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Space Madness

Hi, guys: It has been pointed out to me that some of you do not even remember the 1990s all that well, never mind earlier periods, and you do not understand my references to the term Space Madness as regards the level of “debate” which takes place on a White Nationalist blog or VBulletin board […]

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Now, This Is Just Silly

From Colonel House: I have been receiving YouTube “friend requests” from Islamic Jihadists with very short-lived accounts for the past month or so. I’ve been blocking their views and comments after rudimentary research into their Google accounts. My instinct is that these are Feds or Jews trying to tie the NF into some kind of […]

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Miller’s Crossing Gunfight

Hi, guys: A comrade found this YouTube clip of the gunfight scene in Miller’s Crossing I referred to in this week’s Radio Free Northwest. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I just like Thompsons. Anyway, enjoy! -HAC

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Anti-Buggery Video from 1961

          Just a quiet reminder that these perverted monsters who are now getting “married” were not always accepted—and it wasn’t too damned long ago, either. There are those of us alive who still remember the old ways…     -HAC

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Flying Car

For those of you who thought my reference to flying cars in The Hill of the Ravens was a little too science fictional: White technology and White genius can accomplish anything. Maybe one day we will perform these miracles for ourselves again and not for “humanitarian assistance” to Indian savages in Ecuador. -HAC

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Care for a Spot of Trime Travel?

Hi, guys: I think I’m going to start sending this one out every six months or so, so long as this clip is up on YouTube. Ever want to go on a ride in a time machine, back to the days when White men still ruled the world, the days before the trenches of World […]

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I got really caught up in some other stuff, including novel #5, and I let this blog slip for a while. There also seems to be a falling-off of interest due to our usual Winter Doldrums season. Will try to get caught up.

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For Rachel Maddow Viewers

Greetings to our latest crop of website visitors due to Rachel Maddow’s increasingly eccentric obsession with the Northwest Front. You might want to check out our other sites, especially my personal blog at

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That Idiot

Every now and then I approve a couple of heckler comments just to give you some idea as to what kind of nimrods our enemies are. I approved a couple just now from a Jew faggot who hangs around here. Don’t worry, I won’t make a habit of it.

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The “sendspace” files referred to in the previous post were removed without the author’s permission within 24 hours of the post appearing. This confirms that this blog is being monitored by one of the many self-appointed censors of the internet, almost certainly a Jew, who takes it upon himself to dictate to others what they […]

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