Edgar Steele, the transcript of my May 12th Radio Free Northwest, has mysteriously disappeared from the Thoughtcrime blog. There is a long blah blah blah in the management section about how it’s all due to an “update,” etc. etc. and so all posts from May 11th just had to be […]

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The Stars In Their Path

For those of you who have inquired about my personal religious and metaphysical views:

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This one speaks for itself.

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