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Radio Free Northwest – October 5th 2017

Harold eases off on the ranting and raving and lets some other folks have a turn.


  1. Stephen Landser
    Oct 02, 2017

    Race and Nation would like to once again thank Mr. Harold Covington for giving us kind permission to use segments from his show. More info can be found at: landserandgoyahammer.com

  2. Stephen Landser
    Oct 02, 2017

    Race and Nation would like to once again thank Mr. Harold Covington for giving us kind permission to use segments from his show. More info can be found at: landserandgoyhammer.com

  3. Loon
    Oct 03, 2017

    [Long, bizarre rant about nothing in particular redacted.]

  4. Troy
    Oct 03, 2017

    You Amer-Aryans still have freedoms some of us now envy (though we once had them and more). If the ‘Conservative’ Party in Britain have their way, and it’s looking extremely likely they will, I will be facing 15 years imprisonment purely for looking at this website and listening to RFN.

    https://www.rt.com/uk/405516-terrorism-online-rudd-jail/ .

    16 years after 9/11 and the British government are REALLY doing everything they can to milk the ‘terrorist’ pejorative. Being labelled with ‘terrorist’ is now worse than a severe case of leprosy – the end result might as well be the same.

    I wish this abomination called ‘Britain’ would BURN, BURN, BURN. Never thought i’d envy the Swedes, but look at what Nordfront have been able to achieve lately. Many complain that Sweden is ‘Marxist’, but it’s nothing compared to the ruthless Sovietism of the British authorities. It has to be remembered that we led the way in state intelligence. Seems to be the one area we haven’t become embarrassingly incompetent at.

    Americans, please take full advantage of the slithers of actual freedoms that you still have while you can. Because once they are taken away, you will not be able to do ANYTHING that involves bringing the 14 words to fruition.

  5. adam from portland
    Oct 04, 2017

    The Roper books weren’t bad, not as great as Covington, and it was somewhat realistic probably more so, but the Northwest novels and the Matt and Heather novels were better

  6. ThurstonCountyComrade
    Oct 04, 2017

    @ Stephen. Sounds like you 2 have a good show there. I might give a listen but I dont really listen to anything except Harold. Most other shows are just that, shows. Harold is the only one with a actual plan. You two are right when you said violence will be needed. The jews certainly wont give us what we demand.

  7. ThurstonCountyComrade
    Oct 04, 2017

    Hi Troy, i seen that article yoir refering to. Fucking crazy…… Thought police….big brother…..JEW….

    Your right, we need to do somethimg while we have half our means to do so. Meaning guns. The other half, courage, where did that motherfucker go?

  8. ThurstonCountyComrade
    Oct 04, 2017

    Harold, i know you dont have time, but a site where you post rants that are redacted here. Those are enturtaining reads i bet.

  9. Alexander Baron
    Oct 04, 2017

    Harold, you are wrong about Hate Not Hope. Gable hates them almost as much as you now!


  10. ed
    Oct 04, 2017

    More Secret Agent Man fodder for Harold. This is why you don’t give guns & badges to africans.


  11. Stephen Landser
    Oct 04, 2017

    @ThurstonCountyComrade thx for the listen , we would appreciate the support. RNN is a bit more rough around the edges than Harold’s show, but we support the NW initiative and have always respected Harold as a vanguard for the movement. Hails!

    Oct 05, 2017

    Debit Card Alert….This is a rant on Go Fund Me….A Tribal Honey Pot for the Great Unwashed.
    Go Fund Me is perhaps the biggest on line RICO predicate. Right up there with the Jerry Lewis MS Telethon.
    I’m currently involved with a Go Fund Me campaign where $1.2 Million of contributions dissolved into a personal bank account.
    Two prominent Jews were involved. This is what they excel in.

