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Radio Free Northwest – November 19th 2015

HAC talks about sharpening the focus of RFN and then rabbits on about the Jewish usury system; we hear part two of Revilo P. Oliver’s Race and Revolution speech from 1968.


  1. Barney
    Nov 18, 2015

    I’ll start with a brief explanation of my prolonged absence, in case anyone’s interested.

    I spent March and April 2015 at the gates of Valhalla, suffering from “heart failure”, but it seems my work here isn’t finished yet. After several months of relative helplessness, I’m now (just about) fully recovered.


    Now for my comment.

    The trouble with ANY monetary system nowadays is that whichever system we choose, the devil’s own can make a million perfect copies by morning.

    Most gold and silver is already in the hands of the enemy, so we can’t use that.

    My solution would be to use METAL as currency. ANY metal. In real terms, the most valuable metal is steel, but if we were to standardise the value of metals at the same rate, an ounce of gold would equal an ounce of lead, an ounce of tin or an ounce of steel. If all metals had the same value within The Republic, the jews would be powerless to destroy our currency by counterfeiting.

    I realise it won’t be quite that simple, but it’s a starting point.

  2. Kate the Kounterfeiter
    Nov 19, 2015

    So if car cost 5,000 ‘quatloos’ in either gold coins or tin coins, I’d counterfeit the quatloos in tin, since tin is easily had whereas gold is not. And the cheapest, most easily had metal would undermine the value of all other metal coins, because you cannot “standardized” how metals are mined, processed, minted, and protected from counterfeiting, so the cheapest, most easily produced metal coins would be the same ones most counterfeited by outside parties – thereby effectively destroying the value of a State’s currency in no time flat. And not just the Jews would do it, but the Asians as well, since they’re the world’s biggest and best counterfeiters of all. Therefore, no metal can replace gold, unless it’s platinum or uranium – or you switch to diamonds or rubies. Scarcity gives certain metals their value, and tin is cheap and so is steel (which is actually processed iron) so arbitrarily making all metals the same “value” would be no more practical than making all coins out of wood – oak, pine, walnut, birch, teak, etc.

    I think this is a subject best left for after victory.

  3. Erik
    Nov 19, 2015

    @ Barney: I hope you enjoy a swift and full recovery, and glad to hear you are feeling better. In whatever your pursuits, I hope you continue to find value in each day and moment, and satisfaction in them. However we purpose our daily time, it is in that we find the value of living in each moment, rather than simply passively existing and letting the days drift by. Be blessed.

    Regarding gold, for those who aren’t aware, you can Youtube Valcambi Combibars and see that they have gold pressed in scored cards that one can break away chips for small exchange. The notion of metal as small, practical currency is very much alive.

    Thanks to RFN for the podcast. I’d agree that analysis is more valuable content. I’m uncomfortable with these podcasts creating too much competition for time.

    Just a suggestion: Less time and scripting; more small releases. Podcasts of length and detailed preparation could be pared down to monthly releases. If site traffic is dipping, then perhaps investment in the format deserves reconsideration. It would seem to imply that the cost (time) benefit ratio is pulling the effort from both ends.

    One radio host has what he calls “Morning Updates” nothing more than a few minutes of video, fairly extemporaneous remarking on current events of the day.

    If such a three to five minute daily video update were adopted here, there would be more incentive to check the site regularly, and the content would always be instantly fresh. I’d encourage at least one other person to bounce a bit of dialog off of; the other person doesn’t have to be physically present, you could just have someone on the line (even if they are in the next room, it doesn’t really matter).

    If embeddable, people could litter forums with these regularly to promote interest.

    Podcasts of length could then be reserved for monthly re-caps, and there could be a proper archive organized of ‘best of’ and tutorial vids for people who want to examine the NWF plan further without having to pore over walls of text or randomly sample podcasts endlessly to try to get up to speed with some clarity.

