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Radio Free Northwest – November 1st, 2018

A Party status update from the HQ group.  Donner on not breaking the law and other dumb things like that.  Gretchen reviews Cialdini.  Double Trucker.


  1. Goem
    Nov 02, 2018

    On proper speech: 98310- not “9831o” (nine eight three one zero). Be the change you wish to see. Hail victory!

  2. Old Outlander
    Nov 02, 2018

    The intentions of those who seek to genocide the white race are clearly moving forward with their agenda out in the open. The most blatant attack has once again come from the MSM’s Don Lemon of CNN. This black slave homosexual, who is married to a white slave man, is picking political cotton for his marxist plantation masters. But make no mistake, the message they are sending is clear. They plan on killing white people. Yet, in the face of overwhelming evidence directly from the horses mouth, white people continue to ignore and even support these murderers by voting to give them power to rule over them. Understand this my fiends, when you vote, you become part of the body politic. You agree by your request and signature upon a government contract to support the outcome of the election as provided by the government. That means you may well support someone you did not vote for. You perpetuate the tyranny of those who rule you by voting. But here is the crutch of the matter: You can not vote for who rules you. To know who rules you, simply determine who it is you can not criticize. The words that are spoken by the puppets of this oligarchy today have killed a billion plus people in this world since 1917. While whites in America busy themselves with being entertained by jews and niggers, the rulers are planning their genocide. It is going to happen folks. They are telling you to your face out in the open every day now. So what will it be people? Entertainment or enlightenment? Is there really a choice here?

  3. Frei
    Nov 04, 2018

    Happy to see the northwest front is still alive and not eating itself like the national alliance after William pierce died.

  4. Barney
    Nov 05, 2018

    HAC wasn’t kidding, and neither is Andy.

    The time will come when zog’s law will no longer be enforceable. THAT will be the time to act, and not a moment before.

    To go up against zog right now would be suicide, and the end of the movement, leading rapidly to the physical extinction of the Noble White Race, Nature’s finest.

    Any illegal act can and will be used against us ALL, so keep your head down, your powder dry and wait for that window of opportunity. You’ll recognise it when it comes. Until then, DON’T do anything stupid. We’re all angry and frustrated, but one man can’t take on the might of the beast, and we need to get this right first time if The White Race is to survive.

  5. John Smith
    Nov 06, 2018

    Bi yearly reminder that if you’re not voting in the establishment’s election, you’re not going to matter.

    White working class men of average intelligence are considered politically expendable as high technology holds labor with little value. Unions are irrelevant. Ending Birthright US citizenship will buy our people more time, give gainful employment for white fathers, keep families together, and put shoes on your kids feet. Taking away the VOTE from illegal aliens, anchor babies, and fraud will protect your interests.

    Purists who don’t believe in elections are collaborating, as if white people do not vote, then are one less constituency needed to satisfy. Disavow those who want to break the law and dropping ultimatums in their groups, as they are undisciplined liabilities that piss off normal white people. Do not get involved in emotionally driven storm front social media mobs who are easily manipulated robots.

    VOTE TODAY! Vote now! Just do it!

  6. Fred B. Woodward
    Nov 08, 2018

    Gretchen always gives such excellent book reviews. Is it possible she could review a book I have recently read, “Sex And Society In Nazi Germany” by Hans Peter Bleuel, translated from German by J. Maxwell Brownjohn and published by J. E. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia and NewYork ?

  7. Andreas Donner
    Nov 09, 2018

    @John Smith,

    That’s funny! Tell another!

  8. Rock
    Nov 09, 2018

    Happy coincidence that I just happen to be reading the book Gretchen reviewed in this episode.

  9. John Smith
    Nov 11, 2018

    The supreme court Jewess is retiring from health complications, a desperately indebted obese welfare Negress in Georgia Gubernatorial race is trying to whine new votes into existence, and the executive branch is weaponizing the courts. The most expensive hyped midterm in history and all the media jews can talk about is the race war.

    All we do is tick a box, and they’re broadcasting nationalist propaganda rent free.

  10. JR
    Nov 13, 2018

    Things are brutal here outside and in Chicago. The worst rich Jews (IL Governor JB Pritzger, IDF Vet, son of Irgun terrorist Rahm Emmanuel) worst BlackLiesMatter Blacks (District Attorney set all Black criminals free Kim Fox, County Board Ch Toni P) and worst Lesbian/homos IL Sen Tammy Duckworth have now seized complete control. To keep up with Chicago’s daily/weekly/annual murder and mayhem here’s the best blog


    500 + murders (again) in 2018.

    Here is the best retired White Chicago cop blog to give what’s happening on the street, in the courts:


    Second City Cop allows comments, you’ll only have to finesse the JQ a bit, and racial realities not at all. I strongly suggest you follow this blog and make comments and recruits tough Whites in Chicago posting and commenting here to learn about the NWF, Northwest migration.

    We are getting that internal migration to the Northwest from crime ridden, Lib/Mud states.

    HAC was good at some important things like writing and teaching, but bad at other things like networking on anti Crime, implicitly White blogs – I hope others at the NWF pick it up and start recruiting at places like

    Second City Cop

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