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Radio Free Northwest – June 25th 2015

A special Radio Free Northwest on the events of last week in Charleston, South Carolina.


  1. Rasputin's Ghost
    Jun 23, 2015

    With week after week of rioting and massive black on white crime in this country, like the knockout game, why would anyone be surprised that an angry young man with nothing to lose would lash out?

    I see they are using this as political leverage and continuing full steam ahead with their social engineering agenda. Now bringing the Confederate flag into it. I personally don’t care about the flag but many many Southerners do. So that will be even more White people who will feel slighted and marginalized. I tell you the liberal power elite do everything they can to piss off White men. Then they have the balls to say “what is the source of this anger?”. Duh!

  2. Snow
    Jun 23, 2015

    I doubt the Dyllan Roof attack because nobody important was targeted when its not that hard to do the same with

    [I apologize for censoring this comrade, but I must repeat that we now no longer have any Constitutional protection for political speech, and prosecution is simply a matter of pissing off somebody in power. In my view this comrade’s views would expose both him and yes, frankly me, to excessive risk of persecution from a regime which is becoming fearful and paranoid to the point of actual madness. – HAC]

    The Last Rhodesian always struck me as awkward ban bait that I’ve briefly listened to his run around. Impulsive character that wasn’t patient enough for deeper reasoning. I want to give him a benefit of a doubt that he didn’t screw up his one shot at life for such an insignificant target.

    Its uncomfortable commenting on such a sensitive event, especially since he did do something extraordinary that few of us would do for our own selfish reasons and general contempt for what passes as white America.

  3. Eric
    Jun 23, 2015

    This is a great podcast that will hopefully sink into our ‘movement’s’ collective minds. The only way to affect change in the U.S., or indeed, any Western PC-totalitarian state is through a revolutionary organization that will take the ‘fight’ to the bastards. That time is not now, we are not 1920s fledgling NSDAP, nor are we 1860s Confederates.

    We are the product of 50 years of Cultural Marxism and we have to learn to stiffen our spines, take the jibes and name-calling and hone our skills and, above all, organize ourselves for the day to come.

    Dylann Roof’s actions hurt no one but himself and, as HAC quite brilliantly pointed out, gave the Loonie Lib Commissars more ammunition in their war against all normal whites hold sacred.

    As a race, we have seen some dark times since 1914; however, those dark times are nothing compared to the hell that the New Reds are going to visit on the white population of the U.S. Their ‘pets’ have been harmed, and woe to those who harmed them or even look like the one who harmed them.

  4. TCA
    Jun 23, 2015

    I reluctantly disagree w/ your take on Roof.
    I don’t think what he did was a net loss. I found it inspirational.
    Ragnarok, and all that. It resonates in my Aryan soul.
    And obviously we disagree on the value of violence of this kind in the present environment. 14/88 Victory or Valhalla

  5. TCA
    Jun 23, 2015

    I don’t accept the “gives the libs more ammo” argument. They have all the ammo they need already, and the people this kind of thing will sway are people who would never have joined us anyway, at least not until they were sure we were the winners.
    Now is not the time?
    Well, when?
    I think now is exactly the time.

  6. Erik_
    Jun 23, 2015

    Tremendous podcast and powerful words. It leaves little else to say.

    I can only thank RFN for saying them, and very thankful I am.

    Be blessed.

  7. mike cee
    Jun 23, 2015

    Well, as for the mrs. and I all I can say is that our minds have been made up after recent events…especially taking down the confederate flag. I believe, coming soon, the Federal government will go ahead and implement a “reparations” for descendants of blacks in this country which will be carried out possibly via a payroll tax from ALL White workers. The blacks seemingly get everything they want, and have demonstrated numerous times. We Whites do nothing but moan, groan, complain, etc. and never do anything. There will be no NWF (sorry HAC, I have given up on my fellow Whites) and there will be no Civil War Part 2 or Mad Max or anything of that sort. Instead it will be more of a South African scenario. I am sure there were plenty of South African Whites who thought to the effect “we ain’t going down without a fight” or other such rhetoric. Instead the mrs. and I have done some preliminary research and will do more over the weekend where we can go…we have identified three countries already that do not have any blacks living in them. We are not too far from retirement…about another fifteen years and we are out of the USSAR.

  8. Erik_
    Jun 23, 2015

    If someone has already explicitly mentioned this, I missed it.

    This flap over the flag has nothing to do with ‘racism’ or even blacks. Black indignation is just the pretext.

    First off, liberals don’t care about blacks sincerely; they barely vote and just make a convenient pawn and underdog to rescue.

