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Tricolor Display

Hi, guys: Just a reminder to those of you trying to create Northwest graphics—the Tricolor runs from left to right: blue, white, and green. The blue bar goes to the flagstaff. -HAC

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We Broke 3,000 This Week

Hi, guys: Our site stats for for the week ending August 26th are: Unique hits – 3,010 First time visitors – 2,283 Return visitors – 727 Pageloads – 6,627 Whatever you guys are doing out there, keep it up. Let’s see if we can inch that hit number a little higher every week. -HAC

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Where’s The Storefront?

UPDATE:  The NF Storefront has been defunct due to the usual de-platforming reasons for quite a few years now.  This post is staying around for historical reasons. Dear Mr. Covington: Those Cafe Press sites from the Storefront tab all seem to be off line or dead ends. It would really help if we had a […]

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Feedback on E-Mail List

Dear Hal:        You asked for feedback on the meetings.  A month ago, I met with a WN from Romania in his hometown of Haverhill, Mass.  It was a nice drive across the state for me.  We had some things in common, but mostly we kept disagreeing on different issues.  I’ll get to those […]

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Smuggling Books Into Germany

Hi Harold,   It sounds like you are lucky to get the books back.   I have some experience sending things through German Customs having worked with a contra banned skinhead music label a good friend ran a few years back and I know there are things that they will not even give hardly a glance […]

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Sorry, My Bad

I realize I need to do a better job of keeping this blog up. I could use a few more responses on my question from #18, i.e. what exactly do you need to see from the NF, always bearing in mind our practical limitations (like not having two dimes to rub together) that will keep […]

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Typical Response

[Getting a LOT of these. – HAC] I want to start by saying that you all are at the top of the list when it comes to intelligence. I wish at least 5 percent of the other speakers and alleged activist groups would follow your lead. I am looking into law schools in the Northwest […]

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Some Good News and Some Bad News

Hi, guys:            I’ve got some good news and some bad news.            The bad news is that we’re going to have to stop sending out big, heavy packets of information, including White Books, to new contacts.            The good news is that we have to stop doing this because we are getting too many […]

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HAC:  I’ve also been posting the Northwest Front URL locally on Craigslist and in the comments section on news items everywhere that I think would reach people effectively.   Interestingly, I actually succeeded in getting it up on AmRen this week. It was in reply to a story about how supposedly this year, non-white births will overtake […]

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Letter from Corvallis

As far as I can recall I sent it to No matter, a channel of communication is opened, which is all that I was concerned about.  I gather the interviewer from Occidental Quarterly got in some hot water for publishing the interview with you.  I truly believe that the conservatives in this movement of ours are at least […]

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