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Bonus RFN – October 17th, 2019

AJ brings us another bonus show of music and commentary, pertinent to the US withdrawal from Syria.  Let the muds sort it out.


  1. JimEE
    Oct 20, 2019

    I’m surprised to hear a quote from the nigger Thomas Sowell on RFN.

  2. AJ
    Oct 20, 2019

    @ JimEE You are going to have to complete your thought in order for me to understand what you are writing about. However, once again the Jew is “the disease” niggers are but “symptoms of that disease”. True neither belong in White society. But as we are forced to have both in our environment, niggers can be seen as “The Canaries in the coal mine” pun intended. Feel free to email me at nwnet@earthlink.net to continue this conversation.

  3. Comrade Jason
    Oct 20, 2019

    If such a thing bothers you, Jim, I ask you to think on the fact that no one race has a monopoly on the ability to think and to have good and worthy ideas. Niggers have the least ability to produce such among all the races (aside from Australian aborigines), but many Blacks like Thomas Sowell have (revoltingly) been genetically enhanced by partial White ancestry and DNA, and have usable brains. Even full-blooded niggers can produce world-class brains, albeit once in five or six blue moons. It is the reality. Being put out because races other than Whites come up with good ways to express important ideas is silly. The White revolutionary and those in sympathy with him must use every intellectual and rhetorical tool that adds power to the argument. It matters not where it comes from. For example, the concept of explicitly exclusionary “safe spaces” which has come out of the anti-White communist-run American university system is obviously extremely useful for us. The existence of the acknowledged Jewish racial state of Israel as an explicit protection for Jews paves the way for a parallel state for the explicit protection of Whites. Using the enemy’s ideas and words when they support OUR case…what in the world could position us better rhetorically? Have the Jews ever failed to use White innovations in either technology or thought against us? They have not hesitated to use what we create for their own purposes, and we should not have any reservation about the reverse, either. A soldier on the battlefield picks up the enemy’s dropped weapon and turns it against him, especially if it is the best suited for the task. Let go of the parochial attitude on ideas and words. Use everything available. Get over the annoyance that niggers and other muds have a handful of their number that can think. Admittedly, giving credit where due, when it comes to niggers and other mud races, may lull some of our people into thinking integration with them could be okay, but fighting this is just a task of showing why that’s wrong, and it’s not like we lack the necessary evidence. But, refusing to give credit where it is due makes a person or a movement look small-minded and unfair, which is detrimental. It’s easy enough to simply make the case that when it comes to non-Whites, “Even the best aren’t worth the rest.” You just can’t be lazy. You have to actually make that case, and do so repeatedly. Every new generation must learn what has been learned in years long past, through so much pain and suffering. The work never ends. We must simply accept that fact, and do what must be done. Then, we must get up and do it again, tomorrow. Hope this helps.

  4. JimEE
    Oct 20, 2019

    Thank you for the thought out reply. It provides some perspective I was clearly lacking.

  5. Comrade Jason
    Oct 20, 2019

    My pleasure, Jim. Thanks for listening, and challenging us on the issue. Whites must speak freely to one another, especially those in sympathy with the cause, and egos must be subordinated to results. Glad to hear from you!

  6. JimEE
    Oct 20, 2019

    I’ve been listening to older episodes of RFN today, and I just happened to start the Feb 17th, 2010 episode where HAC says exactly what AJ just said up above. Since it is so pertinent to this conversation I thought it worth quoting here:

    Blacks and Mexicans and public perversion and all that. These people and things are just some of the many tools of the Jew in order to destroy a society that prevents him from ruling others as he believes he has been appointed by God to do. The black problem is simply the most visible of these tools … there really is no black problem, no Mexican problem, no faggot problem, no federal reserve problem, no gun control problem. None of these issues that most of us obsess about really exist in themselves. They are only symptoms of the disease, and to cure a disease, you don’t treat the symptom, you strike at the germ itself. White people have a very bad habit of getting involved in one-issue politics, and we have to start looking at the big picture here. There are only two real problems in human society: the Jewish problem, and the white character problem. The Jewish problem is what the Jews do, and the white character problem is why white men let them do it. Everything else is merely a symptom. These two central issues are the disease.

