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Good Luck, Lone Haranguer

Hi, guys: Our comrade the Lone Haranguer has to go in this week for what will hopefully be his last round of surgery, He has had to rush to get this in before the end of the year, when Obamacare kicks in and he loses his present health coverage. Obamacare is not only too crushingly […]

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Radio Free Northwest – September 16th, 2010

In this broadcast Mr. Covington gives us an extended update on the Edgar Steele case, answers his Dutch Uncle critics, and discusses the beginning of NF local organizing here in the Homeland itself.

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Fake HAC E-Mail Address

Hi, guys: A quick note: the e-mail address is not mine. It is a fake being used by a Jew to post Jew propaganda on Yahoo groups, probably Dann Dobson, who likes to play on Yahoo. It may be used for other nefarious purposes. Just be aware that any crap you see coming from […]

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Why Won’t We Come Together?

HAC, You asked on Radio Free Northwest why White Nationalists, of all the persecuted minorities in this country, don’t band together but instead remain apart.  I think I might have some useful input on this. The sort of behavior you complain about with regard to WNs is not isolated to WNs.  I can tell you, […]

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The E-Mail List

Dear HAC, I wanted to review with you a bad experience I had as a result of previously being on this list. I started getting e-mails from people from California and Tennessee who basically wanted me to provide them with a free vacation in North Idaho. They wanted a place to stay, food, gas money, etc. One […]

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Lazy Young White People

You can use this comment in your next audio if it’s suitable..including my first name.  BTW you are “growing,” so please do not stop doing exactly what you are doing.. HAC, you commented that you want young people to join the Northwest Front. That sounds great, I wish it was a major percentage of the […]

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Nigger Apes

Hey HAC.   Just thought I would write just becauseI haven’t for a while. I still have not received my White Book, but my friend who is also in the movement brought it over to let me take a look. Needless to say, I liked it and can’t wait to have my own. I know you are […]

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Is Harold Being Mean and Hateful?

Dear HAC:            Aren’t you worried you are going to alienate our own people with your repeated chastisements on Radio Free Northwest? This last one was particularly powerful. I know what you’re saying is true, but is it a truth we need to be constantly reminded of?  -Sam Campbell  * * * * * * […]

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Checking In

Greetings Harold, Still in the land of the living, trying to make a living, such as it is in Obongoland. RFNs are unbelievably – actually believably – to the point. Keep ’em coming. The Northwest Front website looks great. I find that people are very slow to wake up, and I mean very, and I […]

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No Short Shot This Week

Hi, guys: Okay, this is End of the Month Rush where I have to not only get a Radio Free Northwest out by Thursday night but I have to print, fold, staple, stuff, stamp, and mail an issue of Northwest Observer, so I’m going to be a bit stacked up this week and probably won’t […]

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