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Radio Free Northwest – September 26th, 2019

The HQ group reruns the November 15th, 2012 show since the post-election commentary is as timely now as it was then.


  1. Mountain Man
    Oct 01, 2019

    I don’t know how many of you out there have been listening to the conversation talk radio hosts lately but they’re all of a sudden starting to talk about what’s happening to white Americans. Just this morning Glenn Beck went on and on about how he fears for future generations of white kids in this country. White people are starting to realize that Trump is not their savior! Let’s hope it’s not too late to save our race!

  2. Andreas Donner
    Oct 04, 2019

    @Mountain Man

    I can’t imagine that it is, but this depends entirely on whether or not White Nationalists take the “oh well, I guess we’re done for now” route in a last ditch effort to avoid the Northwest Imperative.

  3. Comrade Jason
    Oct 09, 2019

    Mountain Man, thanks for the report. I, for one, do not follow these sources, but it is not surprising that those who lag will eventually be forced to catch up, if they don’t want to be left behind. This, of course, sums up all standard-right “conservative” non-racist media which, because they ARE non-racist now, are incapable of conserving a damned thing. Still, it’s good to know. Thanks.

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