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Radio Free Northwest – February 7th, 2019

Andy Donner answers a question about Intellectual Racism, Gretchen reviews Storm of Steele, Double Trucker, and a Panel Discussion featuring several members of the HQ group.


  1. Mountain Man
    Feb 08, 2019

    Great podcast! Especially the part where The Trucker talks about people taking a dump off the side of their boats! LOL!

  2. Fathers Initiative
    Feb 08, 2019

    Andy briefly mentioned that nobody in our movement (such as Kevin MacDonald) even mentions the need for an agenda beyond writing articles and meming. A new YouTube channel “John Mark Says” has addressed the issue to some degree. In past episodes which I did not comment on, a great deal of time was spend discussing Charlottesville. I almost attended, but I’m sure glad I didn’t.
    Going back 7 weeks, Radio Free Northwest once again addressed an important issue. Do not commit any acts of violence, etc. It’s equally worth mentioning that MOST people who encourage us to commit violence are fakes. SO, if some anonymous “friend” on the internet keeps pressuring you to ‘blow up the entire world’, it’s obviously a troll (or an FBI informant). This explains why most arrests are for the most ridiculous bombing plots. The reason is because the authorities conspired everything, while whoever simply agreed will be sent to prison. It seems illegal on the part of our government, but, that’s a different story.

  3. Rock
    Feb 08, 2019

    Are the NW novels available for direct purchase from the party? Or still available for free as a download? I don’t like patronizing Amazon and I’m assuming that any sales of the books through Amazon don’t trickle back to some income for the party?

  4. Comrade Jason
    Feb 09, 2019

    The novels are not currently available for purchase directly from the Party, although we maintain a small inventory for internal use and targeted distribution. We do know that the stocks of books out in RealSpace are dwindling, as some people are starting to report difficulties in obtaining copies. Unfortunately, all print-per-order publishers that were publishing Harold’s books are set up to operate exclusively under a structure that pays royalties to authors, and, curiously, none has any provision for printing books that are in the public domain. When Harold died, his will stipulated that all his works would be released to the public domain, and so right now we have no way to get physical copies. We are working on a solution to this. However, the Northwest novels are indeed available for free download in .pdf format on the website, under the “Northwest Novels” tab. Previously, one had to click on it, directly, to get the proper page; it did not appear as an option under the drop-down menu, so one could miss it, if only hovering over that tab. I have corrected this, and this page is now duplicated in the drop-down menu under “The Northwest Quintet”. Happy reading, comrades!

  5. OOTSS
    Feb 12, 2019

    Then and now (by David Lane http://www.davidlane1488.com/now.html)

    There continue to be rivalries and disagreements about tactics in the resistance to genocide. One division is between word warriors, i.e. knights of the inkpen, i.e. pencil posse on one side, and those who favor a more direct action approach. So let’s dissect the problem with the maximum possible impartiality.

    We have among us those who have made a “God” of Adolf Hitler. The following is not meant to disparage the efforts of the German leader. A case could be made that in the last century he was second only to George Lincoln Rockwell in determination, courage, charisma and all it takes to build a political movement.

    However, the obstacles faced by Hitler were almost nothing compared to problems confronting the remaining true White folk in America today. Or for that matter in all the once White nations.

    Germany of the pre-World War Two era was 98% White people. They were a tough strong people, hardened by the depression years and the defeat of World War One. The German army, both those still in uniform and those who had been discharged, backed German racial nationalism. In fact, at one point Hitler was paid by the Army to give anti-communist speeches.

    Of course German communists could be converted to National Socialism, but in the former White nations today, we cannot convert Skraelings, i.e. non-whites, into Aryans.

    Hitler was also backed by the Thule society, a large and influential occult, underground movement.

    Hitler did not have to contend with the most powerful and pernicious propaganda tool in all of history, that being television. Television is of course a medium armed and/or controlled almost exclusively by that racial-religious tribe that intends to exterminate the White race.

    The major point however is this; Hitler was able to go to the streets because he had a built in base for a political army and because person to person propaganda was both traditional and possible.

    The fact is, with just a little determination and ability, Hitler could not fail in coming to power in Germany.

