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Radio Free Northwest Bonus Show – June 8th, 2019

A.J. of the Headquarters Group reintroduces music to RFN in a special mid-year episode, with commentary from Angel on the obvious problems with dual citizenship they want you to forget.


  1. Rhabhi Gillespie
    Jun 10, 2019

    Thank you, I enjoyed the show very much! I never get tired of listening to you all. Chances are that I’ll never make it to the homeland, but I still want y’all to succeed and I am interested in what y’all have to say! Hail Victory!!

  2. PMJ
    Jun 10, 2019

    Every once in a while I post this, because I found it to work.
    We need to community build, but can’t do so based on race or even Nationalism politically. But they still dare not stop whites from organizing under White Community Health and Wellness. They know that race is an important factor that affects health.
    Organize IRL locally, claim to be apolitical, and then only ban anything left of Uncle A. That’s what the Marxists do in university, they lie.
    Do the same with race. Allow anyone of any race to join openly. Then naturally anyone who does not serve white well being will fall away from internal subjective pressure that can’t be proven, white or not. And this is far from movement modernization. If there’s a non – White who sees that whites are being oppressed and their health is being affected from this, let them be an ally. Let them stick their necks out. Use critical thought to allow them to stay, and if they start doing or advocating for things that hurt White well being or health, purge them.
    Even some liberal social media companies allow whites to organize based on health and wellness, so long as THEY CLAIM TO BE APOLITICAL and OPEN TO EVERYONE.
    Remember, everything is political, so eventually you get what you want, so long as a critical thinking white leader maintains control.

  3. Paul
    Jun 10, 2019

    As entertainment this is marketable, not on jewish commercial interest of course. However may I suggest that this is too good to not preserve and improve SO also there is too much profanity. You must remember who you are. The music was gifted young people, who are also perceptive and vigilant. I should buy this program, save the bad language, to give as gifts. The young woman is a talented Berichterstatterin (news announcer). But she stuffs too much information in her one report. You must be concise and conservative. She has excellent speaking quality edified with the genuine southern accent. But there were too many things important and were confusing. No one will learn about them. Sometimes you must remember they are children not the fools the jews take us all for. Be more sympathetic to white and not just screaming epithets of hostility reserved for the soldier. Lastly, the program has quality and effectiveness but more refinement for the producers. I should look forward to another publication. But I must admit it was very amusing. The Kingston Trio used to parody and ridicule the heads of state over 50 years ago. Today it is prohibited or times so hateful one can not free himself to laugh at it all. But you have done it well. I admire their talent.

    Thank you for your work.

  4. Viktor A. Hirschmann
    Jun 12, 2019

    Angel has an excellent delivery and should be invited to present commentary in future programs. However, I would have enjoyed this program more if you had deleted the profanity which was used elsewhere in the show. Using the expletive ‘motherf**er’ isn’t going to impress white parents or any other Class A prospects you may be trying to reach. On the other hand, if your target audience is wiggers, that’s what you”ll get. Remember who you are trying to reach!

  5. Woodsman
    Jun 14, 2019

    I didn’t see this program posted until I tuned in this week to hear the new RFN. While I’m happy that music has returned to the program, this bonus episode is clearly of lower quality than regular RFN’s. I like the alternate intro/outro, but it sounds tinny as if it were played from a phone speaker into a cheap microphone. Angel has a good voice for radio, but what I assume is rushed editing has her stuttering/audio-clipping, and the flow of her voice stops and starts rather jarringly which ruins the effect of her lovely accent.
    The “rant” at 26:05, while a bit funny, conjures to mind the beer swilling, frothing, “white trash” stereotype, and the presenter after him does no better as far as swearing goes. I don’t take too much umbrage at swearing, but the presentation here screams (literally) “white trash with a beer can.” Considering the very respectable, clean and intelligent content of regular RFN, this contrast is a bit jarring. This is the program where the best of our best lecture us on character and ethics. This is not where we hear the equivalent of ” **** these ****ing kikes and **** the ***** nigger ****ing ********* Dadgum mother******, **** you all, you ****!”

    I’ve retyped and debated posting this comment multiple times since I don’t want it to be perceived as some sort of personal attack. I appreciate the effort to bring us bonus content and to bring music back, but some more polish in editing and more discernment in choosing audio clips is called for in the future. If I tried to present the Butler Plan and the NF to a potential Class-A, I’d be inclined to avoid this episode in particular due to the bad impression it gives. That shouldn’t happen on any program, especially not RFN.
    Take care.

  6. Sven Longshanks
    Jun 19, 2019

    If you are going to make shows with music on they really need to be recorded in stereo and not mono and with at least 128kbps. You can just about get away with voice in mono, but not music.

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