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Radio Free Northwest – July 5th 2018

Andy, Gretchen, Trucker, and Rico speak out. HAC on misogyny and a reminder: you’re coming Northwest to find a Homeland, not to meet Harold. Really.


  1. Billy Roper
    Jul 01, 2018

    LOL, same issue here, people want to come and pretend to look for real estate and have lunch with me and walk around the little town then make a donation and go home with a signed book as a souvenier. Make sure you at least get the donation for your time.

  2. Tom Bombadil
    Jul 02, 2018

    Isn’t your first section and Andy’s kind of contradictory?

  3. FrontMann
    Jul 02, 2018

    I am in my late 50s. I have spread my seed and their are fifteen white people that exist today because of it. I have made my way in this country with nothing at all given to me. As a matter of fact, it was all taken from me three times. Despite the shit life has dealt me, I never gave up.
    Today I own property and live comfortably. Actually, I am living the dream. Yeah, I am “old” but I have made it to old age with a comfortable life style.
    I suggest you baby food eating mother tit suckers get off your fucking lazy stupid asses and make a life for yourself while you can.
    Those who have never earned anything are at risk of being losing the future.
    Yeah I am old. So what. Lets see you get there. You are the ones who have everything to prove.

  4. J.R.N.
    Jul 02, 2018

    The Northwest Front is the only viable plan in America, just as Harold has made clear.

  5. NWBrian
    Jul 02, 2018

    Powerful words, Andy and Harold. Thank you.

  6. Bill
    Jul 02, 2018

    Good stuff, Andy’s segment was the best.

  7. J
    Jul 02, 2018

    I have traveled through all of the NAR states and have immediately found jobs galore in every state except Washington, but I didn’t look hard there or stay long.

    In Idaho, there is plenty of construction work, as the I 15 is under construction; you can also find many farm jobs here.

    Montana has many a farm job that goes forever unfilled- her small towns actually have a desperate need for reliable workers. In the town I stay in the middle of nowhere, MT, I could start a new job at a different place and in different types of employment every week for a few months, going from working at a grain bin, to a tire shop or from a grocery store to a casino to an independent worker.

    Oregon found me a great job making the dollar figure I told them I wanted. You can find all sorts of jobs all over Oregon…think weed, just don’t smoke it. You have to stay long enough to meet people. I now know people all over the NAR, but so far, none of them NVA types. People come up to me out of the blue, offering me work. Expect similar if you have good work ethic and willingness to stand out.

    You will find people that harbor your views, but are too afraid to outright say it…they usually start with ” I’m not racist, but”. Don’t try to pry the racial awareness out of them. Let them get to know you well before dropping “nigger” or “wetback” off your tongue. After people know yu well and trust you, you can get away with dropping those terms to let your new friends know that you are not politically correct. They will eventually come around and open up.

  8. True Idaho Right
    Jul 02, 2018

    HAC makes a great point. Gender dysfunction has caused White numbers to plummet faster than all world wars together.

    It’s not Western Women, nor Western men. It’s the fact that mental illness of both sexes is becoming more common as the “collapse” of the West accelerates

  9. BadGoy
    Jul 03, 2018

    @Frontman. Own property huh? So you dont have to pay anyone yearly payments or else they take it back?

  10. BadGoy
    Jul 03, 2018

    @J….Havent meet NVA types yet? Well, remember, guys who are the real deal will never brag, show off, DISCUSS WITH A NEW MIGRANT, nor post online anything that has anything to do with NVA “stuff”.

    Do you think someones just gonna let some wet behind the ear new guy into their innermost circles?

  11. BadGoy
    Jul 03, 2018

    Guys, whats taking so long, i mean we have legal weed in WA and OR. In oregon you can watch poor white women dance nude to feed their kids and/ or drug habit. In Oregon you can gamble in any resturant and go see titties next door. Its a paridise here. Hurry.

  12. BadGoy
    Jul 03, 2018

    The whole “my daddy and great grand daddy blah blah ect ect” arguement is totally irrelevant. Our race has been moving since conception. The only time we didnt was when you were born slaves to the land owner which was alot more common than people think and also happens to be what we are now, slaves.

