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Radio Free Northwest – October 8th 2015

Gretchen, Trucker, Lacey and some more evil karaoke. HAC discourses on the Bill White case and on the moral aspects of our struggle against ourselves.


  1. Red Green
    Oct 07, 2015

    HAC asks “What do you want from me?”

    Concentrate on what you are good at: Writing, speak and teaching. That’s a huge load right there. Don’t try to take on more than you can handle. If you are trying to do too many things at once, your will do none of them well.

    Let someone else do fund raising – Yes, absolutely the NWFRONT needs better or just some decent fund raising.
    RFNW has 4,000 weekly listeners – someone needs to ask the listeners for contributions. At $2 per week per listener that’s $400,000 a year, enough to do some solid things.

    Pierce was a great fund raiser. He could charm the buttons off a brass monkey when he wanted something from you, especially money. He would slip those shekels out of a donor’s pocket and make him feel GOOD about it. Mr. Covington is not. He is too blunt and rough-cut. He lacks that essential element of shamelessness which distinguishes a natural-born beggar, viz David Duke, who went to prison for embezzling $235,000 of donation money and gambling away, but THINK about that? How many Fearless Leaders today can raise anything remotely like $235,000 to piss away in riverboat casinos? Duke was always incredibly careless with money because he knew he could always get more, easily.

    Any chance you could find an attractive young woman to raise funds for the NF?

  2. Adam From Portland
    Oct 07, 2015

    @ The Trucker
    Hey, you seem to being heading through Portland a lot lately so next time you pass through drop me a line and lets meet.

  3. Adam From Portland
    Oct 07, 2015

    5000, Jesus Christ on a raft that’s the Northwest Volunteers and the NVA right there, what the hell are people waiting for? Harold is a living relic that berates all of you into doing what is right every couple of weeks into doing what you should be doing right now. Is the pain in the ass of moving so bad as seeing white girls with niggers or converting to Islam or some other vile crap. This isn’t that hard. All of you already not in the Homeland get you asses in gear and get up here.

  4. Anonymous In Idaho
    Oct 07, 2015

    I don’t expect much more out of you personally, but I would like to see the NF try to engage the growing mass of online discontent know as the Alt-Right. The NF strikes me as very incestuous since we don’t deal with groups that aren’t on board with NW migration, but there is plenty of young creative talent out there that would benefit us if they could ever get on our side. Whenever I try and post I usually end up with silence, and one guy saying (paraphrased) “The NF is just some fat old man and his podcast”. I’m worried that many people online know of us, but don’t take us seriously. Maybe if we turn the forums into Stormfront 2.0 and show our butts in public they’ll come running.

  5. Lacey
    Oct 07, 2015

    Help is on the way … I just hope and pray there are more like us working towards that goal- as far as what you can do I believe you are doing it – you have convinced my family and into give up all we know and start over new in a far off new place without “knowing ” a soul – I think that’s pretty remarkable in it self . The comrades who are making excuses and not made that choice yet … Well let’s be honest – short of paying for and supporting upon arrival – there isn’t more you can do to persuade them. This is a fight for our very existence and as far as I am concerned there is no excuse big enough.

    I do agree with the comment above about fundraising – someone has to step up and take some of the pressure off our “Guru”. The idea of a Saga-like pretty young girl seems like a great idea – I though we had that once .. But no 🙁
    Keep doing what your doing Harold – as you said – if you can’t save the race – you can at least save your soul with your struggle.

    Great Show!

  6. Brian from IL
    Oct 07, 2015

    Harold, I personally do not expect you to be a “fearless leader”. We are struggling against cultural forces that have taken centuries to unfold, beginning with the dispersion of the Jews from Israel and the Masonic led overthrow of the Monarchs of Europe.

    I see this over and over again in White Nationalism. Everybody is trying to be Adolf Hitler. That’s why there is so much infighting. But Hitler was a product of his particular time and place, and it’s not going to happen again.