    Lets consider: audio only and text are yesterdays medium and while older folks enjoy them fine, its not the way to grab the attention of the youth. In promotional clips, one might want to consider addressing frustrations people have without actually relying on anger so the gentle noob isn’t scared off thinking that any contact with the NWF constitutes instant inclusion with radical extremists and instead grasps the harmless simplicity of simply going where whites are building a preserve for a safe future.

    In short, I think the hour long dedication of time for podcasts, not even counting production and editing every week may be creating a waning return of investment in time. The idea that the podcasts detract from time actually doing the tasks required is frankly terrifying.

    By contrast, daily ephemeral, disposable vids no longer than 5 minutes should create more fresh content with less investment of time, keep the pot stirring and give a new incentive to explore daily.

    This would engage better if there is a small archive as described above of basic tutorials on the plan and tenets for elaboration, and some ‘best of’ to drill down into ideology. This way things don’t have to be constantly restated, and bigger current analysis can be summed up in the longer monthly release; preferably video also.

    A final note: I notice there is something especially dynamic that erupts when HAC is engaged in dialogue. I don’t feel I can emphasize that enough.

    Aside from the difference the listener experiences when listening to one person speak to them (which is the less popular dynamic of a student listening to a teacher) vs listening in on interactive discussion, there is also the demonstrable energy and extremely rich amount of information HAC unleashes so much more quickly when being queried in dialogue, presumably from the discipline in conveying a point one has to follow in conversation vs a one-man presentation. HAC is uniquely qualified for that format because of the enormous base of knowledge he can instantly summon and reference in any topic with such detail and speed.

    If anyone thinks I am in error in either the format consideration or HACs advantage in dialogue vs extended oration for grabbing listeners, please do say so. Its not that the extended oratory isn’t valuable; I just dont know that the time invested in trying to fill an hour for an hours sake when it is both drawing time and not the most effective media approach for gaining and holding distribution is still the optimal format. Perhaps it is as simple as the effort needed for administration of real tasks has outgrown the traditional program that so slowly took so long to grow the tasks in the first place.

    Bluntly, shit is jumping off left and right. The current conditions should be creating upticks, not attrition. If there is any diminishing in interest, it demonstrably, logically has to be something in the approach, not the current cultural atmosphere.

    Sorry so damn long again and apologies to those I blind with these walls of text who actually kindly take the bother to read it.

  4. Jay Jewslee
    Nov 19, 2015

    Oy vey stupid goyim. The only migrants to washington state will be arabs, gooks and nigger refugees. Get over it already. Lower listenership doesnt suprise me either goyim. Since we the jews control everything you stupid goy have to work each and every day just to survive, just as planned. There is no fun time for the goyim only work, oy vey now do us all a favor and have lots of non white babies, after all they wont get skin cancer with darker skin.

  5. Feric Jagger
    Nov 20, 2015

    It has been 50 years since the Rhodesian Unilateral Declaration of Independence. Perhaps the NW Front could do a special on Rhodesia. I listened to their national anthem and it is pretty powerful.

  6. Mozere
    Nov 20, 2015

    The popularity of the show doesn’t matter. Any and all intelligent racially conscious white will end up understanding that we need to setup base in a white only turf. There is no way we can turn things back while living among the brainwashed sheeple. And on the day people realize that, knowing that such a place exists is good enough.

    Don’t lose morale. It may appear you are screaming in the desert for decades now, but you are not. The tree will bear it’s fruits. I myself haven’t come home yet. I live in another country. I’ve been mentally around our situation tens of time thinking strategy, not wanting to believe you were right. But you are. There is no other way. So just keep it going, for the sake of future generations. Thank you.

  7. Jason from Milwaukee
    Nov 20, 2015

    Good evening comrade.

    I just read the Trumping…..article in the Northwest Observer and first off it was a very well written piece and I enjoyed reading it from pro-white/conservative perspective. You mention in the beginning of the article that it was from a supporter , that surprises me time and time again. I’ve never gotten the impression ever from you or from any NF material that it/you wanted to salvage any part of America at any time. I’m not judging by any means though. We are all different and our opinions are always going to vary slightly from comrade to comrade. Sometimes I might be assuming we all for the most part are to the point of “fuck America” and ready for the next faze….. at least some of us are I’m sure.