    I honestly believe the only times our people were truely free was when we were barbarian tribes. The Romans did to them the same the jews do to us now, divide and conquer. Anytime the Barbarian tribes united the Romans were in trouble.

  13. BadGoy
    Jul 03, 2018

    Harold, you need to think like a jew at least sometimes. Yeah, it dont feel right but what the hell. I think you should do $100 or more “geriatric time with Harold” fundraisers. Why give them HAROLD for free? Oy vey goyim, make some sheckles!!

  14. BadGoy
    Jul 03, 2018

    Woman issue….I am one of the White Sharia guys. Women need to be loyal to their man. Fathers should decide who their daughters marry. Divorce should be illegal. Woman should not be allowed to vote. Women should be discourage from careers and encouraged to have babies. Women shouldnt even want to mess with a dangerous job or politics because they all should have families they are proud to take care of and raise.

    Its a shame most white babies are raised by the state at the most vulnerable years. Feminism is all about children. Have a career and child. Send it to daycare at 1 month old…. Wow, we already see the result of this effort.

    White Sharia NOW!

  15. J
    Jul 04, 2018

    bits of more bytes for me comrades.

  16. J
    Jul 04, 2018

    To the white sharia guy…I am a living example of telling a woman what her place is and getting that done. She loves me and does what I say. She cannot find another real man. The problem is that I have to be an Ubermench (spelling correction?), going above what most men would have to, in order to bring them into cooperation. No force, no beatings, just…I AM THE MAN AND YOU DO AS I SAY. Laying down “the law” for women is mostly a bird dance. You just have to tell them that you are in charge and that they must submit or you will find a bird that responds to your whistle. “”””Don’t mess with my head pretty lady, I can’t stand you no more- I’d be satisfied without your hate you’ve got to go…I can’t stand you no more, get your ass on out the door and don’t let it hit you on your way out. Sex is better when she knows you’re the boss.

  17. Socko the Bracer
    Jul 04, 2018

    When White males get their act together and become White men again, then White women will come back to us.

  18. Slartibartfast
    Jul 05, 2018

    “White Sharia…”

    Again, white people clinging desperately to a non-white concept for strength and support. Sharia is a muslim term. I don’t understand what it means, and NEITHER SHOULD YOU! Its a Mooslim thing. We do our OWN thing. Gawd, I fully understand Mr. Harold’s frustration sometimes!

  19. The Hatecrime Hotline
    Jul 05, 2018

    It has to be pointed out that a lot of this ‘hatred’ towards women by apparently heretical white boys has been a product of Andrew Anglin’s twisted editorializing. White boys in the ‘movement’ need to stop trying to get their women to be like them. “Vive la difference”, indeed! Our women won’t respect us if we try to coax them into being fully-fledged political soldiers. Neither the SS nor the SA ever made attempts to enlist women into their ranks. It seems they were wiser than us (and had more common sense) in that realm too. It is up to US to accept our innate role as men, and to allow our women to be women. They will be more likely to support us if we do that.

    HAC has absolutely nailed it here, yet again.

  20. Captain Witness
    Jul 05, 2018

    HAC, it does not matter what “deal” a female “accepts” since mommy government will completely ignore that in your divorce proceedings and will totally destroy your life. I know a hard working guy who was badly sodomized by “his” woman who had made such a “deal” and had children with him, then simply changed her mind. He couldn’t even visit his own children. He blew his brains out. In most states they can even clean you out with mere cohabitation. Modern jewish-feminist brainwashed females are simply too dangerous to life, property and happiness. Only a total return to the Patriarchal system including a total loss of female political power could change the situation. In the meantime the Jezebel spirit will flourish and personally I want nothing to do with females. In fact I try not to even talk to them

  21. Captain Witness
    Jul 05, 2018

    I’m Christian Identity and we believe it is easily proven that the Israelites were whites and our ancestors. The Jezebel spirit is one of Satan’s devices to destroy us, It existed in ancient times and it has returned in exponential fashion. Short video that explains why many have gone MGTOW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYN2XJM3qJk

  22. John Clearwater
    Jul 05, 2018

    Harold, I’ve read your five northwest novels. I’ve read the Turner Diaries. In all these & other white nationalist novels, the crucial point that unifies white people and forces them to fight for a white ethnostate in north america is a tyrannical anti-white government. Therefore Trump winning & implementing pro-white policies is bad news for white nationalists. Why? Look around you. Most white Americans are happy, relaxed, and content. They don’t want to fight. They don’t want a white ethnostate. The smart white nationalists should be hoping the Dems win in 2020, what do you think about that, Harold?

