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From Some Idiot At Salon

Some lefty-loon nimrod at Salon who is shrieking the supposed virtues of the aging Jewish hippie Bernie Sanders over the already decrepit Sea Hag had this to say. Ponder on it until the little light bulb comes on over your head. “As you may have heard, Bernie doesn’t have a Super PAC. Backed by a […]

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Northwest Front T-Shirts

http://www.stahlhelmrecords.com/northwest-front-north-american-republic-article-1-t-shirt/ In the absence of a centralized headquarters vendor or supplier for NF and Northwest independence knick-knacks and memorabilia, etc. I encourage individual entrepreneurship. If nothing else, the Party could use a few more Café Press sites, for example, to replace the one that got pulled down after Dylann Roof pulled his little freak-out last […]

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Covington Novels Banned From Publication

This will serve as the official comment and discussion thread on the effective banning and suppression of my fiction by the dictatorship. By the way, by that I do not necessarily mean that the dictator himself was behind this. Even when they are officially headed by one man, all dictatorships are actually oligarchical, for example […]

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We’re The Worst, Apparently

http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2015/07/northwest-front-americas-worst-racists-119803.html#.VZ1y7vnqOSo Guys, this is what I mean about major media now monitoring the NF and why we have to start being careful what goes out in public.  

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NF Trolling For Chicks

Grittings, dewds: Bearing in mind that the internet is the only mass electronic medium of communications we have access to and that we must begin to make optimized use of it, I got this off a lefty-lib site: “If there’s an opposite to 4Chan, it’s Tumblr, a popular sharing and blogging network infused with unbridled […]

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Bill Wilkinson Finally Re-Surfaces

http://www.ijreview.com/2015/03/272988-notorious-kkk-grand-wizard-vanished-1984-wont-believe-just-turned/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=organic&utm_content=conservativedaily&utm_campaign=Culture [Sigh…] You know, I think I’ll open this up for comments from those of you from my Movement generation who remember this turkey.

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“Harlan Markwalder”

Just a quick note, in case this nimrod pops up elsewhere: as I suspected, the Induhvidual using the name of “Harlan Markwalder” to post idiotic heckling comments here and most likely elsewhere as well is some kind of troll or cognitive dissonance agent. The real Harlan Markwalder died several years ago. I’d heard this and […]

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Covington And Pierce

I think it’s best to transfer this thread out of the Radio Free Northwest commentary, if it’s going to be a thread. Yes, there was a time in the early 1980s when there were some discussions about myself and Pierce teaming up. This was before he mysteriously acquired the $300,000 from–uh–well, wherever he got it–and […]

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Counter-Terrorism NF Article

http://issuu.com/fusteros/docs/iacsp_magazine_v20n4_issuu Okay, this is kind of a historic moment. The Northwest Front has just received its first coverage in a serious, if not quite mainstream, publication.  There is a lot of personal drivel in there about me in the first part of the article, the kind of crap which is untrue without being outright false, […]

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