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Radio Free Northwest – January 24th, 2019

Andy Donner talks about how the Party sometimes knows what we may not, Jason rips on the media-wide attack on some stroppy White Boys from Kentucky, and Harold on meeting the enemy, who is not us.  Gretchen with a book from a survivor of the Alt-Right implosion.


  1. Hammerheart
    Jan 26, 2019

    I was “banned” (or anyway found my comments mysteriously would no longer appear etc, as did lots of other people) the better part of 10 years ago from CC by GJ for standing up for Harold Covington & the NF.

    Good review by Gretchen. The ideology sounds familiar. It used to have my sympathies. (Among many other things) Christianity isn’t the problem, it’s what modern triggered psychopathology-afflicted whites do with it. (No plans to read this book anytime soon.)

    Re: Jason piece: the problem used to be that white males were subject to social opprobrium. I’m sorry but it IS a gender issue. White females are scarcely ever attacked in the way males are re: PC, eg the Covington Catholic school boys news item/fiasco. White males (incl down to 5 year olds) risk full-scale defunctionalization: for a grown man it is attacking his job/job loss, etc. (The 6-year-old boy is given fearsome diagnoses meaning he is a bad person who must “receive treatment” etc, tho of course that’s a likely outcome for males of any age group, now.) Mr Covington did say, “Don’t lose your job, don’t end up homeless under a bridge.”
    Decency compels me to point out all the men from 18 to 68 for whom public/visible WN activity (incl mere words) in addition to their jobs could cost them their marriage, visitation rights or custody of their children, etc. Things have changed.

    The problem is not that the boy looked at the American Indian demonstrator with an expression, etc blah blah blah. The problem is that boy is white. The problem is you are white. Not anything you’ve said, done, facial expression, tone of voice, etc.

  2. Anon
    Jan 26, 2019

    Alt right has become Spencer’s dead incest communist entry-ism of grown millennial men willing to desecrate the memory of George Lincoln Rockwell back when their parents were barely fetal tissue.

    They can’t tell the difference between running an underground political organization in an era where prominent mainstream Republicans strategists are getting arrested for their views (who win meaningful elections) and selling drugs on the corner. They fundamentally refuse to police a ‘party line’ on acceptable behavior so long as you believe in the right things, and react like crazy people when you deviate from the cult.

    The thing is, Richard Spencer made this obscure label alongside the primordial ooze of obscure right wing message boards and marketed itself on a different kind of organization that could get things done. It had all the chicken dinner rubber stamps gentry that made it look legit.

    When they’re not propagandizing attitudes, they get into these stupid arguments with white people when they demand specifics of their (((ethnostate))) when the Northwest Front has already drawn tangible answers to those demands.

    Which brings it down to one point. It psychological entertainment. A propagandized video game endlessly restating the prompt.

  3. G.G.
    Jan 26, 2019

    Poem time!

    Some men deal straight,
    And trust in fate.
    While others cheat and run.
    But to any man,
    The winning hand,
    Is the hand that holds the gun.

  4. Katt
    Jan 27, 2019

    Off the subject entirely, look what I found about our own land god bore us all on. The maximum length of stay is seven days per person at Jenny Lake and 14 days at all other campgrounds – no more than 30 days in the park per year (10 days at Jenny Lake). The campgrounds operate on a first-come, first-served basis, advance reservations are not accepted. Reservations are accepted for group camping, the Colter Bay RV Park, and the Headwaters Campground & RV Sites at Flagg Ranch.
    30 days a year is all you can spend in the government’s imaginably owned land space. Why do you supposed they would try to limit you in such a huge place you want to discover, surely you’re going to spend more than thirty days discovering all of those acres, unless you walk half of every day, even then, look at all you would miss. Bird watchers for instance can do so for weeks at a time searching for the rare forms of wildlife never found close to cities.
    I can’t wait to hear stories from Americans that have stayed in our national forests longer than thirty days. Do you supposed you could make this a topic in one radio show to see how many, if any, of our people respond to such ideocratic rules by government people responsible for sustaining the land?

  5. Martin in Centralia
    Jan 28, 2019

    Minor point: the black Hebrew Israelites are basically the ‘groid version of Christian Identity (no offense intended to CI Folk). They think that nonwhites in general (and Africans in particular) are the descendants of the tribes of Israel mentioned in the Bible, and that actual heebs are just a subset of Whites who decided to steal their identity for reasons unknown. They are fond of standing on street corners and ranting at length about these matters at full volume, attempting to confront passersby. There are some very amusing videos on Youtube of them shouting at actual heebs and making them cry (there seems to be a pocket of them in NYC, so BHI/Jew confrontations are common).

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