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Covington Novels Banned From Publication

This will serve as the official comment and discussion thread on the effective banning and suppression of my fiction by the dictatorship. By the way, by that I do not necessarily mean that the dictator himself was behind this. Even when they are officially headed by one man, all dictatorships are actually oligarchical, for example […]

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A New Idaho Settler Writes

Dear Harold: I apologize for not responding to your last letter sooner. I’ve been quite lazy lately, but I am getting my act together. Feel free to share my contact info with any trustworthy folks in my area. I have a feeling this is going to be a good year, the year of the Fourteen […]

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Should We Revive The E-Mail Contact List?

Hi, guys: Okay, question: should we revive the old e-mail contact list?  Some of you may remember what I’m talking about, the list where people all over the country and indeed as far as the U.K. and New Zealand voluntarily published their e-mails as potential contacts for local meetings and local support from other White […]

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Proposed Official Motto For Northwest Front

Hi, guys: One of the things I need to get done before the publication of the Fifth Edition handbook is the creation of an official seal or emblem for the Northwest Front itself as a party. We have one that a supporter made for us several years ago, but several people aren’t quite happy with […]

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What Do You Want From RFN?

Tell you what, never mind the boilerplate. Let’s conduct a kind of survey here. What do you want to see and hear from Radio Free Northwest in the coming months? What do you like and want more of? What do you dislike and want less of? Let me hear from you in the comments section […]

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My Twitter

Hi, guys: I am getting this vibe that Twitter is this year’s Be-All and End-All because old people are starting to take over Facebook. Anyway, I have a couple of Twitter accounts, although I still don’t really know how to use the damned thing. The one that seems to be working now is @JerryReb. -HAC

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Bill White as “The White Man’s Nelson Mandela”?

Hi, guys: Comrade Hawkwood made a remark in the Thoughtcrime section just now and although I’m iffy about it, I figured I’d run it up the flagpole to see if anybody salutes. What about trying to get an internet buzz or meme or whatever going that Bill White is “the White Man’s Nelson Mandela?” I […]

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New Potential Mantra

One of the comrades who is proofing Freedom’s Sons for me got to Chapter XVI, I think it is, “Tides and Hurricanes,” and there is a line in there he suggested might make a stand-alone mantra. Not Northwest-specific, but one for all White people: “Say nothing, remember everything.” Comments?

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My Homecoming

Dear HAC, I know you have always wanted somebody to narrate their migration. Well, since nobody has done it yet other than Andy Donner reminiscing on his migration, I suppose I should give my two cents from the perspective of an 18 year old kid. First off; I guess you should know who you are talking […]

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A New Guy Writes

Dear Mr.  Covington, I’m one of those new guys you referred to in your program this week. is indeed the first overtly “racist” website I have looked at, unless you count conservative sites like Newsmax. A friend sent me the link and asked me to look at it with an open mind. I did, […]

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