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Radio Free Northwest – August 3rd 2017

Harold explains his long-running “Waiting For Godot” joke on Twitter. Also, Lord Lucan returns.


  1. Wat Tyler
    Aug 01, 2017

    Somebody has to say these things out loud. Cheers, H., and let’s hope the secret police weren’t listening too closely.

  2. Mark Griswold
    Aug 01, 2017

    You dwelled on those beating scenes in some detail, Harold. Deliberate? I get it—it does indeed conjure a pleasant vision in one’s mind—but suppose some dumb-ass whups up on some monkoid or raghead and they find that particular episode of RFN on his browser history.

  3. Matthew Shardlake
    Aug 01, 2017

    I agree with your assessment, Harold, but do these people today really have the strength of will to just re-program themselves like that? You of all people know what kind of flotsam and jetsam we’ve attracted to the Movement over the past 30 years, and there doesn’t seem to be any end to it. I admit I am close to despair. Our chance is on hand and we’re still fucking around like kids in middle school.

  4. Katie Perry's pizza crust
    Aug 01, 2017

    I’ve got two words for Gretchen, voice modulation. You change it around from low, high inbetween, and other ways too. Aggressive, loving, or indifferent. The variations are practically unlimited.

  5. Anonymous
    Aug 02, 2017

    You’re getting pretty scary in some of these podcasts, Harold.

  6. Front Mann
    Aug 02, 2017

    To win this struggle, we must have the “Triumph of the Will”
    If you are reading this, you must know the white race existence is in jeopardy. What are you doing about it?
    Are you donating in any way at all to the cause?
    If not, please kill yourself now. It would be preferable to death by a jew owned nigger, would it not?

  7. Jaye
    Aug 02, 2017

    I didn’t go to Amren Conference in Tennessee this year (I’ve been to 3), It was apparently a solid success, sold out with a very young audience. The NorthWest Front should have some representative. There was apparently some talk about separating from the USA and trying to carve out a few independent states. In past years, I did receive a lot of positive feedback about The Brigade.

  8. Dangerous Dan McGrew
    Aug 02, 2017

    Who sang the original Confederate version of “Dixie?”

  9. Mountain Man
    Aug 02, 2017

    I asked a question last week and I’m not sure anyone read it so I’m going to ask it again! How many of you young white nationalist males out there who have decided NOT to move to the homeland are actively pursuing young white women of childbearing age to have children with? Because other than moving to the Pacific Northwest and starting a sovereign white nation of our own the only other way we’re going to prevent our own genocide as a race is to start reproducing like rabbits. If you’re already married are you and your wife planning on having lots of kids? If you’re not married are you getting out there and dating available and fertile young white females or are you just dicking around waiting for “Mrs Right”? If we’re going to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children wouldn’t the first logical step be to actually start reproducing and creating more white children? What do you think?

  10. Jaye
    Aug 02, 2017

    One thing I should add is that it is best to have a strict dress code for public activism. No cranks or dysfunctional types, no guns. Dress as a biker. White bikers are hard, tough men! I attended an anti-muslim rally dressed as a bike. Oh well. Stay strong comrades.


  11. Wayland The Smith
    Aug 03, 2017

    Yeah, you are pushing the envelope, aren’t you?

  12. Bill Burke (Re-post)
    Aug 03, 2017

    Perhaps we need a Northwest version of the 1916 Easter Rising to give us an example. The Order wasn’t quite spectacular enough; they only killed one Jew shock jock, right?

  13. Yougothewhiteonebaby
    Aug 03, 2017

    Goes to show what I know! I thought you were talking about the jewess gal gadot and that you had previously been in a twitter war with her.

  14. Socko the Bracer
    Aug 04, 2017

    I agree, Harold, it is time for the soldiers and the warriors to make their appearance. But where do we find them? The prisons. We need an O.C. Oglevy.

  15. Lennart Ekstrom
    Aug 04, 2017

    I know you can’t admit to practicing “stochastic terrorim”, Harold, but it is obvious that the only real chance we have is breaking the Iron Heel and creating destabilization so overwhelming that the police are no longer being paid and chaos reigns. The White man must be FORCED to fight; the gun must be FORCED into his hand.

  16. Fred Wall
    Aug 05, 2017

    I can’t Come Home for another two years until I put in my 20 and get my pension. One week after that I will on on your doorstep with bells on. In the meantime, expect some envelopes from me.

    Aug 05, 2017

    Mr. Covington is RIGHT ON AGAIN my Komades!! Young white men of the nationalistic ideology MUST DO TWO THINGS: Number one – they must learn how to FIGHT WITH THEIR FISTS, secondly with the gun or other devices for self-defense of course when attacked by the Negroid Mongrel races. Secondly, he MUST START dating white European women. I would not “wait” for a perfect white homeland to be “created”……as the young white men and even middle-aged need to move to the Northwest Front and like the Nike Slogan…..JUST DO IT. Start engaging in real intercourse with real white women who are fertile and make lots of white babies….do that NOW AND the White Nationalist Homeland you will notice will start to take effect and be even stronger over time. Many young guys will complain that “they cannot afford that right now”….I get it. But remember in the 1960’s your dads, uncles, etc. “got by” with whatever job they had…..yes, it will mean LESS entertainment, LESS eating out and LESS travel/vacations…..but it will be worth it in spades!! “Be Fruitful and Multiply” as the Good Book says. Do it or perish from this God-given Earth. To not do it you are ceding your right ownership and white male privilege and authority to the militant negroid and muslim races who are hell bent on two things: out-producing YOU in children for their future Amerika Takeover and in killing what is left of you and yours. It is a stark reality but it is REAL and now in your face Amerika……don’t blame past generations, they were too busy getting it on in various ventures and talking big but got very little accomplished…..now you can “show them” how it is really done! God-speed and damn those nasty torpedoes…..! From the Western Front as we are at W.A.R…….”White Aryan Resistance.”

    Aug 06, 2017

    I thought the Northwest Podcast listeners would like to get inspired by this excellent video of their Germanic-Viking past that we WILL re-live again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvlUK9RQ0og
    Sieg Heil.

  19. Troy
    Aug 06, 2017

    One for the lurkers…

    The Northwest Front is the ONLY game in town over there in Lalaland the USA. Logic and statistics dictate that geographical segregation is the only hope for US-Aryans, and economics, demographics and geography dictate that the PNW is the BEST place for it to be.

    But it’s the same old story: many will agree, but few have the Will to act. It’s easier to do nothing. US-Aryans should think themselves bloody lucky they have the Northwest Front, because here in ‘Great’ Britain we have nothing at all.

    However, that being said, I’ve been following the Northwest Front and have been listening to Radio Free Northwest since episode 1 back in Dec’09, and I’ve noticed that in the past year or so they are – finally – getting A LOT more attention than before.

    Unlike certain others, HAC isn’t out to sell books of rent-seek in whatever form: he’s a real revolutionary with many talents. In many ways I think he’s an Aryan 21st century Trotsky (minus the Satanic blood-lust, of course). He just needs others around him to get things really MOVING.

    As HAC says, you can have your NVA – but you need to come and get it.

  20. Flamethrower
    Aug 06, 2017

    “I didn’t go to Amren Conference in Tennessee this year (I’ve been to 3), It was apparently a solid success, sold out with a very young audience. The NorthWest Front should have some representative.” Flamethrower: No, the answer is to hold a Northwest Front Conference, with some interesting guests to draw in the crowds.

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