  8. DON
    Nov 20, 2015

    Another great show but I have some issues with it. First, the positive: HAC speaking about 14th century Italian banking and how it all got started is great stuff, lets have more like this.
    On the negative side, HAC, while speaking of the Federal Reserve says something to the effect that all “heads of the Federal Reserve and all the important people have been Jewish!” Something like that, I paraphrase. WRONG! While I agree the Federal Reserve is just lousy with Jews, and that the last three chairs of the Fed have been Jewish (Yellen, Bernanke, and Greenspan) ,the majority of the chairs of the Federal Reserve have NOT been Jewish. Paul Volker, for instance, was NOT Jewish. The only other Jew I know about at the head of the Fed was Eugene Meyer, who was in charge from 1930 to 1933. They called them “Governors” back then. This is a myth that ALL of the top leaders of the Fed have been Jewish and I am astounded that someone as well informed as HAC would say this! You can make the case that the Jews are pulling the strings and always have been, but to make a blanket statement that ALL of the leaders have been Jewish is nonsense!

  9. Harold
    Nov 20, 2015


    We’re getting into “how many Stormtroopers can dance on the head of a pin” territory here, but I seem to recall a big tsimmes, pardon the expression, about Paul Volcker in the 1970s, largely due to that fruit cake Lyndon LaRouche, who had a real case of the ass for him, and all this Jewish/not Jewish is he?/isn’t he? came out at the time.

    For some reason the charge seemed to upset Volcker and either he or someone around him really went out of their way to deny it, possibly because the LaRouchies were going through a brief “anti-Semitic” phase and their screaming was bothering somebody. Odd, since LaRouche himself is actually a Jew named Lyn Marcus.

    Anyway, I SEEM TO RECALL, and I admit my ageing memory isn’t perfect, that it eventually it came out that Volcker was “born Jewish”, whatever that means, but did a Heine-like conversion to Episcopalianism or some such, or else he claimed a Gentile father (which with a Jewish mother would still make him ritually Jewish) or whatever the hell. I honestly can’t remember, but it seems to me this fell into the “Yeah, he is, but he denies it and since he’s got the power the issue is settled” category,

    That will probably be happening more and more as the Tribe comes to realize that once again, as so many times in history, it is no longer safe even for their Burger Kings and they need to change some names and straighten some noses.

  10. Anonymous
    Nov 20, 2015

    In the real world this year 2015, the Jewish political, financial and cultural elite are ALL strongly supporting the mass Muslim male invasion of Europe and making demands that the US must accept unlimited numbers of Syrian and other Muslim refugees. The Washington Post is doubling down that this is the same as Jews trying to immigrate to the USA and escape the Holocaust:

    “Ten Jewish Groups Urge Congress to Allow Syrian Refugees Into U.S.


    While Congress members consider not admitting Syrian refugees after the Paris attacks, Jewish groups argue that ‘turning our back on refugees would be to betray our nation’s core values.’

    “To turn our back on refugees would be to betray our nation’s core values,” said the letter, as Congress began considering measures that would put a stop to the Obama administration’s plans to bring in 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next year.
    “It would send a demoralizing and dangerous message to the world that the United States makes judgments about people based on the country they come from and their religion.”

    Among the Jewish groups signing are the Union for Reform Judaism, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, the National Council of Jewish Women, the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee.

    “We call on members of Congress to oppose any effort to limit the acceptance of Syrian refugees, just as we urge public officials and figures across the U.S. to reject divisive and inflammatory statements that do not reflect our history as a nation founded by descendants of those who fled persecution in search of freedom,” said a statement by the Reform movement’s Religious Action Center.

  11. James Lawson
    Nov 20, 2015

    I actually like all the economic stuff. Yeah, I know, it’s crystal ball gazing, but it’s fun for Harold to give us a glimpse of what we could have if we ever get up off our asses.

  12. George Lint
    Nov 20, 2015

    I can kind of get what Harold is saying. We don’t want to fiddle now that Rome has finally begun to burn.