    And niggers don’t care about flags. You heard about the Calhoun statue being vandalized. Ten bucks says is was either a white liberal that did it because the negro mind is simply not wired to make a connection between a historical event that it barely has any knowledge of and the ability to abstract irony over current events (unless it was pointed out to him by a liberal, which he will then mindlessly repeat it and think it’s brilliant). Niggers can’t process irony. A nigger can spend more on bullets to rob and kill some old white guy than he gets from the victims wallet and it wont even register as mathematically peculiar.

    You notice the Republicans are jumping in. It’s an easy way to score reprieve from accusations of racism because to them it’s a throwaway issue anyways.

    But that’s not the only reason; they want and fear the same things as the liberals. The statist liberals see it as a historical reminder, iconic imagery of a time when American took up arms against the federal government and nearly won against an oppressive brutal dictatorship encroaching on their lives and endangering their personal welfare.

    And that will not do. That must go down in the Memory Hole to burn.

    It’s not even particularly South Carolina’s flag that is the target. This is the ‘Redskins’ motif. If they get a victory in SC, then they can apply the same faux outrage anywhere the Confederate flag is, (like Wal-mart, who is now refusing to sell anything with the Confederate flag on it) and systematically relegate the Condederate flags to ‘hate symbols’ alongside the swastika. It is not just words they are trying to erase to prevent ideas, it is imagery to remove memory also.

    I do find it interesting though, that the US federal government is not asked to remove the fasces from it’s House of Representatives.


  9. Phileas Fogg
    Jun 24, 2015

    God damn you, Harold! I damned near had a coronary rolling on the floor laughing at that Doctor Seuss parody!

  10. Red Green
    Jun 24, 2015

    That Doctor Seuss rhyme was hysterical, Harold! I fell off my chair laughing!

  11. adam
    Jun 24, 2015

    The theme I’m seeing in the media that there all saying but not really getting into is that how young this guy is, as a young white man I realized that my childhood was full of anti white propaganda and all my dumbass peers feel right into it. Some where at least aware of “the man” but not who that man is (think Asiatic). I was unfortunately (for the rest of them) the only one of them to find the NF. There are enough of us Millennials out there to take Amurriuca down.

  12. Chicago Guy's Stalker
    Jun 24, 2015

    Im drunk this week so I dont have time to fuk with you Harold.

  13. DOC
    Jun 24, 2015

    Let us hope that Dylann Roof’s sacrifice will prove that White men, when oppressed and tyrannized, will be difficult to enslave without a fight.
    Dylann Roof should have waited until an all out knock down drag out race war erupts in the future where his morally justified anger, rage and retribution can be carefully focused, harnessed and used intelligently with strict discipline and tactics to take out the correct targets, at the right place and at the right time, that will need to be removed permanently from the White Homeland in the Pacific Northwest. Until that time in the future reveals itself, mature intelligent self discipline and self control must prevail by all of us.
    Multiply Dylann Roof by at least 200,000+ and our friends in the dark silk suits and the black kevlar body armor will be able to re-live history and experience and feel exactly what Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer and the U.S. 7th Cavalry experienced and felt during the last few minutes of their lives at the massacre on Last Stand Hill known as Custer’s Last Stand at the Battle Of The Little Big Horn in 1876.
    Timing is everything. John Wilkes Booth also had a good idea, however and unfortunately, John Wilkes Booth was four years too late in his act of patriotism to the Condeferate States Of America. In reality, Dylann Roof’s reaction or reply to the collective Non-White Mud race and Jew ZOG oppression, terrorism and tyranny committed and inflicted against White People is only a mere drop in the bucket to achieve an eye for an eye justice for all of the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of completely innocent White People who have been brutally and savagely murdered in cold blood by thousands of Non-White Mud people, especially murdered by Blacks or Niggers during the last 50 years.

  14. Anonymous
    Jun 24, 2015

    I suppose any discussion on the subject of TARGET SELECTION would be too dangerous, now that as Harold points out, the Constitution has been suspended by Imperial Decree?

  15. Harold
    Jun 24, 2015


    Yeah, I’m afraid so.

    You can bet your bippy that the FBI and other alphabet soup agencies are GLUED to this comments section this week, and parsing every sentence. I am going to have to ride herd on these comments very tightly and I may still slip up and let something pass they might claim is some kind of “incitement” or “terroristic threat”.

    We have a problem also with the Bill White decision (or one of them) from some years ago, wherein a Jewish judge ruled that there is such a thing as an “inherently violent and criminal audience”, specifically “white supremacists”, whatever the hell that is. This means you guys, and it means that we have even LESS Constitutional rights or protection than others. The concept of the second and third class citizen is now firmly enshrined in the law and judicial practice of Obama’s Amurrica. Guess who’s on the bottom?