    Let us compare his situation to what we face today in America and to some extent in other once White nations. Hitler came to power by use of the ballot box and the propaganda tools available at the time. Is there any White resistor so insane as to believe the negroes, mexicans, jews, Orientals, mixtures, judeo-Christians, those Whites mated with non-Whites, and those with a financial stake in preserving the system, will join our fight to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children???

    Our potential constituency is hard to estimate as a percentage, but I would guess that five percent of America’s population is optimistic.

    So, what is the answer if our kind is to survive? If our propaganda potential is pitiful in comparison to that of our enemies, and if street demonstrations are an exercise in futility, albeit courage, and if “direct action” of the kind demonstrated by Robert Mathews of the Order Bruder Schweigen is suicide, is there any strategy with at least some possibility of success? If “direct action” is suicide, is it wrong to speak with derision of the word warriors/knights of the inkpot?

    Let us be honest and declare at this time a propaganda arm is still necessary. And those who are out front trying to awaken more of our folk receive slander from the system and risk their livelihood. So IF they are telling the unvarnished and desperate truth, they should be supported, funded, and honored for their efforts. They are not “knights of the inkpot.”

    However, we are plagued with deceivers. Which ones are deceivers because of cowardice, which ones because of stupidity, and which ones because they are enemy agents is hard to tell. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter, the effect is the same.

    Whether they teach that their God will save our kind, or that victory through votes is possible, or that eternal procrastination is an answer, or some other suicidal and cowardly nonsense, they must be recognized as enemies.

    The fact is, our race cannot survive without exclusively White nations in which to protect, propagate and promote our own kind. Racial integration is certain extinction as proven in Carthage, Egypt, India and on and on.

    The creation of a White bastion, and then a White nation will require sacrifice, deaths, warfare, deception, courage, wisdom and new perceptions. The social contracts, the alleged ethics, the religious conceptions, and the political systems that led us to the brink of extinction were self-evidently suicidal, anti-nature and erroneous.

    I wrote a short novel titled “KD Rebel” in which I tried to outline a necessity, albeit deliberately leaving out details for two reasons. First, circumstances will demand flexibility and creativity that cannot be foreseen. And secondly, the enemy reads my words too, and it is unwise to divulge either plans or tactics.

    But please understand the real messages in KD Rebel. To name a few; an exclusive territorial imperative is absolutely vital; warfare is unavoidable if our kind is to survive; the basic male instinct of sexual lust is nature’s plan for the survival of each race and specie; the capture of women is not immoral; and that a religion of the folk must incorporate nature’s laws and genetic memory.

    While we are still able to use the inter-net it remains our best tool for awakening more of our folk. We must take full advantage. An occasional public demonstration at carefully chosen localities can be good for morale. But the territorial imperative is necessary.

    The area chosen must be picked for possibilities of deception and eventual defense. Note that the American traveling mass murder machine could not defeat Vietnam with its forests and mountains. But countries like Iraq which are open terrain are easily bombed into submission or rubble.

    Understand that America’s “chosen” rulers are totally committed to the extermination of our race and they are ruthless. “Cleansing” of our territorial imperative of Skraelings and traitors will require deception, deniability and “accidents.” Do not give your trust to anyone easily.

    Perhaps above all in the creation of a bastion, and then a nation, we must learn traits that are not normal or indigenous to Aryans, but have always been used to conquer and use our people. Quoting General George Patton, “The Aryan mind is helpless in the face of the Jewish mind.” That is because in our societies we were open and honest people. But if the enemy is the living essence of deceit, fraud, duplicity, cunning, illusion, treachery and lies, then we must deal with reality and outdo them at their own game.

    Till next time, the Gods willing,

    David Lane

  6. JR
    Feb 12, 2019

    Rock writes:
    3 days ago
    Are the NW novels available for direct purchase from the party? Or still available for free as a download? I don’t like patronizing Amazon and I’m assuming that any sales of the books through Amazon don’t trickle back to some income for the party?”

    I respond:

    Our extremely talented writer and teacher Mr. Covington was simply not good at certain things. He wasn’t good at business, not good at fund raising. That’s life.

    Adolf Hitler commented/noticed that existing “Folkish” groups tended not to do things in a practical business like way, and he Hitler and his National Socialist party worked extremely hard to do things in a successful business way.