  13. Anonymous
    Nov 20, 2015

    May I suggest everyone pull out and dust off their September 2014 issue of the Northwest Observer and read the front page article. While your there read the article starting on page five by Sergei Nechayev and immediately implement what you have learned.

  14. Terry in FL
    Nov 20, 2015

    Have a speedy recovery, Barney. As a double heart attack survivor myself I feel a comradship with where you’re at and where you’ve been. The skein of your life is not yet cut. Old wolves like us are hard to kill!

  15. Adam
    Nov 21, 2015

    Third Section failed tonight. There’s some shit called “Showing a Light” on a bunch of channels. Oh my God, now they’re asking for donation and talking about crap with no solutions . Guess what, there’s no solution to the race problem (although the kikes have an idea…. so let’s stop it now here in the northwest! Ex Gladio Libertas!)

  16. Adam
    Nov 21, 2015

    And the audience is nothing but what I assume are rich Whites and a few rich muds to donate money.

  17. Roger Hughes
    Nov 21, 2015

    Many thanks for the Revilo Oliver audio, Harold. He was indeed a giant among us and we should all be familiar with his work.

  18. Bob Summers
    Nov 21, 2015

    Perhaps Harold needs to “broaden the base” more, maybe a little less of the inside baseball stuff and more ranting and raving about life in general.

  19. Erik
    Nov 22, 2015

    @ Bob Summers:

    The site itself doesn’t seem to lend itself to interaction. From what I can tell, the forums are pretty locked down, which slows everything to a crawl and guarantees the choir preaching to itself. I’m sure it all takes maintenance time, and for what benefit?

    Why forums? Why the production dedication to a weekly podcast, for that matter. It’s all time and effort that is presumed to use the internet to attract participation when instead it seems to guarantee an outlet for nothing *but* more internet prattling (much like this).

    It mistakes internet interest as a metric for success. Then you have forums, these comment sections and responses to them in the podcast itself soaking up the energy, which sends the message that internet replies is useful action and legitimizes it.

    I can’t help but think that the website should be less about interaction when all the (understandable) censorship counteracts traffic to begin with, and just be a unilateral, one way source to deliver information. The content overhead seems to be toppling the very time resources better spent on administration in the PNW.

    Using the web is fine for having a piece of internet real estate. The simplest websites are the best. And I maintain that a disposable 3 minute ‘morning’ update delivered daily would better drive traffic hits if that’s to be some measure of interest. But the rest of it is superfluous. A video of the Butler Plan, some video archive of ideology and a daily vlog commentary and it’s set. If there are to be comments, make them ‘account only’ to help moderate and otherwise let it flow and not worry so much about trolls. And if that’s a legit problem, ax the damn things altogether. How much time is spent reading crap like the book-length stuff I post for rule compliance? Let some other site deal with discussion where us key tappers can vent and jabber and not only be relieved of the maintenance but force the conversations out into the web instead of hosting them here. Let them be some other websites problem.

    I just think it would be helpful to leave this website to be a one-way broadcast and let the echo of energy (interest) bounce elsewhere, perhaps driving and distilling it into action. Tier the e-mail so that only serious inquiries get replies, the rest can be addressed with a FAQ. Everything else is just discussion, and I don’t see the point.

    Terse, condensed description page, store, FAQ, maybe links to where we can babble about it that is someone else’s moderation problem, a video archive of brief ideology and ‘best of’, and a daily 3 minute vlog to keep fresh, contemporary content and a monthly video/call-in/re-cap with all the polish, and that’s it.

    Beyond that, I don’t see the payout of this format. If the relationship you form with white migrants is comfortably hosted on a damned website, than that’s where people are gonna stay and that will satisfy most people’s level and idea of participation. I just don’t see the point of replicating a mini-SF and Black shows when their very format is the epitome of internet chat and inaction. If you do what they do, you get their results.

    This, money-bombs, and every other suggestion I’ve yakked about so more text gets flushed into the internet sewer. Which is sort of my point. That’s all this does. It piles tomes of chatter that chronicles the discussions on a well modded website into Google’s cache that’s succeeded in producing a shortage of action, a lot of time in maintenance, and the mis-perception that media presentation and web-hits that imitates all the same dynamics of web-warrior sites like SF will somehow yield different results.

