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Radio Free Northwest – November 5th 2015

Due to pressure of real-world events Harold kind of had to cheat on this one with some old material, but we do hear from famous Revisionists Ernst Zundel and Fred Leuchter.


  1. Bill Gilbert
    Nov 03, 2015

    You should let Andy Donner do some more episodes.

  2. RichSalzer
    Nov 03, 2015

    Fred and Ernst were real Revisionist heroes of mine back in the day!

  3. Cleavis Nowell
    Nov 04, 2015

    Probably mixing revisionist echoes and Heimbach Daily Stormer interview up a little.~ Everyone seems to have forgotten Gerhard Lauck(NSDAP/AO). Lauck was a hero to some back in the nutty 90’s.~ As for sleeping on a mattress thrown on the floor — not necessarily that bad. I had back trouble ever other week when sleeping on a bed with a soft mattress and had to put a board under my back. Put a board under a microfoam flip bed at present. ~ Christian Identity and Revisionisst get into peripheral tangents such as favoring outcasts from Jordan and other secular/monarchist lands over the jews who earned the trans-Jordan area by artful tenacious wrangling with Hitler and British Zionists. ~ 72 Iron Maidens for islamists !

  4. Protettore
    Nov 05, 2015

    Gotta good idea for a song parody and we need morrakiu or shiksa goddess on it immediately, Party in the NAR, parody of Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA, already got some lyric ideas.

  5. Anonymous
    Nov 08, 2015

    Overnight Prints has lots of great sales on high quality, color posters, brochures, post cards.

    5,000 4 X 6 posters for $98 plus postage. Anyone wants some?

  6. Harold
    Nov 08, 2015


    Okay, guys, you shouldn’t post this kind of thing in public. E-mail me privately at nwnet@earthlink.net

  7. Michael Smith
    Nov 09, 2015

    Mr. Covington,

    For THREE reasons, the following essay is of ENORMOUS importance:

    (1) simply because of what it says;

    (2) the fact that this essay has just been published by an ESTABLISHMENT news outlet; and

    (3) What is MOST REMARKABLE about this essay is that the ESTABLISHMENT for the very FIRST time is now ADMITTING that the death of blue collar white America is a BAD thing, not something to be celebrated!

    ACCORDINGLY, you should therefore devote probably an ENTIRE show not just to the underlying truths (which you have already covered many times)…but also to the mere FACT that this theme has NOW become the subject of a major ESTABLISHMENT news outlet…that this outlet is saying the death of white America (the blue collar segment, anyway) is an AWFUL thing!


  8. Troy
    Nov 09, 2015

    Nearly SIX years since the first episode of RFN, and HAC still doesn’t have anyone around to assist with basic party admin?! What the F is wrong with you American-Euros? Are you just all lazy and stupid? HAC has written 16 books, gets RFN produced and broadcast EVERY week without fail, gets that Northwest Observer published and released on a regular basis, and not one of you cretins can manage to provide him witH an extra pair of hands when he needs it?

    You don’t fkn deserve the NF.

  9. Kyle Anderson
    Nov 10, 2015

    Sorry evreyone for being a total dumass, but i was just wondering, (on behalf of me and any other total dumasses out there, how exactly do we send donations?

    note: i do not have a credit card and if sending said donations would require one please tell me.

  10. Anonymous
    Nov 10, 2015

    Kyle, send donations via mail to:

    Northwest Publishing Agency
    3377 Bethel Road SE PMB #213
    Port Orchard, WA 98366

    I think postal money orders written to The Northwest Publishing Agency or HAC would work.

    But if you’re trying to stay off the radar like a lot of us you need someone you can trust to send HAC $. Also remember to support local units if you know who they are.

  11. Julius Nepos
    Nov 10, 2015

    Replying to “How to Send Money”

    Well actually it’s not a dumb question and I have a similar problem although my situation is a little different. I’ll guess you don’t want to send a personal check either?

    One method may be to send a “US Postal Money Order”

    You go to the Post Office, buy a money order made payable to “someone” or maybe you can leave this part blank. You mail it to

    Northwest Publishing Agency
    3377 Bethel Road SE
    PMB #213
    Port Orchard, WA 98366

    Of course the best solution is to travel to the NW and meet one of the people; give it to them in cold cash which leaves no paper trail the ZOG can follow.

  12. Swiss Kinist
    Nov 11, 2015

    Would love to move the NW, but unfortunately it appears your constitution would not allow for it, seeing my wife is 1/8 American Indian, my children being 1/16th. You can recognize the higher cheek bones in some of them.

    I don’t have any intention on my children marrying anyone except those of the German/Irish stock (I believe we need to try to preserve our unique European races).

    Also, it is unfortunate that your Constitution is more like National Socialist Germany than the old South. But other than that, it sure beats what we have in this pseudo-nation. I pray you all will see that we will never gain any victory apart from our loyalty and obedience to Jesus Christ. It is God’s law that should rule us, not man’s.