    Hitler and NS didn’t give away their best books, songs, art etc. Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” was THE best seller in Germany and elsewhere and Hitler used the profits for practical things like purchasing a personal Mercedes Convertible car.

    There were many reasons Hitler had a beautiful girl friend Eva Braun – things like driving her around in a fancy Mercedes convertible.

    Time Warner Books (extremely Jewish) has made a fortune out of selling NAZI related books. There is no reason the NWF Party can’t do for profit publishing of Mr. Covington’s Books and other related material.

    Let’s study successful media owners/companies that make lots of $ money:

    Look how Rupert Murdoch became a dominant player in the Anglo English speaking media world (UK, Australia, later Fox News in the USA) – Murdoch featured sports, populist nationalist politics (without ever naming the Jew) and sexy girls – not hard core porn, but page 3 girls.

    I note that the English version of Russia Today is doing the same – RT features pro Russian sports and has Russian ice skaters and presenters posing in sexy, but not slutty photo shots.

    One of our best propaganda advantages is our women our children, our people look good.

    Who wants to see the likes of Ruth Bader Ginzburg, Elena Kagan, or Dr. Ruth in bathing suit? Islamic women are covered up from head to toe in a Black burkah for a lot of reasons, most of their women are Butt Ugly!

    So, c’mon folks let’s start doing what AH did – be successful in business.

  7. Andreas Donner
    Feb 13, 2019

    To be perfectly clear, at this point, there isn’t any reason that quite literally anyone cannot do for-profit publishing of Harold’s books. They just can’t collect royalties on them.

  8. Lars Emilsson
    Feb 13, 2019

    @ Anreas Donner

    “…there isn’t any reason that quite literally anyone cannot do for-profit publishing of Harold’s books. They just can’t collect royalties on them.”

    This hadn’t occurred to me. My assumption was that Harold put his written works into the public domain in order to prevent enemies from acquiring copyrights, which would have enabled them to keep his novels suppressed and inaccessible.

    But you say that downloading, publishing, and then selling them for profit, donating them, or otherwise openly distributing them is legal. Is that correct?

    If so, would it be legal, and also ethical, to edit them? I ask because, having read each of his quintet novels at least three times, I’ve noticed a number of typographic errors, apparent omissions of key words, and minor grammatical inconsistencies.

  9. Andreas Donner
    Feb 15, 2019

    Interesting questions. I’ll do what I can to address them on next week’s RFN.

  10. JR
    Feb 16, 2019

    well, I think we should publish and promote the best works of Mr. Covington, George Lincoln Rockwell and of course Hitler in positive, modern, sound business ways.

    AH would want that.

    Why should Time Warner Inc get 98% of the profits from interest in Hitler, National Socialism etc? We’ ve got some publishing, business ideas in this area. Let’s talk, network.

  11. Goem
    Feb 16, 2019

    Thanks to Andy, Gretchen, the Trucker and Jason for doing your part to fulfill the 14 words. My main focus in this racial struggle is to focus on ending racial tension through a simple measure, which entirely is aligned with NTI. We would not be haters of other races if we were not forced to integrate with nonwhites. You cannot hate that which you cannot see. I think many of us would be much less hateful toward coloreds if they were not present in such great numbers and if they were not celebrated as heroes among us. Sure, we may still look down upon them for their handicaps and maybe even admire them for their strengths. One such strength is their higher birth rates. We could emulate that. Were we to have our own homeland, we might be better equipped to focus our energy on better things than struggling to balance the maintenance of our survival as a race and “making it” in this chaotic master-blend of a society. I have little appreciation for Chinese goods, thus I do my best to limit the number of such items in my house. The same applies to other races. I had a nice chat yesterday with a seemingly awakening couple, who spoke openly of the problems they have with a race with whom they had to deal, who has failed almost completely at being useful in our society. I made the move to the homeland after an awakening of my own. I did not have the guidance of the NWF. I simply saw that I was a minority in a land that I thought was mine. I then used Wikipedia’s demographics section of each state to help me choose where to live. It is as if Harold’s voice leaped into my head and guided me here. I was on board with you all before I knew you existed. I thought I had to come up with my own idea of how to fight the decrepit system that leaches off of our unique blood, as if no other blood would suffice. Thank God for NTI and HAC’s books. I have never found such read-worthy books till O found HAC…RIP, comrade Hurrold.

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