  7. Comrade Jason
    Oct 21, 2019

    An excellent excerpt, Jim! Spot on. Thanks for it.

  8. John A
    Oct 22, 2019

    RE: Thomas Sowell
    Thomas Sowell is not a nigger.
    Niggers are low IQ, high testosterone people with low impulse control and the socialization of feral animals. Believe me, I know that after living twenty years in various “transitional neighborhoods” in Las Vegas. I finally maxed out on them and moved to Boise eight years ago. So you know where I’m coming from, my concept was to get as far away from niggers, nigger crime, and nigger disorder as I could get – concomitant with a livable climate, high speed broadband, and a population large enough to supply any service I would need. Boise filled that bill.
    That being said, I have to disagree with your calling Thomas Sowell a nigger. The man is an accomplished economic and political scholar who has many views that mirror our own. He doesn’t promote “gibs me dat” or “we wants reparations.” He does promote the idea that ghetto conditions are the result of ghetto culture. That ghetto people aren’t the victims of ghetto conditions; but rather, they create those conditions themselves. He tells blacks to look in the mirror.
    I agree with Jason’s comment that “even the best aren’t worth the rest.” But – I also agree with his comment that “refusing to give credit where credit is due” makes us look small. Actually, it doesn’t just make us look small, it makes us look as ignorant and unthinking as the niggers we call niggers.
    Bottom Line: Thomas Sowell is not a nigger. Calling him that just denigrates us, our intelligence, and the ideology of the movement.

  9. Goyeeeem Plunger
    Oct 23, 2019

    AJ buddy, I think the woman’s segment (she doesn’t mention a handle), you’ve played before. Just a fyi comrade.

  10. JimEE
    Oct 23, 2019

    Is nigger a racial term or an IQ/political term? If it is a racial term, then my usage was correct.

  11. AJ
    Oct 23, 2019

    @ Goyeeeem Thank you for your comment. I thought I did use it before but was not quite sure.

  12. AJ
    Oct 23, 2019

    Simply….yes. I appreciate H.P. Lovecraft’s view – On the Creation of Niggers

    When, long ago, the gods created Earth
    In Jove’s fair image Man was shaped at birth.
    The beasts for lesser parts were next designed;
    Yet were they too remote from humankind.
    To fill the gap, and join the rest to Man,
    Th’Olympian host conceiv’d a clever plan.
    A beast they wrought, in semi-human figure,
    Filled it with vice, and called the thing a nigger.

  13. Sven Longshanks
    Oct 25, 2019

    The Jews certainly don’t need the Old Testament to be doing what they do and they don’t follow it either.

    The clip in this podcast about it reinforces the lie that Jews follow the Old Testament. This lie is of immense benefit to them in conning Evangelical Christians into supporting their schemes and Nationalists really shouldn’t be helping them do that.

    It doesn’t take much work to discover they follow the Talmud which mocks, slanders and ridicules the Old Testament Patriarchs and even boasts of killing the Prophets from it.

    Claiming otherwise just insults Christians and reinforces the Jews’ most useful lie.

  14. Comrade Jason
    Oct 25, 2019

    An interesting comment, Sven, and it sent me searching. I had heard of this perspective, to a degree, and it seemed to have merit. The entirety of Judaism disgusts me, personally, and I can’t say that I have ever been able to stomach in-depth engagement with it, in part due to having to read, and thus hear in my mind, so many words from their revolting guttural languages. However, this must be done in order to know one’s enemy. On Quora, I found the following answer to the question, “Do Jews follow the Talmud, or the Torah, or both?” It seems to be an honest answer, but with Jews, who really ever knows? There are certainly some Jews who speak the truth and what is likely close to the whole truth, so maybe this is accurate. It seems it could be, as this “teacher of Jewish studies” does reveal that being a Jew is not akin to a religious conviction, but indeed precisely that of a people and race. So there’s that bit of honesty. The rest of his explanation supports your contention, somewhat, but it seems clear to me there is every reason to pay attention to the Jews’ continued use of, and guidance from, the Torah, not for legal guidance (Halacha) perhaps, but certainly as spiritual, philosophical guidance (Aggadah), as the “teacher” lays out below. The clip in AJ’s show, as well as the confirmations of the honest Jews-on-the-street themselves, seems to be exposing the philosophical views of Jews as self-aggrandizing thieves and wanna-be slave-masters of the world, which we know them to be, and doing it rather well. Whether Talmudic scholars trash parts of the Torah teachings and personalities or not, the spirit of the Jews is well illustrated in the Torah, and Jews still are guided and motivated by it. The key to understanding all human action is a question of identifying motives and motivations. I think it remains reasonable to continue to point to the Torah for much of this, in addition to the Talmud. Please correct me if I’ve missed some essential in your argument.

