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Radio Free Northwest – August 24th 2017

HAC on Charlotteville; some Irish bloke on the alt.left deplatforming offensive.


  1. Lewis Hall
    Aug 21, 2017

    I think what happened with the National Alliance pretty much demonstrates that we don’t have the organizational capacity or the character to build an actual nationwide White organization. If Pierce couldn’t do it, Spencer can’t either.

  2. Katie Perry's pizza crust
    Aug 21, 2017

    We could have a NWF YouTube channel, just by taking all the stuff Harold has written and having somebody put it to audio, somebody who knows how to talk without putting people to sleep. I’m willing to volunteer to do some of the audio, and all we need for video is pictures rotating every several seconds for eye candy.

  3. Jeff Miller
    Aug 21, 2017

    I get what you mean about Spencer. He’s kind of David Duke version 2.0. What Duke would have wanted to be if he hadn’t gotten that Klan albatross hung around his neck in his wild and woolly youth. That torchlight parade was impressive, I agree, but like they say back in Texas, from what I see so far, it’s all a mile wide and an inch deep.

  4. Harold
    Aug 22, 2017

    @ Kay Perry’s pizza crust

    We’ve got some guys like that, doing that very thing.

  5. Guest
    Aug 22, 2017

    Haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but I will tonight, so not sure if any mention was made of this; In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Ruby Ridge watched the DVD movie (with Randy Quaid) last weekend. Powerful stuff.

  6. Kevin Hester
    Aug 22, 2017

    Spencer is starting to develop his own cult following, so be prepared to get the crap trolled out of you by his followers.

  7. Red Green
    Aug 22, 2017

    It would have been okay if Spencer had been content with Friday night and dispersed his troops before Saturday afternoon.

  8. Paul
    Aug 22, 2017

    What good can come of Charlottesville? A young man, a big boy from North Carolina dressed in authentic Confederate butternut is insulted by a young mid eastern looking suffragette obscenely provoking him. He does nothing. Subsequently the paid myrmidon arrives to arrest the tough , young rebel.

    His crime was a respectful salutation to the equine monument before him of a Confederate hero. When he surrenders and is arrested he moans a lamenting pladoyer, ” the war wasn’t over slavery” prove that he , perhaps was educated by Dr. Duke. or another willing to concede the truth to the black cause for perpetual extortion.

    Another excerpt was the testimony of young men 200lb. plus. They squeaked like feminized women , “we only want to talk and exercise our rights.” How can this humiliation and poor , deluded fools represent the South? the Antifa were resurrected John Browns , wild eyes and self righteously screaming merciless commination . Cowards when they sense fear of the pray can be the most vicious little jackal.

    If this was the plan their leaders chose both were poorly chosen. I wouldn’t follow Richard Spencer to a bath room. They take weapons to a park and surrender to the enemy!? They entreat a subordinate for respect and law restored ? ; the abolitionists threw urine (infected) and beat them with clubs.

    The only good thing : one can see the tormented , fanatic , implacable faces of the enemy. The Southerners had to anticipate violence and were not prepared weapons notwithstanding. I can only say , these fools did not represent nor worthy of those men mounted on those stone monuments.

  9. Frontmann
    Aug 22, 2017

    Spencer is a bought and paid for boogy man for the masses of marxist to hate upon. He did absolutely nothing to advance the cause of a “Caucasian Nation”. As a matter of fact, our cause has been damaged. We are now targets of opportunity. Hate violence can be perpetrated in our regard without fear of serious prosecution of any legal ramifications. If you are a White Nationalist, and you should happen upon the evil the government supports, that is to say, a nigger who is bent on causing you harm, and you defend yourself to cause the death of said nigger, you will become the focal point of a type of derision that will ruin your efforts to advance your beliefs forever.
    Spencers efforts where timed to cause the needed chaos that advances the marxist agenda. Nothing more.
    The law does not protect the White Nationalist. The WN can not use the communications systems, the financial systems, or the political system of the jews. Social interaction that would advance the cause is shunned because people fear the ramifications of even the most minor of affiliations.
    Even the threat of the genocide of the white race, with all the evidence for this effort plainly displayed for daily viewing, is not enough to bring about the spirit of our people to survive as a race.
    At least this is what “they” want us to believe.
    We all know that the weak have been brainwashed to accept their own deaths. We do not need them to breed anyway.
    What is feared most by the marxist jew and his evil slave minions is…
    “the White Man whose mind is not under their control”.
    We are the viruses of thought that the jew has no immunization against. We are the thought they can not kill.
    So hold on. Stay the course. Never forget …you are the strength the white mans race. You are the only hope for the future.
    There is hope. Even a virus has enough since to attack and replicate itself if it wants to survive.