    What can happen though, and is happening, is a shift to the right among the White population of the world. A growing trend of populism that an can nudged in the right direction. But you cannot build a cultural trend by yourself. You have to ride the wave that is already occurring. You have to be a man of your time and not a man of 1930s Germany. That means staying contemporary with uplifting pieces, reaffirming over and over to less committed Whites that they are right for their racial feelings. Not berating them.

    You should not feel like you have to provide the answers. If the spirit of the times change, the situation in the world will change as well and possibly in ways that we could not have foreseen.

    I’m not against your idea of geographic relocation because, as you said, it is a naturally occurring trend but I think the fact that it is natural occurring is what should be emphasized and not the revolutionary part. People are not yet ready for revolution and talking about one only marginalizes your message.

    Some slight changes to your message and staying fun and interesting like you do very well and I am sure your message will catch on.

  7. Harold
    Oct 07, 2015


    Thanks for the response, Brian, but seems to me you’re still not quite getting the question.

  8. Kenny Lane
    Oct 07, 2015

    All those people that send you messages whining about what’s happening in Obama’s America and in their personal lives are just that, WHINERS! I ought to know I’m related to people like that. They’re always cynical and negative about everything and I guarantee you you’re not the only one they cry and whine to. A lot of them are people who where raised to see the world as a terrible place and are always seeing what they think are “signs of the end times”, pointing towards some kind of second coming or rapture. The problem with most modern day white people is they either reminisce about a so-called better time in the distant past or look forward to some better world in the future where a messiah or savior is going to cleanse the earth of all evil for them where they don’t have to put forth any effort themselves to make the necessary changes right here in this moment right now! So Harold if they’re not whining at you I guarantee they’re whining at someone else just for the sake of whining. What’s sad is they actually think they’re making a difference by doing it when all they’re really doing is making themselves look and sound like spoiled little babies who can’t change their own diapers!

  9. KW Jackson
    Oct 08, 2015

    Write to the “optimates” you think/guess would be receptive to supporting the cause. Lay it out in the best way you can think of as to why it’s in their interest (and their progeny’s) and see what happens. Worse that happens is they throw the letter away and you hear nothing. However, the best that happens…

  10. Troy
    Oct 08, 2015

    “Staying fun and interesting”

    And there speaketh the voice of modernity.

  11. Anonymous
    Oct 09, 2015

    I’ll concur with Red Green.

    Keep doing what you have been doing. You are changing the world one listener at a time.

    Harold, I dont think the NF should “go public”. Why bother, really? Say we did get donations and financial support. Then we get buildings, property and then start doing real good. We will be harassed by every nigger, spic, wog, kike, latrino, gook, race traitor, faggot and brain dead Amurrican out there. I am doubtful a full awakening is possible. Keep recruiting, Harold, and the real men will get together and do what we need to do. We don’t want publicity. Let them forget we exist until the time comes to remind them.

  12. Brian from Illinois
    Oct 09, 2015

    @Troy I understand what you are saying with the “voice of modernity” remark but one can be intellectually pure and speak to the same 30 guys or one can adapt to a larger audience while retaining the core message. To quote Joe Dirt, “It’s not about what you like, it’s about what the customer likes”.

  13. Lewis Hall
    Oct 09, 2015

    I am always astonished that Harold has accomplished as much as he has with nothing, living for decades on the edge of homelessness. I’d love to see what he could accomplish if he had anything to work with.

  14. Felix Fedre
    Oct 09, 2015

    I think Harold should just keep on doing what he is doing. I get around the internet, and my impression is that the white movement is growing. I continually leave the NF website link, and I am often either thanked for the link or told they are aware and will “end up there”. The point is that most whites are, as Andy Donner would say, “not ready” to move. You can’t have it both ways, ie keep the T shirt youth away, and have them in the North West.

  15. Anonymous
    Oct 09, 2015

    Anonymous in Idaho and Lacy, I agree with your opinions about networking in the Alternative Right world and the problem that NWF it’s dismissed as a one man operation with the one man having certain “issues”.

