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NF Unit List – Updated

Northwest Front GHQ P.O. Box 4856 Seattle, WA. 98194-4856 NF Portland P.O. Box 28329 Portland Oregon 97228-8329 NF Montana P.O. Box 10756 Kalispell, MT 59904-0756 NF Salem Oregon P.O. Box 7665 Salem OR, 97303-7665

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Hi, guys: Sorry, another long Grandpa Simpson e-mail ramble. I got a complaint today about the lack of “action” in the NF. This is a common occurrence in every Movement group and has become more so in the past few years since physical activity in the entire Movement has virtually ceased and been replaced by […]

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Interviews With “Students”

[I’m using some of my novel hiatus time to go through old e-mails and delete most of them, but I found this from about two years ago, addressed to a Portland comrade.] I suggest you pass on that one, for the following reasons, but it’s up to you. A) “Wolf” is a Jewish name, and […]

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New Portland NF Address

The address for the Portland Northwest Front unit has changed. It is now P.O. Box 28329 – Portland, Oregon – 97228-8329.

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You Naughty Veck, You

It’s thinking outside the box time at NF: Dear Harold: Amy Winehouse (Jewish junkie singer) died….Twitter is all a buzz so I tweeted that her exclusive suicide tape is located at with exclusive video. -The Mad Hatter

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“By George! I Think He’s GOT It!”

[Okay, what with my daring publicly to defend Wicked William (as opposed to Little Willie) on the Thoughtcrime blog and again on RFN #75, I suspect we will now enter the main event in what I suppose we might call the Battle of the Narrative. I agree with “Red”: we have to maintain control of […]

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White Nationalist E-Mail List

Hi, guys: One booted from Arizona for disappearing, one from Florida for non compos mentis. New listings in Arizona, Tennessee and one in the U. K. Remember, the purpose of this list is for you to take it off the internet and physically meet with other White Nationalists. You cannot hide from your enemies—the FBI […]

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We’re Everywhere

Dear HAC: I have had a little something strange happen. I have been dropping remakes of the NWF cards around Crossville. (Tennessee).  I was at the Food City Store last night, and I always take in a new card in case someone has taken the one that I had left. Man, was I surprised there […]

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Meeting HAC On Scouting Trip

Hi, guys: I have had some requests from people doing their scouting trips wanting to meet me in Spokane and Coeur d’Alene etc. I wish I could. I don’t get out and around the Homeland nearly enough. However, at the moment I am pretty much pinned down here in the Pugetopolis by the Deadly Time-Eating […]

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The NF Contact Process

Hi, guys: Just a quick re-cap to expand and clarify some things about the Northwest Front contact process, as follows: The first step is that I need a name and a postal mailing address from a new internet contact. The address can be a post office box or PMB #, that’s fine, just someplace where […]

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