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Andy Donner on Theorycraft

Andy Donner answers the question: “If the Northwest Front is so right about all this, why hasn’t it succeeded?”


  1. FrontMann
    Oct 31, 2017

    Nationalism is like religion.
    There are many that believe, but they all have different ways of worship.

  2. Al Smith
    Nov 01, 2017

    I am wrapping my head around the movement in bits and pieces. I can see how unimportant it is that we be right and how it is important that we won. I have yet to fully understand NW imperative and am listening intently to wisdom beyond my own. I initially came here looking for something…friends. I do realize that I must add to the Front and not seek somethinf from it. I abandon my initial intention and resolve myself toward adding to our people’s existence and a future for white children. I still have not received the welcome packet (my mailing address was already called into question, but I did get my ID driver license using it), though I am willing to fork over the $10 suggested to me by Bill and Harold. I am eager to read more literature from you and every audiocast is anticipated. It keeps my spirits up, despite the many bumps I hit on my path. Thank you.

  3. Stephen Landser
    Nov 01, 2017

    this is a SUPERB transmission from Mr. Donner, we had the absolute HONOR to interview him on our past show Race and Nation earlier this year, which ironically serves as Episode 2 of our new NF friendly podcast (Paper Beats Rock). https://www.audiomack.com/song/pbrpodcast/pbr-2-andy-donner-on-rnn-2017-10-31

  4. ComingHome
    Nov 01, 2017

    Looking in the mirror is not something we like to do, but is necessary. I searched the podcasts and found 9 that seemed realevent. Some said real politics, some practical politics. Listening to many of Horus’ talks on practical politics and realizing the demoralization of our people that has taken place, was the begining of my journey. However, I suppose, I also got stuck on the JQ aspect. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

  5. James C. Marshall
    Nov 01, 2017

    It’s pretty obvious by now that Richard Spencer is “all hat and no cattle,” as they say in Texas. The NF’s slow but steady approach has a much greater chance of success.

  6. F. Brenner
    Nov 02, 2017

    Harold Covington, Andy Donner, and the Northwest Front seem to be the only people in what we used to call the Movement who are putting any thought into this. These alt.right turkeys are just a bunch of kids going nyaaah nyaah nyaah.

  7. Heisenberg
    Nov 02, 2017

    Andy Donner shows a rare depth of insight and analytical mind for “one of us.” Too bad he’s talking to a wall. He makes and immense amount of sense.

  8. ThurstonCountyComrade
    Nov 03, 2017

    Highly motivated comrade right here Andy. Even though i dont recieve the news letter or participate in “party” stuff dont mean I or others arnt here. I have done much for the cause I think. Could be more, sure but what can I say, the laziness rubs off on the best of us. Yes, I tried that next step, to meet ppl and try to form our top secret groups but I fell flat. Multiple times in multiple areas. Noone will follow anyone attempting to be leader. Noone listens, the jews have made everyone a chief and there are no indians. This needs to change now.

    If anyone reading these words are in the homeland already, you need to somehow get ahold and meet/become friends with others like you. They need to become your “trusted”. This will form your groups or cells. Your group has 3 main positions. Commander, quartermaster and intel. If you get more add a communications guy or other tactical specialist. Intel guy must be your most tech savy guy or gal. Learn everything about the enemy. Where they sleep, where they work and how they get there.
    QM should work on securing supplies. Especually e-pieces and abandonable vehicles.

    Once your trouble trio or group is ready you can operate. Start with “inactive” floats. Drive around alot, get to know your area of responsibility. This is important. QM will need to aquire paper maps too. Military maps prefered. Learn to read them. Inactive floats will familirize you with every street and back ally of your area of responsibility. This will save your life. Once familiar with YOUR turf, mark your territory.

    If your intel is good you will.know what to do next. There *clears.throat* no central command. Operate on an emergency basis for now until . That means act on your own. The position is called COMMANDER for a reason. Think before you act. Dont ever get caught. Do dry runs first. Practice. If your people cant listen and respect you as leader tell them to kick rocks.

    When your bored re read the 5 novels, especially The Brigade and Distant Thunder. The 2 most important.

    If most of us do not humble ourselves and follow leaders we will never go anywhere.

    I have learnes from much experience that “red pilling normies” never works. Most white ppl have non white friends or family members. Not to mention they are all brainwashed from jewish propaganda on the black screen.

  9. NorthwestFrontSympathizer
    Nov 03, 2017

    A decent presentation from AD I must say. It’s helped me more crystallize a realization I’ve been beginning to have which is that perhaps it’s not comfort that prevents White action/reaction as the movement (as a majority) has seemed to believe all of these years, but rather the brainwashing dreamlike effect the Jewish mass media of Talmudvision, Hollywood, radio, etc have had over all of us that puts us once again in a dreamlike state.

    i.e. we believe Harold + Andy and others when they tell us how bad things are and that the Northwest imperative is necessary and must happen NOW, but our minds are locked at the same time in an unreality of the dreamlike state the ZOG brainwashing has put us in,to where at the same time we’re basically waiting for some talking head to come on the Talmudvision and tell us its okay, it’s finally time to make the move to the Northwest Front.

    It’s like we’re stuck in an Alice in Wonderland mental situation we can’t wake up from. Now certainly, some have woken up and joined Harold and Andy in the Northwest, but the masses of Whites have as of yet not.

    So the question perhaps really is what can break more whites out of this mass media induced dreamlike state where they know Harold and others are right but because of the “unreality” feeling of the dream state can’t make themselves “ACT” upon their realization that Harold is right?

  10. ComingHome
    Nov 07, 2017

    Andy, I listened to the real politics talks and must share a similar “I’m not racist but” encounter.
    We were expressing the desire to move Northwest. The cleanliness, beautiful land, low crime rate etc. Most likely, due to the fact that it’s still 90+% white. Their reply “Oh, we don’t believe in that white supremacy stuff.”
    This is where I need more practice, because it didn’t come to me quick enough…”Yes, that’s why BOTH of your (childless) homes are in gated communities.”
    Harold, you may understand the extent of this hypocrisy when I tell you, their “summer home” is in Cashiers.

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