  23. John Clearwater
    Jul 05, 2018

    Time is the enemy for white nationalists. As each year goes by, the USA becomes browner & browner with more & more White traitors (men & women) racemixing. Our leader Harold has been preaching this message for decades now and y’all are still too lazy to get off your butts even decades later!

  24. Andy Donner
    Jul 06, 2018

    @Tom Bombadil

    Well, no. My pointing out how I determined a woman’s actual political standing and intent based on the behavior she approves of an encourages and Harold pointing out that bad behavior on everyone’s part needs to stop isn’t a contradiction.

    And no to be overly critical, but I’m not quite sure how they could be interpreted as such.

  25. Jason
    Jul 06, 2018

    I enjoyed hearing from Rico. He’s well-spoken and articulate. Just the kind we need. He may even be a class A. Always great to have new voices on RFN. I hope he manages to come Home soon. I just did, to the Front’s main operational area, around Seattle. Which is where you should come too.

  26. Anonymous
    Jul 07, 2018

    Coming for scouting trip to Idaho late August, early September. Will advise.

  27. Anonymous
    Jul 07, 2018

    Add this to your website under /Media/Other_Audio

    It’s mirrored on Archive.org. Made it myself as I couldn’t find it anywhere.

    Jul 07, 2018

    Excellent podcast Mr. Covington and crew yet again! I agree with Frontmann’s comments too….

    The “great divide” between European white men and women has been started by the jews in the mass media and entertainment complex who have brainwashed young white girls especially to “ditch” the white men in their immediate lives and to go for and actually PURSUE brown and black ghetto men who will rape and beat them into submission….

    some of these women will even be murdered by the Negroid Muslim beast and this pleases the media Bolshevik jew and his white gay accomplices even more……so not only did they take “breeding stock” out of the hands of the white nation, they then destroyed it so her eggs will never develop into white children and they got to humiliate and destroy her in the process. This “is” how they the enemy thinks….just look at all the “inter-racial” commercials and TV shows you now see flooding the TV airwaves…..only a “freakish family” is now all-white as it is deemed moral, “trendy”, and “progressive” to mix especially white women with ugly negroid men at every turn. This is how they divide and conquer.

    Then they can label the rightfully hurt and pissed off white men who join any kind of resistance group “as a hate-filled and/or inspired white guy who is prone to violence” and that will be their official narrative. If the white guy does ANYTHING except sit there and take it, they now attack him and there are even liberal groups who try to “out” him and get his identity and attack his employer and lobby them to fire him. The white women ARE partly to blame….as they are “not” the “innocent virgins” here to be sure…..they are part of the BIG problem. I have always said that the NW Front needs to reach out to the white women to EDUCATE THEM as the men seem to “get it” but the women are still reading and brainwashed on a third grade level when it comes to racial awareness. We are making tiny progress here and there and word “is getting out” about this…..but we also need to look at legalizing polygamy and multiple white wives who “do” want to procreate.

    For me as a nation will not survive because the blacks impregnant 5-10 women and “baby mommas” and the Muslims have 5 wives with 15-20 children!! The demographics alone will crush us…….so men of means should be allowed to marry as many white women to “catch up demographically” with the militant minorities posed against us. I tell everyone that we need the polygamy laws for whites especially banned…..why should we have one wife when our enemies have 5-10 wives or girlfriends who have babies? Makes no sense numbers wise and I deal with numbers all the time in my business. It is said that God was a mathematician as the Universe is solely comprised of numbers.

