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Radio Free Northwest – September 19th, 2019

Andy discusses what you should and absolutely shouldn’t say in written communications, Gretchen reviews the movie The Guard of Auschwitz, and Jason gives a Party update, asks for your help, and effusively praises, then unloads on, the internationally infamous Professor Jordan Peterson of the University of Toronto.


  1. PMJ
    Sep 20, 2019

    Jordan Peterson’s argument of responsibility has been defeated. If one has responsibility and no authority over something, they are just a slave. So no.. responsibility alone is not the answer. Also, Jordan Peterson is a Globalist who wrote policies for elite on how to placate native whites in the west long enough to run out the demographic clock before he became famous. Finally, he is a Benzodiazipine addict. Please never reference this man again.

  2. Comrade Jason
    Sep 21, 2019

    Sorry, PMJ, I must rate your comment as disappointingly thoughtless and irresponsible. Let’s start at the end, and work backward.

    Anyone may suffer from an addiction to addictive substances gained in the course of medical treatment, which his was, as a consequence of his treatment for intense stress while on worldwide speaking tour during his wife’s battle with cancer this past year. It is risible to hold such a thing as addiction against a man’s character without intimate understanding of the circumstances in any particular case, and I am quite sure you do not have that, here.

    Second, every man may also be evaluated on the whole body of his work, and the thoughtful critic or outside observer can always find value in anything anyone says. You have this skill even if you don’t apply it. But, you should, and we will. Even Joseph Stalin, Chairman Mao, and the human piece of garbage that goes by the name of William Jefferson Clinton had valuable things to hear for the discerning listener. What, are you afraid of listening? Do you mistrust your own judgement to such a degree? Just witness this exchange…my knowledge of Peterson does not extend back as far as yours appears to. My using Peterson for the show has opened the opportunity for you to teach me and everyone else something potentially valuable. Spill what you know, if you can spare the effort. So far your effort has been only enough to get us empty allusions to a secret body of knowledge. Tempting, but of no use as yet. Do you have more for us?

    Next, your comment on responsibility versus authority makes for a cute aphorism, but it’s not germane in any way within the context of the program. You have missed it. Taking responsibility for our part in the greater scheme of things in the context of life, and destiny itself, is precisely what every racially aware and awakened White man or woman must do, and that is, indeed, the start of “the” answer. Sorry, but you need to shut down your knee-jerk reaction to the man in question, and re-listen to this show as many times as necessary to get past your mental blocks and really hear what is being said.

    Finally, the Front will engage with any figure, whether alive or historical, and any body of ideas. This is because the HQ group is staffed with men whose minds are firmly in our own control, and we will find what is useful to us and to the cause, wherever it lies. You may consider whether that kind of mental toughness is something you’d like to acquire for yourself. We think every one of our our listeners should. See what you can do long those lines, and then get back to us.

  3. PMJ
    Sep 23, 2019

    Ok. I will bite.
    So Jordan Peterson is referencing the sacrifice men in a healthy society make for their families, communities, the nation and finally their race. We do not live in such a society. He is basically tricking men today into being slaves. Slaves to a dying west. Don’t question the inability of society to provide the opportunity to get a decent paying job with health insurance, bucko, carry that weight. Don’t question the failure rate of marriages in US (80%), clean your room. Don’t question that the system is completely rigged and you have zero authority but all the responsibility in society and relationships. Don’t question you are a slave. Bite the bullet and man up, carry that burden. And when your wife divorce rapes you, makes a false sexual molestation allegation against you to steal your kids, orcas you into virtual servitude via alimony, child support, carry that weight. At least you bit the bullet for the white race and bred a white baby. Oh, wait. Your ex turned your son tranny and now they are Antifa. Also your ex’s new black BF molested your daughter. Buck up, bucko.
    So no intelligent white man with resources to lose is going to fulfill their responsibility to build a family, serve a community that hates them, nor serve a non existent nation that in a healthy society would provide a feeling of meaning in men’s life in this Clown World we call the west today. They are going to protect theirselves, and try to find the few like minded people who remain. There’s very few now. And the women who are not so far gone they cant be trusted are t Calle unicorns for nothing. He is providing false hope, and so is this organization now. The problem with many of these outfits is they shame men into breeding and doing the whole societal dance. That won’t work. We are men, not women. Women respond to shame. Strong willed white men dig in their heels when they know they are right. It almost comes off as a controlled op technique when WN outfits use this shaming technique, and insist one must just carry that weight, be a slave, ignore the fact they have zero authority and all the responsibility.. and bite the bullet for society, for a family, for the race. It may keep any real change from occurring in the system for a little while longer., maintain the status quo a little longer, but for the goals of creating a environment in which the white birth rate turns around, it won’t work. Shame all you want. It only tells us to look elsewhere for truth, and that this org is failed.
    It would be like taking life advice from a drug addict.
    As far as Jordan’s history with elite think tanks and Globalist NGOs on immigration and mass migration, this is old news. see Jared Howe’s work from about a year ago on Peterson. He covers it well. frankly only the older listeners to this show will not already know this information. I’m still bewildered why this org would shoot their-self in the foot in such a way. If controlled op, this is a bad move to promote Peterson. If serious, this is also a bad move. You gain nothing but less listeners who will lie along.
    Please be better. There’s other communities that I am 100% sure are controlled op like MGTOW, and many young men are going there instead. Disappointed. Also remember there are plenty of evil Europeans that want nothing more than exploit our peoples misery..will to power. This will not be tolerated. You will lose listeners. This is not a race war. It is a spiritual battle between good and evil. Race is a symptom from multiculturalism, which was done to weaken and distract away from the main problem.. shitty leadership and exploitation of our Volk by evil men.

