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Introduction to the Northwest Front Radio Free Northwest Episodes

Our Introduction to the Northwest Front series of RFN episodes is complete.  For posterity, these episodes, in order, are: Radio Free Northwest #494, July 11th, 2019; Radio Free Northwest #498, August 8th, 2019; Radio Free Northwest #501, August 29th, 2019; and Radio Free Northwest #506, October 3rd, 2019.

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The Official NF Message Board

Since we’ve had a ton of back-and-forth in RFN comments lately, I thought I ought to remind everyone that the Party has a message board at http://www.northwestfront.net/forums/.

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Radio Free Northwest Delayed this Week

For the first time in its history, Radio Free Northwest will be late this week.  The work was done more than on time, but there are technical issues behind the scenes and we are working to resolve them as quickly as possible.  Thank you for understanding.

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Free PDF Copies of Harold Covington’s Northwest Independence Novels

We’ve made a habit of recommending the PDF copies of the Northwest Independence Novels since that is the most accessible method of obtaining them.  Even so, we never put them up anywhere. Until now. The Northwest Independence Novels page of the Party website has been updated with download links.  Pass this one all around, please!

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On the Death of Harold Covington

It is with a heavy heart I must inform you all that Harold Armstead Covington, founder of the Northwest Front, passed away last week in his apartment in Bremerton, WA. Thankfully, preparations were made and the Party continues to operate in service of the Northwest Imperative. This week’s episode of Radio Free Northwest eulogizes Harold. […]

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From Some Idiot At Salon

Some lefty-loon nimrod at Salon who is shrieking the supposed virtues of the aging Jewish hippie Bernie Sanders over the already decrepit Sea Hag had this to say. Ponder on it until the little light bulb comes on over your head. “As you may have heard, Bernie doesn’t have a Super PAC. Backed by a […]

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Northwest Front T-Shirts

http://www.stahlhelmrecords.com/northwest-front-north-american-republic-article-1-t-shirt/ In the absence of a centralized headquarters vendor or supplier for NF and Northwest independence knick-knacks and memorabilia, etc. I encourage individual entrepreneurship. If nothing else, the Party could use a few more Café Press sites, for example, to replace the one that got pulled down after Dylann Roof pulled his little freak-out last […]

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Covington Novels Banned From Publication

This will serve as the official comment and discussion thread on the effective banning and suppression of my fiction by the dictatorship. By the way, by that I do not necessarily mean that the dictator himself was behind this. Even when they are officially headed by one man, all dictatorships are actually oligarchical, for example […]

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We’re The Worst, Apparently

http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2015/07/northwest-front-americas-worst-racists-119803.html#.VZ1y7vnqOSo Guys, this is what I mean about major media now monitoring the NF and why we have to start being careful what goes out in public.  

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