    This isn’t competition for white migrants, or at least it isn’t being conducted as such. It’s conducted like a competition for fuckwits like me who barf unsolicited opinions on forums like I’m sure every race website has, and God help us if we are winning on that front.

    Sorry for contributing yet another rant to the crap-pile of internet-cached text that does nothing. I’m just trying to offer a different view in the hope it could in any way alleviate time problems and distill the expenditure of effort.

  20. Harold
    Nov 22, 2015


    Valid points, with just enough truth in them to hurt. Not invalid at all, just incomplete. Rather than leap in feet first and respond, I’ll see what some of the others come up with. Call it a test to see how many of you honestly do have some kind of clue as to the reality of our situation. Thanks, Erik.

  21. The Ghost of Jacob Marley
    Nov 22, 2015

    I think Erik is referring to something Harold himself has already described–the inability of anyone in our wee little Movement, himself included, to bring forth a FINISHED PRODUCT, all stomping boots and torchlight parades and glittering banner-bedecked compounds and headquarters buildings and compounds. In other words, he is saying “Where is Adolf Hitler? Where are the Nuremburg rallies in Seattle? When is Harold going to SHOW us something?” Never is the question of where he is to obtain that “something” addressed.

    This is Harold’s personal tragedy, I think. Even at his age, he is still willing to make the attempt, but his entire life he has simply been given nothing to work with. He has approached the most towering and terrible problem in human history for all intents and purposes empty-handed and alone.

  22. Erik
    Nov 22, 2015

    @ HAC: I appreciate your patience with my ranting, and humbly apologize if it was coarse. I just blanch a little when I hear the web interface is impeding on vital PNW administration and that, simultaneously, interest is dimming, contrasted with the pitch of current events.

    I was just supposing some streamlining for efficiency, with the notion that any new approaches could be phased in so there’s no disruption.

    I’m also a bit nervous because I sense this “Trump Ripcord” phenomenon playing out exactly as you predicted. I sense people are seeing a comfortable electoral solution that isn’t there.

    It would possibly explain some part of the contradiction between the pitch of current events and attention here. There is no threat as dangerous in subtlety as distraction.

    Be blessed, all.

  23. Jason from Jax
    Nov 22, 2015

    Harold, do you know who this Erik person is? Do you know him personally?

  24. Anonymous
    Nov 22, 2015

    Erik, I think what Harold is trying to do is locate, motivate, and bring Home the tiny amount of White males and maybe even a few females as well, who are NOT like you.

  25. Adam "the woodchuck" From Portland OR
    Nov 22, 2015


  26. Jay Jewslee
    Nov 22, 2015

    Oy vey, Eric be a good goy and shut the hell up.

    Harold, a three minute daily podcast would not do anything. Bad idea. The goys would watch listen to it and then go watch sports oy veeeeeey!!!

    You goyim just never give up. You can tell you people the truth until you’re blue in the face and they won’t ever believe you. We have conditioned your people since birth to be good goyim. They can’t see the truth no matter what you do. BWAHAHAHAHA!

  27. Anonymous
    Nov 22, 2015

    What we need is something like in the movie “They Live”, where they took over the airwaves for short periods of time. Maybe we can hijack TV stations or cable channels somehow. What we need are some good racist computer hackers.

  28. Don
    Nov 23, 2015


    HAC, you are correct, trying to decide how many Jews have been in charge of the Federal Reserve is indeed like trying to count how many Stormtroopers can dance on the head of a pin! Its a mute point, because for sure they have it locked down TIGHT now! So we will not worry about Paul Volcker, Jewish or not Jewish.