  10. Harold
    Aug 22, 2017

    @Kevin Hester

    Not an unfamiliar position for me. Call it a kind of 1990s nostalgia. [chuckle]

  11. Leo Johnson
    Aug 22, 2017

    I want to wait and see what Spencer does to capitalize on Charlottesville, specifically if any kind of actual organization emerges. “National Policy Institute” was the title of Spencer’s so-called “think tank”, and I get he needed a name to operate under for many years, but will there be an actual party created? Will we see some names and faces involved with this new movement that have actual pro-White track records, or will they be Jews and sodomites and strange alt-lite people with quirky pasts and clear mental and emotional probems? Harold is right, Mr. Spencer. We need a look at The Plan.

  12. Mark Griswold
    Aug 22, 2017

    Okay, I’ll hand it to Richard Spencer, it was great entertainment. But I’m a thinker, not a feeler, and I get the whole “where does he go from here” thing. I’d like to hear some answers myself. Now, Spencer is a Texan and so he qualified as a Southron. Any chance he might go flat-out Southern Nationalist?

  13. Harold
    Aug 22, 2017

    @Mark Griswold

    Now, that would be a very interesting development. He won’t, though. Too much money in the all-Amurrica approach.

  14. Mozphoq
    Aug 22, 2017

    Yes. No way out of this mess without alike minds regrouping and retaking control of some turf. The propaganda (and cultural) war cannot be won inside the belly of the monster. We need to have a place where we can educate our people properly and with the values we wish our nation to built from. Those who reject the NWF out of fear of a confrontation with the US government don’t get it. You don’t even have to report to the NWF if that makes you feel safer. If just enough racially conscious whites move in the same area, wherever it is, connect with their neighbors and content themselves with living a regular and descent life, things will start happening …

  15. BadGoy
    Aug 22, 2017

    I think this Spencer character is just that, a character. Carefully groomed by handlers to do exactly what he is doing. We need to be heard and our actions felt, not seen on TV.

    How many people basically doxxed themselves from that? All of them.

    If it felt good to you that’s because it was intended to do just that. The purpose is to get white men who don’t think like they “should” to out themselves in a non violent way that wont help the situation.

    Don’t fall for (((Spencer))).

  16. Anonymous
    Aug 22, 2017

    Spencer is in it for either the money, is being blackmailed (the character issue) or is a victim of MK Ultra.

  17. Bigfoot
    Aug 23, 2017

    You’re right. Donald Trump has shown what happens when a true outsider gets elected, and there is no reason to suppose Richard Spencer could do any better. Hell, NOBODY could do any better. The entire system is rigged to prevent any real change, as Harold has said repeatedly. By using democracy we are playing into the hands of a system that is designed specifically to prevent US. If Spencer announces for President, that’s the day we know he’s a lost cause. Now, if he ever assembles one of his flash mobs and gives them guns instead of tiki torches, that’s a different story.

  18. Bill In Spokane
    Aug 23, 2017

    Hi Harold, I’m seeing an uptick in receptivity from Alt Righters to the idea of migrating, and the NF. Hang tough, I’m confident they’ll come to us in the end.

  19. Matthew Shardlake
    Aug 23, 2017

    I think the whole marching around thing, with tiki torches or otherwise, is too little, too late. 20 year ago, maybe, but things in this country have simply gone too far now. I have to agree with Harold. Where exactly is all this torchy stuff leading? What is it all in aid of? What will be different a year from now or five years from now or ten years from now because of it all?