    Here is the comment from Quora:

    Do Jews follow the Talmud, or the Torah, or both?

    Jeffrey Radon, master’s Jewish Philosophy, Bar Illan University
    Updated Nov 9 2017 · Author has 141 answers and 106.5k answer views
    I am a teacher of Jewish studies and the author of the internet site – http://www.orthopraxjudaism.com – a site devoted to Jewish studies in a democratic spirit.

    Traditional Judaism is a religion in a completely different sense than Christianity. Christianity is a religion in the orthodox (correct belief) sense of a faith commitment – faith not just in God but in Jesus as the messiah (savior). There are in Christianity different streams (orthodox, catholic and protestant) and many different approaches within each stream, but what defines one as a Christian is the fundamental faith commitment in Jesus as the messiah. Christianity is a community of believers, and one who lacks the fundamental faith commitment in Jesus as the messiah is not a true Christian even if born of Christian parents. That is, in principle there can be no such thing as a secular Christian. By contrast, traditional Judaism is a religion not in the sense of a faith commitment but in the orthoprax (correct practice) sense of a culture and way of life of the Jewish people – not faith in God nor any other faith commitment defines one as a Jew, and among the Jewish people there are those who define themselves as religious and those who define themselves as secular. There are in Judaism different streams (orthodox, conservative, reconstructionist, reform and secular) and different approaches within each stream, but what defines one as a Jew is being born to a Jewish mother or having converted – and what unites Jews is not a faith commitment but being part of a people with a shared history, language, land and culture or way of life.

    Traditional Judaism as a religion is based not only upon the Hebrew Bible but upon the Jewish rabbinic tradition, and the foundation of the Jewish rabbinic tradition is the Talmud – although actually there are two Talmuds (the Jerusalem and the Babylonian), and both are commentaries upon the Mishnah, a short legal work based upon the Bible that is the foundation of the Jewish tradition from a legal point of view. The Jerusalem Talmud is a product of the Yeshivot (study academies) in the land of Israel (from about 100 BCE to about 500-600 CE); and the Babylonian Talmud is a product of the Yeshivot in the land of Babylonia (also from about 100 BCE to about 500-600 CE). For a variety of reasons the Babylonian Talmud is the authoritative Talmud, and when the term Talmud is used without referring specifically to the Jerusalem or Babylonian Talmud, the Babylonian Talmud is intended.

    The central term of traditional Judaism is the term Torah, which literally means instruction or guidance – and, the term refers not only to the 5 Books of Moses but to Judaism in the sense of the rabbinic tradition based upon the Bible. Torah includes two kinds of instruction or guidance (the literal meaning of the term Torah) – legal guidance (Jewish law) that is called Halacha, a word coming from a root meaning to walk as law is the path upon which a traditional Jew walks; and, moral, philosophic and spiritual guidance that is called Aggadah a word meaning story as a story is a repository of moral, philosophic and spiritual ideals and ideas. Halacha is referred to as “bodies of the Torah” in the Talmudic literature and is the external aspect of Torah (and law is an external system of authority), while Aggadah (moral, spiritual and philosophic teachings) is the internal aspect of Torah and can then be seen as the soul of Torah. The Christian polemic portraying Judaism as a religion of law is a misconception, as Judaism includes both legal (Halacha) and spiritual (Aggadah) guidance. Halacha (law) is material that is authoritative in establishing permissible and forbidden behavior as an external system of authority demanding obedience to its authority; whereas, Aggadah (moral, philosophic and spiritual teachings) is a matter of internal autonomy and not authoritative.

