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Radio Free Northwest – May 10th 2018

HAC on the latest de-platforming attacks and how to survive them, and a lengthy extempore ramble on The Old Ways, in this case the law. Gretchen and Trucker.


  1. Jimmy Ricks (re-post)
    May 07, 2018

    I didn’t hear any flubs. Sounded great to me.

  2. Barnacle Bill The Sailor
    May 07, 2018

    Lawfare is something we have only ourselves to blame for, since we allow it to happen. If an element of personal accountability for lawyers was introduced, it would come to a screeching halt.

  3. Anonymous
    May 08, 2018

    Leaving for Idaho on Saturday. Will let you know when I arrive. This was all you, Harold. Originally I was planning on moving up to Gatlinburg in Tennessee.

  4. Socko The Bracer
    May 08, 2018

    You ramble good, Hurrold. Any more Viking stuff?

  5. SLC Guy
    May 08, 2018

    Sounded good HAC. No flubs. And if you did, you’re good enough at editing them out that they don’t really impact the show.

  6. Anonymous (re-post)
    May 09, 2018

    Minor digressions not worth the time and trouble of editing. Lighten the load.

  7. Mark
    May 10, 2018

    Hey Hurrold, Great show. I also didn’t hear any flubs. Gretchen is knocking it out of the park. Sometimes she goes over my head, but I always learn something from both of you! And I always like the trucker. I was also considering East Tennessee, but feel the draw (guilt) to be home for our race!

  8. James
    May 10, 2018

    For what it is worth, I am finding your “off the cuff”, improvised episodes far more interesting than the scripted ones. I especially enjoy the history segments, along with commentary of current events as they relate to “movement politics”. I hope that you continue in this vein.

  9. Cleavis Nowell
    May 11, 2018

    SBC Global email accounts still exist – so Yahoo groups may still exist.The Verizon Oracle version of Yahoo is as boring as GMX.com. Have not checked on Jared Taylor’s amren.com – it should be active.

  10. American Legionnaire (Gab re-post)
    May 11, 2018

    Just read The Brigade for the first time after hearing the excerpt from the first chapter on RFN. I always appreciate the Grandpa Simpson rambles. Also please keep up with The Old Ways talks. They’re much appreciated.

  11. Owen White
    May 12, 2018

    “First let us kill all the lawyers.” -Shakespeare. Gives you some idea how long this shit has been going on.

    May 12, 2018

    Excellent podcast and I like how Gretchen talked about the militant jewish interests “wanting” chaos and anarchy in our neighborhoods, legal system and government……they still to today and this is how they maintain their slimy rat-like grip on the levers of government, finance, the courts and the “mainstream” Bolshevik media. To all the writers before me who said they were thinking of Tennessee…..that is the Deep South and if you are not already set up there it will be niggerized and mongrelized first as they try to conquer it slow but sure…..it is in the rear view mirror and is not the future homeland. You will want to move to the Greater Rocky Mountain Northwest states for when we are someday attacked by our own government or UN Globalist mongol troops there will be a place of refuge and defense against the hostile elements aligned against us.

  13. Freekorps
    May 13, 2018

    This lawfare is a very dangerous affront to the first amendment–the cautious approach to monitoring and dealing with it is essential, so as not to call too much attention to ourselves. The historical segments are interesting and informative and an excellent indicator of where we’ve been and where we as a society need to return to.

  14. Paul Rayle
    May 13, 2018

    Off topic here but I wanted to share this. About Richard Spencer and his Jewish handler, Controlled Opposition. https://youtu.be/rvckJ0suTDI

  15. Amenophis
    May 13, 2018

    It is very useful to review old good Protocols now and again. Some hints from my part: the first appearance of this stuff was a novel, “Biarritz” by John Retcliff (real name Hermann Goedsche, he was a Prussian) in 1858. Very recommendable. Also the commentaries by Julius Evola, and especially Miguel Serrano’s commentary of Evola’s commentary in his majestic book “Hitler the Last Avatar” (this one I liked to hear being reviewed by Gretchen).

  16. JP
    May 14, 2018

    I too am leaving for Idaho on May 30th. The email list is a huge help, and like the anon said in the comments, it was all you, Harold. Hail Victory.

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