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From Some Idiot At Salon

Some lefty-loon nimrod at Salon who is shrieking the supposed virtues of the aging Jewish hippie Bernie Sanders over the already decrepit Sea Hag had this to say. Ponder on it until the little light bulb comes on over your head.

“As you may have heard, Bernie doesn’t have a Super PAC. Backed by a record-breaking 1.3 million small donors, he slashed 40 points off Clinton’s lead and rewrote the rules of presidential politics.”

Question: what could the Northwest Front do with 1.3 million small donors?

And yes, there’s no question that’s possible in theory. There are most certainly millions of White people out there who agree with what we are saying in broad enough essence to where even if they might not immediately pack up and Come Home on hearing the Party’s message, they would kick in a few bucks just to piss off all the people they so justifiably hate.

The problem is, we’re still stuck at around 4,200 unique hits per week on Northwestfront.org. I won’t speculate as to the exact size of our wee little “community,” the good part of it that isn’t comprised of $400-per-week FBI informers or trolls or crazy people, but outside the Northwest it’s all internet.
That doesn’t mean that we still couldn’t get it going with what we’ve got. Suppose I could shake that 4,200 people loose of ten dollars a month and a hundred dollars twice a year at fund appeal time? That’s several million bucks a year. That’s our Northwest Republic, a done deal.

Lacking anything remotely resembling magic beans in my pocket, I can only state and re-state the obvious until somehow, through some presently unthinkable miracle, it sinks in that yes, you can have the world I write about it my novels. It’s yours for the taking, only you do have to take it. It will not be handed to you on a platter, silver or otherwise, by Harold Covington or anyone else.