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Apology From HAC

Hi, guys: I know, I know. I am way behind in e-mail and those “special articles” a few of us know about. I haven’t visited in weeks. Paper and prison correspondence? Fugheddaboudit. I just finished a two-hour Radio Free Northwest special, and now I have to leap right into the January 2011 Northwest Observer […]

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Occidental Dissent #2

I just want to let you know that Hunter Wallace suffers from histrionic narcissism, pathological dishonesty, pettiness and meanness. (I think his real name is Brad Griffin.) And it’s a pity that he has WN followers in his blog. Have you seen my longest entry in my blog  (it’s about Hunter’s dishonesty)? Greg Johnson characterized […]

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Occidental Dissent

Dear HAC: Enough of Occidental Dissent. The site is moderated by a young, twenty-something who has little experience in the White Nationalist movement, and no real world accomplishments, racially, or otherwise, to speak of. This young man’s comments are at times interesting, he shows intelligence, but clearly lacks the the wisdom of the ways of […]

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Computer Problems

I’m having some computer problems, something to do with the connection, and I’m running as slow as molasses today, so bear with me on response time.

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Dr. Kevin MacDonald – Correction

Hi, guys: I would like to make a correction to Radio Free Northwest #43. Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s web site is Occidental Observer, not Occidental Dissent where the intellectual pseuds are currently raging against the Northwest and the Horrible One. -HAC

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Ex-Soldier Writes

Dear HAC, I beleive I have figured out why so many in the Bowel Movement seem to think you are too judgmental of every one and everything. It’s becouse you do the necessary task of pointing out our weaknesses, and mistakes. Most egos can’t tolerate self -criticism. But without being self critical I don’t see how we will […]

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Apology For Dilatory Posting

Guys,  I’d like to apologize for not keeping this blog up for the past few days. Had some minor computer trouble. I’ll try to get it back up to speed. -HAC

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The List Is Useless

HAC: No one has contacted me at all from the list. I hope people eventually do. My thoughts on this matter: The way people live and communicate is so much different than in the past. Socially, people move all over the country and don’t have roots in one area any more (generalizing – exceptions exist […]

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NF Policy on Illegality

Hi, guys: I shouldn’t have to explain this to anyone more than once, but then there are a lot of things I shouldn’t have to be doing. We do not have General Orders in the Northwest Front, since we are an idea and not an organization. Orders would imply organization, and give the impression that […]

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