    If that is true then God will bless us with a tsunami of white children if we implement this and get it off the ground….God helps those who help themselves to the fruits which He has given us. White men for the most part “only date” minority women to get their sexual needs met as most tell me “I gave white women the first right of refusal….but when they all say “NO” you have to do what you have to do…..” and so it goes. Mr. Covington when you meet with people I would actually encourage you to meet more of them…….with the caveat that each meeting must be a minimum $50 donation to the Northwest Front. Take their zeal to meet you and make it into a “guest speaker business”. One hour = $50 dollars as that is a way to build up funds fast. You schedule 4 people per day you just made $200 for the party. Just my “two cents worth” sir……have a wonderful day on the Front as I salute you all.

    Jul 07, 2018

    In fact, I would try to charge all these people that are desperately trying to meet and talk with you Mr. Covington the sum of $100 per hour as your time sir is extremely valuable. If they want to talk with you for 2 hours even better…..$200 then goes to the party. Tell them to have cash ready the minute you arrive at the chain restaurant….and no exceptions as you are a very busy man! This could turn out to be quite the money-maker. Don’t give away your wisdom for free any longer if they insist on meeting you….cash in on your well earned fame while you can is my best advice. “Make them put their money where their mouth is…..”

    Jul 07, 2018

    Though we are trying to “bridge” the BIG divide between men and women, the men still need to be armed with the facts surrounding the recently upsurge in Hypergamic Females who “date up and marry up” and who are “using” our white brethren when they “date for dinner” and then do not offer anything more except to take his resources away, resources that could be diverted into his first scouting trip and trip to the Homeland. Until women come full circle and do a 180, you must always “know thy enemy” even if it is a manufactured one by the Bolshevik juden media.

  31. Paladin14
    Jul 09, 2018

    In reference to HAC’s desire to negotiate a treaty with women, something we would all like to do, that might be a great idea for a Youtube video or audio. A mock model treaty negotiation. Of course, it would not be binding on anyone. But it would be a good educational resource and people, both men and women, could be invited to “ratify” it and agree to bind themselves to it as a reciprocal obligation. It could attract interest and also provoke thought and discussion. Some provision should be made for men who are retired or disabled, but can provide a pension check plus their own personal labor; likewise, for women who are disabled.

  32. Jashub Shields
    Jul 09, 2018

    Roper and Kawcynski discuss Chittum’s 1990’s book, The Coming Civil War. Though I believe America is wealthy enough to follow a scenario more like Brazil (slow decay) than an explosive or hot Balkanization (like Yugoslavia), Roper and Kawcynski speculate as to how a 3rd American Civil War might unfold.

    Again, I have the pet peeve about “New Albion” as a name for a New England ethnostate. New Albion was actually the name of the Pacific Coast from the 1780’s to 1850’s, so it historically belongs to the other side of the country (not New England), or at least Northern California and part of Southern Oregon, and is related to the illusive and mythical Northwest Passage.

    For those of us who follow the Northwest American Republic, Billy and Ted mentions Covington’s NWF.

    I personally don’t have much faith in citizens of Seattle and Portland but I do believe interior of the Northwest, say, Idaho, WY and MT are definitely a seedbed of a white ethnostate regardless of what happens in the coast”.

    My observation– lately I hear a lot about Californians moving to Idaho! It almost sounds like the number one destination point for those intending to leave the state. Second runner might be AZ, especially among the elderly. Within the state, emigration seems to be East Sacramento region and Redding. I hear very little interest further north (along I-5) or to the Humboldt Bay Area, probably because of lack of jobs. In terms of history, climate, and topography, I prefer Humboldt Co, especially the small Victorian village and Farming community of Ferndale. If you ever get a chance to visit Ferndale, be sure to stop. Humboldt Bay is also the only deep port between San Francisco and Portland, if that counts for anything. In a more long term POV, places like Humboldt Co, Portland, and Seattle will probably ‘grow’ out of their Leftism due to generational shifts. But, that’s the slow, reformist view. I’m willing to concede that Idaho is indeed very conservative and favorable demographically– even more so than WA, OR, and NorCal. Ted and Billy’s historical analogies are often interesting.

    Projected Chinese invasion of West Coast if breakdown. Third Party players. Curious because China has been challenging our old-Monroe Doctrine but presupposes tremendous Federal collapse.

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