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Radio Free Northwest – October 25th, 2018

Andy replays an episode dealing with, among other things, misrepresenting the Party (even if by accident) and promises an update on the Party’s situation next week.


  1. Barney
    Oct 25, 2018

    No download link.

    Apart from that, and considering the circumstances, you’re doing a good job in selecting appropriate repeats, Andy. Just the kind of thing Our People need to keep hearing.

    It will be good to have some new stuff, but I appreciate the fact that these things take time.

  2. Andreas Donner
    Oct 25, 2018

    Good catch. I had just fixed that when I realized the podcast XML feed hadn’t updated and saw your comment.

  3. Molly McGuire
    Oct 26, 2018

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Goem
    Oct 26, 2018

    Never apologize. My request for party approval is to just mention the movement in general, with no personal opinions. If HAC said it, I would parrot. Not that HAC has all answers. I agree with enough of what he said. The reason for my activity is the 14 words. Not to add a word or take one away. Keep it simple. Grant such party support or watch the white race die. Nobody in our movement who is not already deeply involved has nothing to add and especially, nothing to take out. There is no need for anyone to do anything HAC &CO did, which is to outline a basic template for the rest of us to read-:::::::

  5. Goem
    Oct 27, 2018

    I noticed a comment I made, in response to the last show, had not been approved, while another posted an hour before mine was and I thought about what I said and that it made be seen as me making a demand from you guys. That is not the case, but it was a reflection on what seems logical to me. I agree with the message in the show and I do not expect to show up out of nowhere, especially have done very little yet to actually contribute, other than the migration and a few bucks, I have yet to prove myself to have resolved some of that white character stuff. I appreciate what you do, sincerely, thanks. I may be reading too far into my comment and how it could be interpreted and similarly make no demands to have it approved. I would not even feel slighted were any comment I ever post gets approved. My opinion has nary a reach past my porch and I accept that at this time. I have done far too much complaining in my younger years and realized that complaining is worthless, showing weakness. That is why I moved to the homeland and it is why I listen intently to this show; to take some measurable action to make life better for my people. Having moved here, I am now in the mode of looking for ways to help and have been considering a move closer to HQ. Just tell me I am not wasting my time and I will consider it. Jobs are easy for me to get and I have no reason to stay in one area in the homeland.

  6. Wes Hay
    Oct 29, 2018

    I was just wondering. Did Harold have a cat when he died? he seemed to like cats. If he had a cat, has the cat been taken in by someone, how is it?

    Oct 31, 2018

    Andy there is a man named [REDACTED] who states he is a local “leader” in [REDACTED] area. He is using the email list and NWF to gain access to names and then he acts like he is the boss. He uses manipulative tactics to control people that is no less disturbing than what Marxists use. Very immature and a hot head, not to mention he talks shit of you and the party. Just wanted to let you know he’s giving the party a bad name.

  8. Andreas Donner
    Nov 02, 2018

    @Wes Hay,

    No cat or other pets.

  9. Andreas Donner
    Nov 02, 2018

    @REDACTED (which I did in order to make sure you can’t be identified as the person who made this remark,)

    Yeah, well, it’s too bad, too, since I’ve actually heard good things about that guy and the people he hangs with. And for what it’s worth, Harold met him a few months before passing away and he liked him, too. I was aware he wasn’t too thrilled with me, so I chose not to show up to that meeting in order to keep everything running smoothly. Unfortunately for everyone involved, this sort of thing was pretty much unavoidable following Harold’s death. The real kicker here is that I’m pretty sure I’d get along with him and his bunch just fine if it weren’t for this sort of behavior.

    Oh well.

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