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Blogspam Again

Guys, I’m afraid I did it again. I was blasting away with the delete function at the 100 or so blogspams I get on here every day and I accidentally deleted a legitimate comment. Sorry. You need to make sure you make some kind of reference to what’s in the post you’re commenting on, showing […]

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Kalispell PSA Update

Update from the April Gaede in the Kalispell Primary Settlement Area: *We have received inquiries from some well known WN musicians this week regarding relocation of their family. Will be sending them local information and helping them plan a preliminary visit this summer. *My husband and I will be meeting with a new comrade who […]

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Greetings From New England

Hello Harold,  I just discovered your podcasts last week. I spent the weekend listening to most of them. I thought you covered a lot of ground and made a lot of good points.  I especially liked the parts about getting in contact with one another in real life. I’m a member of North East White […]

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Special Project for HAC

Hi, guys. This is a private communication which I originally wanted to classify as confidential, but then I thought to myself, “Why?” There’s nothing in here I’m ashamed of, or which I should object to being discussed in public. I am initially sending this to a small group of people who I believe may be […]

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Vern Speaks

Sorry if I sound negative all the time. I just hope that by pointing out fruitless endeavors that I myself have participated in I can save you the time. It seems that all we can attract sometimes is posers and 40 plus (which I am). The thing that we have to do is use the […]

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Need VNN Kamikaze

Hi, guys:            Okay, on the one hand, it would be immensely helpful if we could notify the hundreds of VNN readers that this week’s Radio Free Northwest is up on the Party website. On the other hand, the last NF associate who was so indiscreet as to let Alex Linder know he was in […]

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From Canada

Sir, Finally got back to Canada on the night of the 27th. While I had internet access in my little corner of the desert, the laptops did not even have headphone jacks, so I never had the chance to listen to any RFN broadcasts or Fireside Chats. I’ve just now gotten caught up on them. […]

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VNN Comrade Banned

Apparently the “Anonymous VNN Guy” I referred to in Radio Free Northwest #6 wasn’t quite as anonymous as he thought. I have just been informed that he attempted to log onto VNN today and found that Alex Linder has banned him, pour encourager les autres, no doubt.

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This blog is getting utterly overrun with stupid blogspams, everything from Viagra to “mature sex” (yewww!) to gibberish in Russian and Chinese and strange computer-related chats that I haven’t a clue what it’s about. I am getting almost a hundred of them per day now. Is anyone else experiencing them and is there anything at […]

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Fireside Chat #12

Harold, I have to say this is a really inspirational speech. I felt exactly the same way as this guy in 1997 as I sat in my cell during that trial waiting for the jury to come back with guilty. If they had, I would have got ten years. As I sat in that cell […]

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