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Radio Free Northwest – September 6th, 2018

Following a brief apology and explanation, Andy replays the RFN episode where Harold explains the stories of Matt Hale and the Asheville Six.  Replay or not, this one is important in view of recent communications to the Party and it could easily save someone’s life.  Maybe yours.


  1. Goem
    Sep 06, 2018

    Regarding the couple sharing their intended move to the homeland- they mentioned having mediocre jobs and having high hopes of finding work here upon arrival. I know it was an old show and I have commented on this before, though I would like to attest that work is indeed widely available for those willing to work. Start your search before heading home by visiting state employment websites. Many, if not most employers here do not post on craigslist, but do use the state employment sites. I regularly get offered jobs and have turned down several positions in favor of better pay and conditions. People look out for eachother here; a person I did not recognize, but knew of me, approached me in the grocery store today offering me a job. Do not worry about jobs. Just come home! I would like to also mention that the couple in this episode spoke of buying toiletries and paying off insurance premiums prior to moving. I would advise against this, as toiletries are just another thing to move and are cheap and upon arrival here, you will have to switch your insurance policy (new state-new policy) even if you are keeping the same company, so just focus on having enough money for the move. With regards to Andy discussing not talking about anything illegal, I have heard people doing exactly what we have been warnes not to do. Some get away with it and some do not. A local farmer was talking about how he “would kill” a certain type of individual and I had to bite my tongue, avoiding my desire to jump in on that topic… having been to many concerts, I know that undercover LEOs will wear any type of wardrobe to blend in to a situation. They will cross dress, look like punks or farmers; you will not know till it is too late.

  2. Barney
    Sep 07, 2018

    A good choice, Andy. This kind of thing can’t be repeated too often, even if it does seem like “phoning it in”, and it’s good to hear the great man’s voice again. There’ll certainly be at least one memorial to him once the republic comes into existence.

  3. BadGoy
    Sep 08, 2018

    @Barney. There will be at least one in each town/city you mean. HAC touched many more lives than he knew of including my young sons.

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