    These problems are caused by jealousy, rivalries for attention and $ donations, but are based on certain truths. The NWF and radio free northwest are simply not good at fundraising, no one is really doing it at all. Hitler talked about the same problems with existing “folkish” movements in Germany before the rise of the National Socialist Party, the problem of Folkish movements not being run on a sound business like basis. Hitler and the NS did not make this mistake. AH wrote and published THE best selling book FOR PROFIT and bought a personal Mercedes car with the profits. German auto workers and just regular Germans supported this move, showed success, hope for others. Someone else besides the author of the Brigade has to handle fundraising and business interests. There are some current Alt Right blogs and groups that can serve as how to models. Or else just look to the success of German NS , which included the invaluable contributions of the likes of Ernst Hanfstaengl and his wife Frauline Hanfstaengl .

  16. Anonymous
    Oct 09, 2015

    Okay, first off we cannot model off the NS movement and AH. As much as I respect and admire what he tried to accomplish, his situation was vastly different. AH had no niggers, no beaners, no wogs or gooks either. Just Jews, brainwashed Aryan Germans and gypsies standing in his way. Jews are weaklings. We have it much harder than AH before 1933. Our task is a thousand times more difficult and if we fail the consequences much worse.

    If i was a people person I would do this fund raising stuff but I’m way to “rough around the edges”. I don’t have a single suit. All my pants are jeans and most got holes. My task isn’t to fundraise nor participate in Party bs. I am not a socialite. I hate social stuff. I hate White people as much as non-Whites unless i know ya.

    You know who you are, you have been told many times what you need to do and it’s never been sucessfully done so there is no template. You’re White, act like it and figure it out. EVERYONE ELSE HAS FAILED!!! We do not need to do it like anyone else. Think outside the box people.

    Get your ass and assets HOME!

    If your already home and haven’t read the novels start by reading “The Brigade”. Do what you need to do.

  17. Ari the Shekelburgler
    Oct 10, 2015

    What have we here huh, anti-semites again? Haven’t you goys been to school where the teach you about the holoho-caust? I’ll have you know, “Harold Evilstead Nazington” that my grandmother was gassed 37 times with Zyclone A+, then she was holocausted 14 times just last week! So what if white Russians were holocausted by Stalin who definatley wasn’t a Jew? We’re gods chosen people, that why he gave us big noses to enjoy all this free air, anyways I’ve reported you to the Jewish Internet Defence Force and President Obama, and he’s mad!

  18. Idabro
    Oct 10, 2015

    If there is one thing I would definitely change, it would be that HAC try to turn a decent profit from his literary works in any physical form they are published in. The Party should provide (as it does) all needed information pro bono, in the very cost effective electronic format. Excluding intro packs, if it costs The Party money, it will cost you money. Anyone not willing to cough up a few buck for a samizdat copy of one of the novels is either an Ammurrican dumbass looking to get a racial high for free, or is out on the bones of their ass and needs to improve their financial situation before participating in racial politics. I know Harold considers this a Holy cause, but even the Crusades required gold.

  19. Bill White was framed.

  20. DON
    Oct 12, 2015

    Just got around to listening to this podcast…
    First off, hats off to Lacey for the strong and intelligent voice of an Aryan Woman! I agree with you Lacey 100 percent!

    Second, to HAC, let me first THANK YOU Mr. Covington, for your LIFELONG dedicated service, sacrifice and commitment to our people and the furthering of our cause. There is nothing more you can do! You have already done so much, just keep being HAC! Others have to step up….many hands make for light work. The reason, HAC, that you can write so well and speak so well is that you are YOURSELF. You are HAC, Mr. Covington, the “old man,” the brilliant author and inspiration to many. One man cannot do it all. You are human, not superman, and that is why we love you so much! You have given your entire life to this struggle! Nothing more needs or can be done…you have given your whole being to this struggle. Just keep being yourself!

  21. Barbie's Ken
    Oct 19, 2015

    Come home Lacey and bring your family, it’s were we belong.

  22. lacey
    Oct 26, 2015

    Dont you worry, We are coming!!!

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