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Northwest Front T-Shirts


In the absence of a centralized headquarters vendor or supplier for NF and Northwest independence knick-knacks and memorabilia, etc. I encourage individual entrepreneurship. If nothing else, the Party could use a few more Café Press sites, for example, to replace the one that got pulled down after Dylann Roof pulled his little freak-out last summer.

An “official” vending house for what Gerhard Lauck used to call “toys”  will come with professionalization; for now, anyone who wants to is free to promote the NF independently and I have no objection if you want to make a few bucks doing it. I have always been amazed at how little entreprenuerial spirit our people have; it’s another aspect of our racial personality that we can’t seem to be bothered with any more.

If someone wanted to actually STEP FORWARD and devote some serious time and effort to such an online project, which would cost almost nothing except time—if they wanted actually to work at it and not just treat it as a hobby they can wander away from when they get bored, they could probably pick up a nice chunk of change.

I would certainly help anyone who was producing high-quality knick-knacks, and there is a demand for them—our “fan club” may not be very large, but there are some thousands of us and whatever else Whiteboys won’t do, we will actually purchase this kind of stuff. Buying cool stuff online is within our subcultural parameters, so to speak.

There is in fact a market for NF and Northwest impedimenta, potentially quite a lucrative one if some elbow grease could ever be supplied to developing it, it just looks like no one can be bothered to fill that market. Perhaps this young man Jason above can be persuaded to STEP FORWARD a little more.

Well, we’ll see.