  13. Protettore
    Nov 13, 2015

    @Swiss Kinsit
    It is unfortunate that the bible gods law would have us bent before the Jew. The idea that we need to listen to a being that if exists doesn’t even communicate its laws directly to us, and threatens that if we don’t comply we will burn in fire for eternity, is ridiculous, Aryan souls are free to roam after death, all the while we live on through our blood (meaning our children; showing further importance in racial nationalism). Though its unfortunate you were deceived and will live on through non-whites and won’t be welcome here, don’t come here and criticise the absolute heroism and nobility that was national socialist Germany. The confederacy was noble and heroic, but the Nazis died specifically fighting the Jew.

  14. Protettore
    Nov 13, 2015

    @Swiss Kinsit
    Also while its understandable you want your grandchildren to be whiter, perhaps you should save that inferior blood from infecting our gene pool eh? That would help to preserve our unique European races far better than literally destroying them.

  15. Harold
    Nov 13, 2015

    Okay, guys, in addition to the “Who is White?” crap we’re getting into religion here, which is a no-no. I know I should pay more attention and keep a closer rein on the religious digressions, it’s just that having been a victim of censorship and forcible silencing all my life, I feel very, very uncomfortable with the shoe on the other foot and I try to let the discussion on here be as free as possible. But there are some people who for whatever reason, acting on whatever agenda, come here specifically for the purpose of starting fights.

  16. Harold
    Nov 13, 2015

    Guys, sorry, I may have let a troll through. I should pay more attention. Anything bringing up this “tiny drop of impure blood, I or my spouse looks very White, are we okay and can we join?” kind of thing is usually a dead giveaway. I should have been more alert. I don’t know why these people are so utterly obsessed with this (in real life extremely rare) circumstance, but they seem obsessed with pulling us into a turmoil-filled “Who is White?” argument. The fact that the left-libs clearly want it is one reason we need to avoid it.

  17. Ari the Shekelburgler
    Nov 13, 2015

    Well you see here goy, the only real whites are from Germany *blahs and Jew rants* Scandinavia blah blah Italian Arabs blah blah mixed *undicernable Jew ranting* you don’t know goy! *lectures about hoaxes* why do you even want to be en evil white Nazi!? *jewing intensifies* *sniffs your thoughts with ginourmous nose* oy vey Jews are white though goy, we can be trusted, but not those damn shwarzas that keep calling themselves Jews though*yet more Jewish ranting* *clears throat* so as you can obviously see here goy you need to reperate for your ancestors wronging, I’ll need all the shekels you can round up! Gotta get my little schlomo a dreidel made of gold and goyem blood this hannukah!

  18. Steve Cochran
    Nov 13, 2015

    Yeah, that “Swiss” character looks a bit trolly to me.

  19. Lewis Hall
    Nov 14, 2015

    Don’t worry about trolls. Every self-respecting internet personality has them, like any Hollywood starlet worth her salt has a stalker or two. They’re kind of status symbols. Did Chicago Guy’s Stalker ever re-surface?

  20. Anonymous
    Nov 14, 2015

    Dear Harold:

    I finally dropped into the mail today the money I promised to send you almost a year ago when I asked for a signed copy of Freedom’s Sons. I am sorry I have been such a dickweed and I didn’t keep my word and copped a valuable book from you for nothing. I could give you the usual thousand excuses but they’d be a lie. I was simply being a jerk and seeing what I could get away with for free, but listening to your RFNs including past ones I downloaded has finally succeeded in inducing a sense of shame into me. That far at least, Harold, you are succeeding.

  21. Erik
    Nov 14, 2015

    Racial mixture that isn’t obvious is a reality in much of the world.

    I wouldn’t be too harsh on people, especially new ones, who arrive here with some insecurity. Who really knows how many people have little or no knowledge of their lineage (and as often are wrong), and come here with well meaning intentions but have anxiety about being unwelcome or being ‘found out’.

    I don’t know how things are defined here. I’m German-English, but have my own insecurity about a suspicious smudge I discovered dating back several centuries ago during a Lithuanian migration.

    So I can relate to it a bit. I just hate to see new supportive people who are ostensibly white with some insecurity be ostracized for voicing their own concerns.

    That said, deep entanglements about what the ramifications are of having a Slavic great uncle whose grandfather shagged a Finnish Sami with an Ugric accent consistently ‘produce more heat than light’, and really have no value in the present need for today’s solutions, not yesterday’s retrospection.

    I hope this allays some worries about internal witch hunts over pedigrees when more relevant matters are at hand. If there is some litmus test I didn’t pass, it is irrelevant to me; I support the movement regardless. The survival of our species is more important than obsessing over what shade of blue my eyes are.

    And if I am wrong, anyone is free to say so; I don’t suggest I have any authority on the matter. Be blessed, all.

  22. Harold
    Nov 14, 2015

    @Lewis Hall

    Chicago Guy’s Stalker per se hasn’t been around for a while, no, but I think he tried to get back on in another disguise, which I spotted and refused to allow.

  23. Ray Geiser
    Nov 15, 2015

    DON’T MISS THIS! Click on “Thoughtcrime” then go to: The Death of Europe In Real Time. Saturday, November 14, 2015. It’s had a million and a half hits so far. See it before it is removed from the Jew Tube.

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