    Regarding declining listenership to the podcasts, it just seems that whites are SO DAMN WIMPY! Case in point: I always visit my local farmer’s market on Sunday and yesterday was no exception. I wear as usual, despite the cold, shorts and sandals, but a warm wool cap and jacket. A white woman said to me, in effect, “Why in the world are you wearing shorts?” I replied something like this: “I am a white man, my ancestors came from Northern Europe, the cold does not bother me all that much.” Well, the two blacks standing there started laughing their asses off, not sure if they were making fun of me, laughing with me, or becoming nervous, perhaps a bit of all three. But the whites standing there, a good number of them of them out numbering all the niggers and spics and wogs, FROZE! They literally froze (no pun intended) and were totally silent just looking at me! I do not think any of them had heard anything like that before. I laughed and said good bye and walked off and when I did they were still standing there stunned…..and perhaps afraid of the two baboons who were still laughing. What the hell has happened to our race? Afraid to even listen, to think
    Again, a super show, love Revilo P. Oliver and always have, and to Barney, welcome back, bro!

  29. Idabro
    Nov 24, 2015

    The Heebs in the Fed is less of a “Stormtroopers on the head of a pin” and more “How many Jews can dance on the edge of a shekel?”.

    As for refocusing the RFN, the past few moths have felt rushed and short on content. I’m glad to hear that it’s going to get more serious and heavy. I really do miss hearing some from other past contributors though, such as Annie&Stefan, The Trucker, and Andy (I can hear everyone collectively groan at the thought of Andy coming back on). I like hearing HAC, but past contributors have always been a added to the heartiness of RFN and make old episodes worth re-listening to.

    Harold does need to draw in a younger audience, since we won’t win anything with a movement of geriatrics. The problem is the kind of content drawing in many of the younger people into the “alt-right” is mostly snarky memes, endless philosophical pontification, trolling lefty progs and other SJWs, and lots of Trump circlejerking. Harold has said himself that he’s too old of a dog to learn new tricks, so I think it would be best for Harold to stick with a format he’s good at instead of shifting his propaganda to something foreign to him. One thing the NF needs is exposure to the broader “Movement” (the part that doesn’t hate Harold’s guts), and his recent interview with Matt Heimbach is a good start. Networking with other racially aware groups may help, even if they’re not explicitly on board with the Butler Plan. If we can get some of this young creative talent on board and start up a better propaganda machine we would get more traction.

    Its hard for us to get taken seriously on the internet because people on the outside can’t really judge our progress up here since we’re low-key and don’t show our butts. Its a good thing to have these kind of people on board but it doesn’t do much for our web presence because people are attracted to buzz and outward appearances of success and popularity.

    Most of us that have actually migrated are just regular people trying to make our lives up here and are busy with work, family, and keeping our lives running. We were never internet warriors to begin with and we’re not about to start, so the ones left over to sit around and tapa-tapa-tap all day are those internet fuckwits that have the time on their hands to do so.

    The internet isn’t impeding on NF administration, its that the NF administration is becoming so voluminous that the internet portion of the NF is suffering. Harold is an aging codger, so he’s not going to able to keep up with all the real world stuff, play webmaster, type up Party literature, and also deliver brilliant oratory on RFN. Harold has to borrow time from somewhere. You should be glad that reality is being prioritized over virtual reality.

    As for the daily shorts, that would take up even more of Harold’s time and would consist of mostly the very thing Harold is trying to stay away from: news commentary! Leave that crap to all the other mainstream conservative radio hosts. We’re not trying to draw in people with short attention spans. As for Harold doing videos, there are a few problems:
    A) Harold doesn’t have the proper equipment
    B) Harold doesn’t have the time, skills, or the time to learn the skills to create and edit quality videos
    C) Harold is an un-photogenic old goat
    These things will be appropriate for when the Party can actually professionalize and get a proper staff making propaganda. Until then, we’re stuck with what The Old Man is good at.

    So stop being one of those internet fuckwits, get your ass up here, and help us build this thing!. We could use assistance is moving the great white blob towards action.

    That’s a funny story! I’ve noticed in my travels that the more level headed non-whites actually enjoy a bit of light hearted racial jokes. Of course, such insensitive and racist humor isn’t appropriate for proper and civilized white folk! A good whitey would grovel and lament their pale skin!

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