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A Word To The Wise, Possibly An Urgent Word

Uh, guys… You haven’t forgotten the most important of all rules on the internet, have you? The fact that unless someone is personally known to you through physical, real-world contact. YOU DO NOT KNOW WHO YOU ARE ACTUALLY TALKING TO. None of you have forgotten that, right? You also have not forgotten that just because […]

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God(s) Is Dead

Okay, guys, I’m cutting off religious and general off-topic responses to posts and RFNs. We have an NF Forum at Use that.

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NF Forum

You guys that keep going back and forth in the comments sections and wandering off into tangents that have nothing to do with the RFN podcast, okay, whatever floats your boat, but you do realize, do you not, that the NF has a bulletin board?

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Can Somebody Help This Guy?

[Can somebody help this guy? This is exactly the sort of thing I can’t be dropping everything else to deal with–multiply it by a dozen or so others like it per day and you’ll see why. – HAC] I’m still wondering how I can move to the Northwest. I do NOT want to join the […]

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Come To The Dark Side, Harold

Harold, As despicable as your writings and your podcasts are, I have to concede that nonetheless you often display an incisive intelligence, a biting turn of wit, and an intuitive grasp of political and social issues that any progressive would be proud to have at his command. I have, of course, familiarized myself with your […]

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“Harold Stole My Stapler”

Hi, guys: Just to clue you in, the Induhvidual using the name “Hadding Scott” is obsessed with me to the point where he is unable to stop himself from posting screaming, hysterical, abusive comments on this blog, despite the fact that he knows they will never see the light of day. Every time he does […]

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The White Book Is Divine

Hello! I have been reading the white book you sent me and I absolutely love it!! This has got to be a divine work by the Good Lord Himself!! I am a strong believer in Christian Identity and believe that the white race is the physical descendants of the 12 tribes of Israel. I believe […]

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Greetings From Down Under

[For some reason we are getting a lot of fans in Australia.] Thank you!  HAC & Axis Sally, have made my year! I have been in the struggle since I was nineteen. I live in South Australia. I been in groups, started my own crews, seen the egos and been to prison. 17 years old […]

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Banned On Stormfront

It used to be unofficial but now it’s now official: the Northwest Front, Northwest Migration, and anything to do with Howwible Hawold is now banned on Stormfront. I am, of course, utterly devastated. (Sniff! Sob!) That said, I should remind you that for you VBulletin addicts, the NF does have its own discussion board at […]

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HAC’s Gift Of Prophecy Strikes Again

Hi, guys: Remember my description in Freedom’s Sons of the futuristic ESMA, I believe I called it, the Green Zone in Washington, D.C. where the youthful Bob Campbell and Georgia Myers did their spy thing? Looks like I hit the nail on the head again. -HAC                 […]

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