  20. harpax
    Aug 23, 2017

    I think Spencer isn’t perfect, and I agree with HAC that he has question marks, but the rally was a success. A large group of whites went there, defended a monument and showed their presence. Also, they did it legally, with a permit, and from what I saw of the films there, when attacked, they held their own. Probably better preplanned tactics would have helped, but there were no police, and the left understands they can do whatever they want.

    They, indeed, have that permission slip. The point is that the world saw this…sure, the media already had its own canned version, but those of us in the know see the system for what it is. People I know who are cucks are angry at how the police and government there reacted, and now we know it’s war against us.

    This was what Trump’s election has brought. Our enemy isn’t beating around the bush, and they want whites gone. Statues are coming down, Red Ice and Daily Stormer were pulled off the net, Faith Goldy reported on the chaos in the streets and was fired. Also, an oriental named Lee was dropped from reporting at ESPN because of his last name..’But I am not Cinna the assassin, I am Cinna the poet… Your name be Cinna.’ We’re seeing America’s cultural revolution, the belated aftershock of Mao Tse Obama and the tribe. These events reminds us of Trump’s fragility, and as HAC has said, we’d better get ready for the blowout when he’s gone.

    Saturday in Boston was more of the usual theatre, but again, it took guts being in the belly of the beast, and I loved a headline…’thousands turn out to protest free speech rally.’

    I read a number of commentators, from Alex Linder to Peter Brimelow, and there is no question the country is preparing for some kind of blowup. And yes, we need to group together. Spencer was only a flag waver. We need, as HAC said, for someone to place the standard. Trump? Not likely, but he gave a good show in Arizona…yes, more show then solid fare, but that’s where we are.

  21. Fathers Initiative
    Aug 24, 2017

    for several weeks, I’ve started to write comments, then I stopped. I didn’t wanna say the same things twice. So, I wanted to address HAC’s point as to why our movement has stagnated.

    Actually, it hasn’t. It’s just a question of WHAT direction it’s going toward. And, folks such as Richard Spencer are getting the spotlight.

    The MAIN point I was gonna make was just spoken here on HAC’s commentary. Basically, these other AltRight groups don’t understand basic math. Even if all the migrants here assimilate. and even if immigration lowers, the long-term results will still be the same. Hell, even if immigration was always low, a steady stream, over the course of several hundred years, will completely change things.

    By the way, Jews understand this. And that’s the whole point behind ‘open borders’. Ironically, Jews DON’T understand that Brown peoples will definitely seize all the land owned by Jews. These 3rd Worlders won’t allow Jews to own all the vastness of land which Whites have freely given them liberty. Jews will someday regret being so foolhardy.

  22. Dominic
    Aug 24, 2017

    After reading your emails with regards to your work load I would like to extend my own appreciation to the efforts you are making and by the sounds of things, often alone with an ever increasing work load .
    Please accept my apologies for my late reply, without meaning to make excuses hear I’m juggling a few things at present but these will free up more time once I’ve completed them .

    I am still familiarizing myself with the information and I have received The 200 years together PDF .
    What my knowledge is of the new homeland idea gives me great hope that our race has at least some chance left in this mess I see especially here in my country.

    My area where I live is now seeing a huge influx of various middle easterners and they are buying all the shops and food places. Now I’m seeing gangs appear but they are like gangsters . A shop due to be open soon now sports the banner ” Be ready ,we are coming to chocolatise you very soon!” This is a chocolate shop and low and behold it’s owned by a certain group of middle easterners who’s pals own the fashion shop next door . My sister left this shop due to the owner making sexual comments . He likes too employ blondes .
    Here , it very difficult times if you are aware of demographics. The laws are very oppressive and it’s a thin line between what is criticism and “hate ” speech .

    I feel sick sometimes , to the point I wonder if it’s too far gone here now .

    Everyone’s in their own little world while I see fully a organised imported movement so subtly displace everything I knew as a child .
    I know it’s not much at this time , but thank you for your courage.

