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White Rabbit

Harold: Couple of comments. Another good podcast. I think you might want to address ‘White Rabbit’ I’ve been seeing, increasingly, this commentators points and references being quoted in the white nationalist community. It’s obtuse commentary, thick with geopolitical analysis, and some paranormal. But his geopolitical analysis is very good, and very convincing. The net […]

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Whites the Vanguard

Greetings, Comrade. White people have always been the vanguard of humanity.  We have been the explorers, the ones who pushed the envelope, the ones who jumped first, sometimes without looking.  We were destined to rule the planets, and eventually the stars would be dust in our hands and immortality our destination.   But, all this […]

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RFN #20 Nailed It

Hey Mr. Covington, I have only started listening to RFN 20 and you nailed it again. I was explaining to Ben today on the phone that when I went to hear Mr. Sunic speak it was being held at a regular meeting hall. This is what I wanted to discuss with you when I saw […]

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The Curse of The Brigade Strikes Again

Holy Christ, Harold, it’s happened again! You know that four of the Beautiful People that you describe getting whacked in The Brigade’s “Taking Down Tinsel Town” section are now dead in real life? One of those was Brittany Murphy, that little girl who always looked like she was on heroin. Now her Jew husband has […]

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First Result For E-Mail List

Hello HAC, I met a guy from the Massachusetts list below ( last night for a couple of drinks. We had a great time. I think this list will prove to be a boon to our cause and I hope more folks ask to be added. -Russ in Massacchusetts

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Dharmic National Socialist

Last night I was so excited after listening to your broadcast, I could hardly get to sleep.   I am essentially a “Savitri Devi” or Dharmic National Socialist. I reflected on how I feel born for the struggle, I thought about the words of Krishna, that from ones caste duty one should not tremble and not […]

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The Knights Who Say “Neek!”

Re: NF “Too Controversial” for VOR Dear HAC: The problem is, everyone’s going in different directions.  They are afraid your direction might lead people away from them, thus they fear a loss of their own audience.  It’s that simple. -Robert Valentino *************** Precisely, R.V. But I can’t say that in public. “Spreading disunity,” you see. […]

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NF “Too Controversial” For VOR

Hi, guys: One of the e-mails I found waiting for me when I got home from Idaho was from Mike Conner of Voice of Reason radio, declining to broadcast Radio Free Northwest on VOR because I am “too controversial.” (His words.) Mr. Conner did at least state that he had done me the courtesy of […]

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I’m Baa-aaack…

Sorry for the brief hiatus. I was out of town this weekend hatching all kinds of nefarious plots against freedom and democracy. -HAC

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This Is Just Creepy

I received the following blogspam today: Website : Cock ball torture gallery. (IP: , URL    : Trackback excerpt: <strong>Nipple torture….</strong> Cock and ball torture. Medieval torture devices…. I assume some Jew or Goat Dancer put me on some kind of S & M list but still–this is just creepy. Obviously there must […]

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