  13. harpax
    Oct 05, 2017

    I enjoyed hearing other voices this week, especially the guys from Race and Nation. I’ll check out their site. I like hearing from the working class.
    I’d like to talk to them. Also, we’ll probably talk about Las Vegas eventually. See how ‘the lone, crazed nut’ is now standard, although Odd how a 64 year old ‘nu’t could get all that artillery up there, and what about all those cameras in casinos we’ve heard about? A theory is being bandied about that this was an FBI sting that went wrong, or Isis got wind of it. HAC: time for a new chapter of Ipsi Custodes?
    Troy, I feel for you. It seems like Britain is a madhouse. I wrote a review of two books, Retrieved From the Future, and 1985. The first shows an uprising in England when the oil runs out, and rural folk establish a free republic. The second by Anthony Burgess about Orwell, with a novella set in 1985. It shows Britain breaking down, caught between Islamic domination (the Dorchester is now the Al-Dorchester, and the Arabs bought the breweries and are slowly watering down the stock), and a rule of incompetent unions and PC monsters. I sent a copy to HAC, and it would be nice to get some English feedback.
    From what I see about the UK, I sense Cromwell and the rule of the saints has reincarnated. My best to you.

  14. anonymous
    Oct 05, 2017

    Mr. Covington is best as a writer and a teacher – that’s his dharma. He’s not so good at other things, so other people should do these important things like fundraising.

    M’thinks Mr. Covington should write some updated versions of important texts like

    “Who Rules the Media”?

    I don’t think anyone has written, spoken an effective version of the J Media Mafia monopoly on our the US Media since Dr. Pierce in the early 90s.

    Another big seller is the Protocols of Zion – maybe write, speak versions that appeal to specific groups like White Christian Conservatives, White Southerners, White traditional Catholics, Palestinians, Nation of Islam etc.

    AH once said that possession and knowledge of the Protocols was a key step in freeing the minds of enslaved people.

  15. C.W.
    Oct 06, 2017

    Dear Mr. Covington,

    Thank you for responding to my note on Gab. I’m very new to all this, though I have read most of your writing over the years. I still have to read Freedom’s Sons.

    I scouted in the Portland area, and you were right to let everyone know not to return to the North West unprepared. I will have my personal situation in order by Christmas. I retired in the last year, and coming to the North West for me, will really be coming home. It’s so much more expensive than it was in the 80’s when I left.

    I am planning on pursuing an education when I return, and I will be well housed and provisioned. Never thought I’d go back to school, but the opportunity is there.

    I’m still learning how to use GAB, and may have punched the wrong button, as I can’t access my information at the moment. I’m a dinosaur when it comes to the internet, and have a lot to learn. I’m also very new to the whole concept of thinking racially, and am quite nervous about this step I’m taking. I have had enough of this wretched country that has done so much evil to my own life and the life of my family back home. My family is very dysfunctional and left wing, so I have to keep my profile very low.

    I’m fifty-eight, and am coming to this decision very late in my life. Never the less, I’ve come to the conclusion over the last three years that my people need our own space. Straight up Sir, I’ve never been a white nationalist let alone an alt-rightest, but the time has come for me to do this. I can hardly wait to take the gap.

    I don’t know how I can help, but I do know the first thing is to get my affairs in order, and then get home. That looks like it will be sometime before the 31st of Jan18.

    Take care of yourself Sir, and your podcasts have really been a great source of morale for me.



  16. ed
    Oct 07, 2017

    On the lighter side. Ugandan parliamentary procedures. Check out the lawmakers break-dancing on the conference table.


  17. He
    Oct 07, 2017

    We have no more cheeks to turn. It is close to time for retribution, not reparations. We have given the Negro all we have to give except our contempt and our lead (led). The only language they will understand is bump-stock. “The point of a gun was the only law Liberty understood”, and its time for us claim our liberty. They are now in my yard.