  4. AJ
    Sep 24, 2019

    @ PMJ I’m happy to see your intent and fire come through in your writing. Your first comment while “polite” left me truly wondering what the hell you were menstruating about… Yes, Peterson is a CUCK and a zionist. I believe his wife is even a KIKE (but my interest does not go that far). I had to swallow some vomit likewise when Peterson came up, but held my lunch long enough to intellectually digest the point that was made, with the understanding that RFN is not solely for the entertainment of the informed but to coax the normies and less enlightened to “wake the FUCK up”. Peterson is mainstream and sometimes that is what is needed to focus on for those who are cucked to identify. The point that is to be made is once again that offensive subject of self responsibility, looking in the mirror is harder than most will admit to. I feel that that concept may have eluded you or just too hard to swallow at this time. You of course are welcomed to submit material that may appeal more to yourself for RFN. Or get the fuck off your ass and get out here and do some goddamn work to provide a future for WHITE CHILDREN! Wow I just did it again…I brought up the evil thing of RESPONSIBILITY! I can now once again be chastised by the hypocritically devout for using a “CHRIST PROTECT US” a F word or worse yet the evil-evil-evil R word RESPONSIBILITY!!!!

  5. AC
    Sep 26, 2019

    Not a fan of Peterson, or any of the “Dark Web” faux-intellectuals. Their mission seems to be to shunt white people onto a political spur track, leading nowhere, until the demographic clock can be run out on us.

    If you think well of him, I’d suggest reading ‘Jordanetics: A Journey Into the Mind of Humanity’s Greatest Thinker’ – though, I’m really not a fan of Vox Day, either – but he occasionally does something useful.

    Anyway, if someone wanted school curricula that were poz-free, it might be worthwhile to look at stuff from the late 1800s and early 1900s. I’m not knowledgeable in this area, but looking at what people have already done in the past is usually not a bad idea.

  6. AryanBarbarian
    Sep 27, 2019

    How do we get the land barons of the northwest and the few remaining towns with industry on board. We need these people, they don’t care about jews and ww2, they care about their employees, churches, families, and communities. The farm subsidies are the only thing keeping most of these communities I speak of alive. The greatest enemy of most NW people is the BLM, EPA, and IRS. They are not revolutionaries and will not become so, neither are they our enemies, they and theirs are exactly what we aim to preserve. I ask with all due respect, can we please talk about community organizing tactics that will actually help these people get back their livelihoods. Book reviews and jews are quite frankly irrelevant.

  7. Andreas Donner
    Sep 28, 2019


    We certainly can discuss community organizing. We’ll need that community first, though. It has always been the Party’s position that any such activity can only occur as the product of serious, committed adults living within half an hour’s drive of one another. Until serious White Nationalists decide to make that set of circumstances a priority, we’re going to get more of the same.