    Kindest regards

  23. Alt Tech
    Aug 24, 2017

    @ Kay Perry’s pizza crust
    @ Harold
    YouTube will shut it down. Our people are building their own Social Networking platforms for media sharing. Don’t be dependent on the Internet establishment for you internet communications, as Harold’s prediction that they’re going to “shut down the internet” is coming to fruition, at least for our guys.

    https://gab.ai/ to backup your social media contacts.
    Consider a TOR .onion backup page when they eventually shut you down.
    Consider BitCoin for block-chain financial translations.
    Sync with a https://pew.tube cocurrent channel or don’t get upset when hundreds of hours of Audio/Video work disappears.

    The movement should be more cyber ready for a goverment-corporate censorship event. The central internet DNS service have already shut down one of our people’s services without reason.

  24. Slartibartfast
    Aug 25, 2017

    @Fathers Initiative – Your last paragraph… <-This. Do Soros and the Jews really think these Muslims and other… things… will be so easily controlled on their global plantation? I don't think so.

    @Alt Tech

    Minds.Com is looking to be a good alternative as well. Still new and green, it is totally uncensored and uncontrolled. For now. You know how that goes. But worth a looksee.

  25. Jaye
    Aug 26, 2017

    With a few exceptions, I thought the White Nationalists, Defend the Robert E Lee statue demonstrators did very, very well against overwhelming system oppression, Antifa cowardly mob attacks and Media censorship, Cuckservative cuckery. I was frankly very surprised no one on our side was
    No one fired a gun

    Great job! Now I’m going to suggest something that is going to sound very boring, not “revolutionary” at all.

    We need to make phone calls and send e-mails to state and local Virginia officials – particularly VA state representatives (R). The higher you go in politics, tax exempt churches, corporations, media – the more anti White, the more Cuckservative people and institutions get. It’s not use trying to talk reason with the likes of the Bush family or Mittens Romney or Paul Ryan etc The national media especially the Conservative Inc/Cuckservative Media is being heavily purged. Murdoch’s half Jewish children are making Fox identical to Jeff Zucker’s CNN. But….

    At the state and local level White people are much more like White people. We’ve beaten about 8 illegal alien amnesties by making the phone calls, sending e-mails to Congressional Staff members. I ‘ve gotten very good at this.

    Now please do the same with Virginia State reps. I’ve had solid success discussing Charlottesville VA demo/riots.

    Here are some tips.

    Be polite, be brief, try to establish a back and forth dialogue, not just a one way rant. Try to establish some connection to the State reps area. I’m from the Midwest, but I tell the truth that I applied and was accepted at the University of Virginian Charlottesville founded by Thomas Jefferson. I distinctly applied to UVA because it was a Southern University and I consider Confederate statues to just honor one part of Southern American history. I don’t want to destroy Confederate Statues or Confederate Graves just as I don’t support people doing Jewish grave desecrations. After a brief presentation of your/our views – ask if you can send a short e-mail thanking the state rep for listening to your concerns. Understand you’re going to be talking to a staff member, not the actual State representative, unless he/she calls you back. Most of these staff members are nice people with boring jobs and they like to talk with intelligent people.

    Again be polite, establish a back and forth dialogue follow up with a “thank you for listening to my concerns regarding Charlottesville demos/riots”. Include some Links to Alt Right, honest presentation of Charlottesville VA. Here’s a link to VA state rep contact list:


  26. Martin Milner Was A Good Cop
    Aug 26, 2017

    I may be in the minority opinion here, but I think Richard Spencer is legit. He doesn’t need to do this for the money, since he’s got an ownership stake in millions of dollars of property, making him a millionaire. So he’s not after “movement dollars”, which at best would be chump change to him.

  27. Ronnie Waters
    Aug 26, 2017

    All we have is a lot complaining and finger pointing that we knew would happen in the first place. And, if we are honest, we certainly knew that if any of the “precious muggles” found themselves injured or worse, then there would be a move on the internet to censure people from communicating “nationalistic” thoughts. The system has most the money and guns. These globalist black and tans get awfully nervous when anyone challenges their authority and yes that includes the screeching, nihilistic Antifa and BLM.

