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Harold’s Being Mean Again (Sob!)

Yes, I know. I’m being mean to you, and hurting your feelings again. Guys, it’s like this: If we continue to do nothing except generate words, the world is going to end. Literally. We now have a simple, perfectly legal, mildly difficult but by no means impossible, and ultimately beneficial deed with which any and […]

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Jared Taylor Flees From The Jewish Question

[Published with permission.] Dear HAC: When I filmed Jared Taylor (leader & founder of American Renaissance), late last Thursday I asked him if would be okay to film his speech, he said “Yes, of course.” Now I find this email in my mail box, this morning, marked “URGENT REQUEST FROM JARED TAYLOR‏” -Chris * * […]

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The Thick Plottens

I have found out that my older daughter, the ex-River Dancer in Ireland, canceled her Facebook account recently due to obscene and threatening messages she was getting on there from “Patrick Hwang,” whom I am informed by those who bother to keep up with this horse shit is in fact Reg Natarajan hiding behind a […]

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Well, This Is Weird…

I’ve finally run into trouble with Google vis-a-vis the Thoughtcrime blog—over a post that’s almost eight years old dealing with the Jewish faggot British M.P. Greville Janner, of all things. It took them eight years to notice I referred to Janner’s implication in a scandal wherein British state youth homes were being used as a […]

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Personal GUBU Note From Harold

Hi, guys: A word in your shell-like ears, plizz. I’d like to give you a quick shot of anti-GUBU. You know the standard accusation leveled against me by the Goat Dancers that “Harold got a Section Eight from the United States Army?” Recently, as part of one of my spasmodic efforts to get my affairs […]

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A New Contact Writes

Dear Mr.  Covington: Thank you for your time and resources. I was happy to receive the packet in the mail and I was surprised at the contents. Not at the topic but at the extent you have gone to inform us about what NF stands for, and it is heart-warming to see how much effort has gone into reaching us. […]

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Fake Twitter Account #3

From: Eric Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2013 7:26 PM To: Subject: Your Troll Greetings brother, It looks like your little friend has started a new Twitter account @NFGeneralHQ . He seems to have taken a liking to me as of late. He keeps trolling my radio show and the other one that I sometimes co-host. […]

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Wedgie’s Latest

FTR, no, I did not publicly propose marriage to Ann Coulter. Yes, really. Apparently Wedgie is putting his new playtoys, multiple fake twitter accounts in my name, to good use and he tweeted her a proposal, which she seems to have ignored so far. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the left-wing media picked up […]

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Second Fake Twitter Account

Apparently the first bogus Twitter account was suspended after somebody complained, and so the stalker is at it again. “Harold A Covington (@JerryReb88) tweeted at 7:15 AM on Mon, Feb 18, 2013: @RSR93 @WARRIOR33_6 @phwang1991 I agree, that is a fake a/c. I’m the real one. (” Usual drill guys. Please spread the word that […]

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False Twitter Account

HAC: It looks like your friend is now using your name on Twitter. I’m sure you already know this but thought I’d do my duty and give you a heads up. If everybody reports him as spam they will disable the account. Harold A Covington “Leader of the ONLY active White Nationalist Movement in the US. […]

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