  18. Bill In Virginia
    Oct 07, 2017

    Greets, Harold;

    Early in the reporting on the Las Vegas shooting- I watch RT News a lot- I heard a brief announcement on the scene. Supposedly the car of the gunman was found parked there, and it supposedly had Hillary bumper-stickers on it. Including one of those large ‘H’s’ with “I.m with her”. Thus, it was briefly supposed that the shooter was a disgruntled Hillary supporter, and targeted a country-music crowd because they would be perceived as mostly Trump supporters, mostly White, mostly gun owners, conservative, etc. Left-wing domestic terrorism? But after that brief mention I have not heard it again. Doubtless the Liberal media would ignore anything unfavorable to their propaganda. Does anyone have any more info on this ?


  19. Erik
    Oct 08, 2017

    Just a word here about something thats always bothered me in how people view the situation: the idea of saving “the” country.

    I’ve always thought one of the longest surviving acts of hubris among our species is the act of drawing a line on a picture of land, a map, and believing its a border.

    There is no ‘United States’. Normally I would attribute the lack of resistance against the US from white as being particular to our breed in our perception of authority. But I dont think thats exactly the full picture.

    The “United States” is nearly a third of a continent. Its not entirely reasonable for any species to be expected to try that hard to hold borders this big together in our condition for one reason:

    The only true borders are demographics, humanoid migration. For the umpteenth time I’ve said it, its the dirt you’re standing on.

    I just dont think whites should be too hard on ourselves on some points. I dont think its reasonable for whites in comfortable white areas like the Mid-West to feel compelled to rise up and fight for the sea-port cities on the coasts. It would be asking them to fight for borders that aren’t really theirs. Saving a union this big corrupted by Jews isn’t realistic.

    I know some get it. I just get the impression not everyone does.

    Oct 08, 2017

    Great podcast Herr Covington! Again, very masterful. Achtung! Before a white European ethno-state can get off the ground in a tangible way, we have other pressing matters my comrades. Antifa “promises” to attack Amerika on November 4th all across Amerika. This may be the match to light it all up. This pressing business must be severely dealt with as all good stormtroopers must be ready for battle and this is no “joke” and no drill. I do not believe the Antifa threats are “hot air” either. I believe they are real at least to some extent. Please watch this film as it is a grim reminder of what we face. The “whites” in Antifa are not of your nationalist kind or bent. They are avid Marxists and Kommunists and need to be dealt with very harshly if they attack or invade your home. We must purge them from our bloodlines once and for all. Be vigilant and on guard in the coming days and weeks my SS Komrades. The real battle for Amerika may be at hand…..which coincides with the Northwest Front Imperative! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vB_7zBfsm_4

    Oct 08, 2017

    Another war film that I thought you would all like with a Germanic Gothic-Celtic Tribute to the Fuhrer. Krieg is at hand. You must be ready my komrades.

  22. ThurstonCountyComrade
    Oct 08, 2017

    To anyone in a “leadership” position.

    Go with the antifa on Nov 4th, blend in, do some floating, they wear masks anyways. Look for targets of oppritunity in line with our mission. This will be a good oppritunity to do some real good.

  23. Fathers Initiative
    Oct 09, 2017

    It’s very important to take some degree of action rather than posting a few tweets. (lol). I’ve been active, which includes trying to make a user-friendly list of relevant White Advocacy sites. (the IQgo page is part of a broader “WhiteIQ” project).
    Mr Covington doesn’t link us to the gentlemen radio broadcasters. I forgot to ask the last few times WHO they are?

    And, if they wanna know why our movement hasn’t gained enough momentum? The reason is simple: Because the media dictates the guidelines for social acceptance. SO, they decide what people think.

  24. Robert Johnston
    Oct 09, 2017

    Re Gerry Gable he has nothing to do with Hope not Hate. Its led by a Nick Lowles who run off wit the Searchlight mailind and dinars lists ad well as the bank accounts and set up in competition to Gable. He wanted to get his snout further into the trough of government grants for ant racism than old Gerry was prepared to give

  25. Mozphoq
    Oct 11, 2017

    Was landserandgoyahammer.com taken down? I can’t reach it.

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