  8. AryanBarbarian
    Sep 29, 2019

    @Mr.Donner Being a native of the NW with land and family spread across our declared region I am familiar with the culture. I am also familiar with the finer points of the NW Imperative, and I agree we do need dedicated WN to take geographic unity seriously. That being said I still think we will get the most bang for our buck recruiting directly from the top down. I used to spend time with many very wealthy land owning families, extremely hard working moral people, with many employees and entire communities essentially dependent on these people. I can’t help but think one of them on board is worth 20 tee shirt youths, these people also have the most to lose. Point being, they are the backbone of the territory and have all the clout amongst their peers and resources that we do not have. How can we discreetly reach them? I am talking about recruiting certain critical individuals, community by community, the best and strongest first, after all they are likely the most intelligent, the most likely to see the logic and merit of our position. I do not intend this comment to be a criticism or advocation for divergence from the current plan, but an idea that may be a useful augmentation to the current plan.
    Community organizing against the oppressive agencies and their policies denying states the right to natural resource development and implementing destructive tax policies will go a long ways towards establishing our position as beneficial to the region. What do we have to offer the region and its people? Can we help them get back to work and pay the bills? There is nothing more American than telling the tyrannical empire enough is enough. Montana talked of secession in 08 over gun laws, so there are many already sympathetic factions in the region, what can we do to further facilitate them coming together?
    That’s all I got for now, thanks for reading, and thanks for your dedication to our cause.

  9. Sultan of Sieg
    Oct 04, 2019

    Go ahead and moderate this out you schill!
    I don’t care if the Feds come to my door, I want those traitor cuckolds to do it! I can’t stomach the disgusting jewish world of rot I see arround me and there IS NO NWF to run to! Maybe 10 years ago there was a chance, NOT NOW! I don’t think it’s been realized by you old fogies that we are in a WAR! This war is being fought on every front but the god damned battle field! And we are loosing on every front as a result! So go ahead and delete my comment you low-T fucken schill bastard! Go ahead and cower like a little bitch before the Alphabet Soup Squads who’ve go your balls and your tongue as a result! You’re not a man!

  10. Andreas Donner
    Oct 04, 2019

    @Sultan of Sieg

    That’s some mighty powerful projection you have there, bro.

  11. AryanBarbarian
    Oct 05, 2019

    It can be hard not to fed post sometimes in this clown world of lunacy, but we must be tactical, we are up against highly sophisticated “4G non linear warfare”. One strength it deploys is to conceal the true nature of itself, we can’t out Jew the Jew (unless we get a lot of Sicilians:) but we can change our realities locally and articulate their tactics to our people. Go search that “phrase” if it’s not familiar.

  12. Comrade Jason
    Oct 09, 2019

    I approved Sultan of Sieg’s post for giggles and grins, but you can see just how much of a damn I’ve really given about it by how long it’s taken me to reply. I approved him to illustrate the kind of “contributions” we sometimes get. Usually, we spare you these. We have no problem allowing thoughtful, even strident, criticism, but it is common for us to purge or never show comments, like this one, which have next to nothing of substance to say, but are merely full of abuse. Why should we put up with it, and why should you? To my knowledge, this guy has not made an appearance before, so I don’t know why he’s assuming he’ll be censored to start…unless he already knows how useless and valueless his comment is already. I don’t know that he has been censored previously, but if he was, it was probably because of the same kind of nonsense we see from him this time.

    But, on to the point of illustration which I intended… This obviously emotionally undisciplined and erratic person wants to berate us for our lack of courage, or foresight, or insight, or action, or whatever he imagines we lack. But let me ask you…what does the way he presents himself make you think about HIS judgement? In anything critically important whatsoever, that you would ever want to do, does this guy seem like someone you would want to bring along? Especially something as important as fighting for the race? He seems so hot for direct revolutionary action, and RIGHT NOW!, don’t you know. But if you were undertaking a direct action against the enemy, would you want this character on your fire team? Would you imagine he would have the discipline to follow orders to carry out his assigned tasks? Would you think him trustworthy, and could you count on him to remain emotionally stable under the extreme stresses of combat, or even general revolutionary existence? Or does he seem like an unstable drum of toxic waste waiting to burst open, spill all over your unit, and take you all down with him?

    Don’t bother answering. We know your answer. It’s the same as ours.

    Sultan, your behavior marks you as as someone at elevated risk for seething in isolation until you flip out and commit a useless and outrageous act that ruins your life and that of anyone connected to you, and probably doesn’t do a damn thing to really hurt or even inconvenience the enemy. Emotional immaturity, operational incompetence, and lack of discipline are written all over you. Sorry, boy, no space at the table for damaged goods. But, thanks for serving as a warning to others.

  13. T.M
    Oct 15, 2019

    Juden Peterstein is a bullshit artist. I used to admire the guy until I looked more into him. He’s attended the U.N Trilateral Commission, always avoids the JQ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbZZyVyEHGo) and (sorry for the vulgarity) wrote about his grandma’s pubes brushing his face in Maps of Meaning.

  14. DWD
    Dec 11, 2019

    I don’t like the Jordan Peterson either, hope he never shows up again. I appreciate everyone’s comments. It helps me get a view of things right now.

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