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Radio Free Northwest – October 17th, 2019

Andy Donner discusses some feedback generated by the “final” episode of Radio Free Northwest.

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  1. East Coast Don
    Oct 28, 2019

    No comments on this one, either? OK, here I go! Regarding the podcast in question, the “final” one, I did indeed listen to the entire thing. I was a bit confused, I admit, but by the end I sort of figured out what you guys had in mind. I was surprised at some of the reactions to the “final” podcast. Seems some folks got really upset. I was glad to realize by the end of the podcast that the show would continue but if it did indeed end I would understand. It really is an outstanding show and you guys have done wonderfully with the transition from HAC to the current “headquarters group.”
    And if I sound like a “cheerleader type” with my usually positive reviews, well, then, I guess I could find something wrong! Ha! I mention this because a year or two ago I believe someone commented about “cheerleader types” and I think they might have been referring to me. No big deal, but I really do love the show! And I find there is very little to be critical about.

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