    In the Talmudic and medieval periods there were Jewish sects outside of the Jewish rabbinic tradition – like the Sadducees in the Talmudic period and the Karaites in the medieval period. The terms Pharisees and Sadducees took on a negative connotation due to Christianity, but both the Pharisees and Sadducees were Jewish sects during the Talmudic period. The Sadducees were a priestly sect, and most of the ancient, hereditary priesthood in Judaism were Sadducees. The Sadducees rejected the rabbinic tradition (the Oral Torah) and attempted to live as much as possible by what was written in the Bible (the Written Torah). The Sadducees disappeared with the destruction of the ancient Temple in Jerusalem by the Romans – the Temple being the institutional center of the priestly cult. The Karaites were a medieval sect who like the ancient Sadducees rejected the rabbinic tradition (Oral Torah) and attempted to live as much as possible by what was written in the Bible. There were Karaite Jews in large numbers during the medieval period, but they too have largely disappeared. The Pharisees were a sect that was in the main led by scribes and teachers. The Pharisees did not feel bound by what is written in the Bible but by the Bible as understood according to the Jewish rabbinic tradition. The Talmudic rabbis were ideological descendants of the Pharisees. Thus, in traditional Judaism we as Jews live not by what is written in the Bible (the Written Torah) but by the Bible as interpreted and understood by the Jewish rabbinic tradition (the Oral Torah). However, I repeat that the Jewish tradition is authoritative only in the realm of Halacha (law), and Aggadah (moral, philosophic and spiritual teachings) is not authoritative.

    I will give an example from the realm of Jewish law to illustrate that we as Jews in traditional Judaism live not by what is written in the Bible but by the Bible as interpreted by the Jewish tradition. In the Bible it is written – “do not cook a kid in its mother’s milk” (Exodus 23, 19). The verse is understood by the Jewish rabbinic tradition to prohibit the cooking and eating of milk and meat together. But, this is not the plain, simple meaning of the Biblical verse. The Biblical verse speaks only about not cooking a kid in its mother’s milk. For example, it is possible to roast a kid on an open fire, which would not constitute cooking according to the Jewish tradition, and to roast and eat the kid with milk from a cow that is not the mother of the kid, which would not violate what is written in the Biblical verse. Moreover, the Hebrew word that is translated as milk may not actually mean milk, as the word can also mean fat. It is even highly likely that the original meaning of the Biblical verse was that it is forbidden to cook a kid in the fat of the mother (which may have been an ancient Canaanite practice), as in the Bible and in the Biblical world it was the meat and fat of animals that were sacrificed as a part of sacrificial worship. Yet, in the realm of law in which the Jewish tradition is authoritative, the Biblical verse “do not cook a kid in its mother’s milk” is understood as prohibiting the cooking and eating of milk and meat together even though this is not the plain meaning of Scripture.

    Since we as Jews in traditional rabbinic Judaism live not by what is written in the Bible, but by the Bible as interpreted by the Jewish tradition, in principle traditional Judaism is not fundamentalist (in the sense of a literal understanding of Biblical texts). Traditional Jews are not bound by the literal meaning of Biblical texts, not bound by what is written explicitly in Biblical texts and not bound by the plain, simple meaning of Biblical texts – and, this is true of the Halacha (legal material), and Aggadah (moral, philosophic and spiritual teachings) of the Jewish tradition.

    Please visit my internet site – Home Page – Orthoprax Judaism – which includes reading material and video classes relating to Jewish studies. I am also the author of a book on the Bible – Reconciling a Contradictory Abraham – and there is information about the book on the home page of my internet site.

  15. JimEE
    Oct 28, 2019

    @ John A, I truly don’t intend this in any negative way towards anyone’s opinions on the topic, but I thought it worth quoting HACs take on this topic from an old RFN broadcast from June 3rd 2010, 33:07 – 33:55:

    Granted that the Jew did one thing that is good for our cause. Fine, we use it. But we don’t invite him to the table, literally. The same thing applies to so called “good niggers”, and even more so, I’m sorry to say, to a real problem our movement has with “good faggots”. If we are going to compromise with Jews or with niggers or with bugger-boys to the extent of accepting them into our ranks, at least on a case by case basis, and concentrating on whatever their alleged contribution to the cause is, rather then what they are; well there’s a name for that. It’s called moral relativism or situational ethics. In essence, it is the first hint of taint and corruption. The edge of the slippery slope. The first tinge of those shades of grey wherein the Jew has always thrived.

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