  28. Andy Donner
    Aug 26, 2017

    Let’s be very, very careful with this “Spencer seems legit” line of thought. I’m being very generous in treating him the same way I consider anyone else’s behavior (but I’ll explain why after I make my point.) In treating him like I treat any other person claiming some sort of vaguely pro-White position, I look most closely at his actions and stated positions. He’s severely lacking in both those areas. Why can’t he adopt the moral framework common to White Nationalists and why can’t he keep better company than the rest of the Alt. Right? It’s not as if they’re some sort of prize and it’s not as if he’s done more than merely propose some sort of ethnostate. There’s nothing unique in him or about him which should give us pause before writing him off.

    And I’ve said, that’s being generous. Given the poor choices he’s made, all he’s done is double down on them. He wants, at the very least, celebrity status in this thing of ours and that means he needs to be held to standards far above those which would to applied to a run of the mill WNist. In the position he is clearly seeking (even though I’ve heard tell he claims to not want leadership,) even minor mistakes can influence everyone involved in bad ways. For example, nothing material was gained from Charlottesville, but a quite a few of “us” (and, once again, that’s being generous,) have ended up facing severe personal and criminal consequences. How many here remember the talk I gave as part of my “Real Politics” series on Street Walking™ and Return on Investment? I’m still of the mind that the Alt. Right is going to be a very bad thing for our race overall.

  29. Derek Smith
    Aug 27, 2017

    Apparently Stormfront.org is down and there’s no sign of it coming back. I wonder what Harold thinks about that? They were on the net for 22 years and suddenly they’re gone.

  30. Slartibartfast
    Aug 27, 2017

    >Apparently Stormfront.org is down and there’s no sign of it coming >back. I wonder what Harold thinks about that? They were on the >net for 22 years and suddenly they’re gone.

    Yeah, I saw that couple of weeks ago. I used to go over there and check it out all the time. Frankly, Anglin’s virulent misogyny was just too much for me and ended up being what did him in. He wrote an article on that woman who was killed in Charlottesville. Now, whatever you may think or one thing being another, she was a private person who clearly was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I read what Anglin said and it was pretty nasty. Anglin, who often hides out in Nigeria and has lived as a 3rd world sex tourist because white women are beneath his notice, totally let loose in his article. If it had been a public figure, he could have got away with it.

    Although it was censorship, the resulting circle-jerk of providers denying The Daily Stormer service was a basic move of CYA. Not only against “evil wikkid racism” but against a case of libel which would have been open and shut.

    All in all, I’ve caught HAC’s references to Anglin and the DS in which he did not name them. Personally, I think he was being too kind on them. This was *exactly* the example of someone who should not be within 30 light years of any political movement but people defended Anglin “because of all the good he does.” Whatever that ‘good’ was.

  31. Jaye
    Aug 28, 2017

    There’s apparently a big migration of frustrated White Conservatives leaving uber Left California and migrating to Texas.


    There are Conservative companies leading this migration like Conservative Move

    Think some folks here should network, see if this is working.

  32. Cadwell
    Sep 03, 2017

    Comparing 1930s nsdap rallies to alt-right rallies is not even remotely comparable. Germany was humiliated,occupied,starving,militarily castrated and had the soviet juggernaut on its doorstep. the USA is in the exact opposite situation at least on the surface.

  33. Intermittent Troll
    Sep 06, 2017

    Hi. I figured I’d post a long rave of abuse and vituperation over nothing in particular. Especially since the topic about which I am ranting and raving doesn’t seem to have anything actually to do with the episode of Radio Free Northwest I’m complaining about. Somebody in the hard office seems to have gotten the day’s scripts messed up when they handed them out this morning.

  34. Justin B.
    Sep 07, 2017

    I think too many of us in parts of U.S. are surrounded by nonwhites and would economically suffer were we to rally, protest and call for white alliance. My last boss was a wetback.

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