  16. Ray Geiser
    Jun 24, 2015

    Whites who are accused of a hate crime and then found guilty are generally given a much harsher sentence than those not accused of a hate crime, e.g., when a simian kills a White person, which occurs daily. Now, does this mean that some people are more important than others?

  17. Ray Geiser
    Jun 24, 2015

    Here’s what Rufus had to say: “when I seen sumwon doin sumthang stooped, I gotta look at da face oda perp. affa a few yeers I notiss wut da face of ‘stooped” bees lookin like so dat now I can no dat evenshully dat stooped face bees gonna do sum sheeut……nowudimesayin an I allais rite!!!” The question is…who are the beasts of the field?

  18. EpicKWJ
    Jun 24, 2015

    The convolution to explain Dylan Roof’s actions are people hanging on to their conditioning. They are desperately trying to retain the idea that they, and those like them, have no real agency – no will – to take action. Unfortunately the media will ramp up the conditioning using this in much the way the feminists use Eliot Rodger. Never let a tragedy go to waste. They have so much emotional energy you just have to deflect it in the direction you need and it will work for you. Forgive the cricket metaphor: but you can just chip a pace bowler for four runs a lot easier than smashing it for six.

  19. Wingnut
    Jun 24, 2015

    All of the government and corporate system is now tearing down every last trace of the Confederacy. So in that since, Dylann Roof did start a “race war”. A one sided war of cultural genocide against The South and White Southerners, since White people never actually FIGHT during a race war.

    A “White supremacist” gunning down little ole church lady niggers during Bible study is the greatest gift Roof could have given to The Enemy. Usually, White dysfunctionals such as the drunkard Miller, end up killing White people. (Even when he opened fire in a synagogue parking lot, the sozzled Miller didn’t manage to hit a single Jew.) Then there was that guy who thought he was gunning down “Muslims”, but actually shot Sikhs, a type of non-Muslim raghead.

    This is the first time since the chaos of the Civil Rights Movement period, that there has been a mass killing of just niggers by a “White supremacist”. Before it’s all over, “they” could decide to start rounding us up as “terrorists”, the way they have been doing the Muslims since 9-11. “They” routinely arrest Muslim nobodies like Apu from the Quickie Mart.

    As for us, so far “they” have only arrested three bigshots, insofar as we have any bigshots left,Matt Hale and Bill White and Edgar Steele. In Hale and White’s case this was based mainly on what they did on the Internet. In Steele’s case the FBI fabricated a case from the ground up, including fabricated audio files, which would have exposed in court if the judge hadn’t been gotten to and banned the experts who would have testified in Steele’s defense.

    There are close to 3 million Muslims in America, not counting the various quasi-Muslim nigger supremacist cults and gangs (such as the one Obongo belongs to), which is about 1% of the population, and close to 1/2 of them are “radicals”. So “they” have a time keeping up with them all.

    However, “they” could easily decide to do a “sting”, say shutting down the top 100 “White supremacist” websites and rounding up the top 1000 “White supremacist leaders”, in one fell swoop. And the only thing the couple hundred thousand of “us” will do about it is run and hide.

    “We” would be publicly denouncing HAC and the other leaders faster than Peter denied Christ.

  20. Anonymous
    Jun 25, 2015

    Harold, that Doctor Seuss rhyme was uproariously funny, and may have advanced you well into the danger zone on their hit list. How DARE you mock them po’ little niggaz like that? You yourself have said it–we are not allowed to have a sense of humor. Mockery is the one thing these assholes in power can’t stand. We will never be allowed to have our own version of Jon Stewart, and you’re getting perilously close.

  21. Gary S
    Jun 25, 2015

    TCA, I couldn’t agree more. On the one hane we cry about media bias and how we can’t get any good publicity. Then on the other hand we try to present a “good public image” for a media that will NEVER give us that. So I say fuck’em. If we ever stood up like the men our ancestors were and just started taking it to them, you might be surprised how many kindred souls would come out of the woodwork.

  22. Harold
    Jun 25, 2015

    @Anonymous and others:

    Later today I will be sending out a link to an article how Reason.com, a lefty site, was subjected to federal subpoenas demanding identifying IP address and location information on COMMENTERS to an article on that web site, and a gag order forbidding the site’s owners from discussing the fact that those subpoenas had been issued or notifying the targets of the secret police. They could afford attorneys. We cannot.

    I’m not making this up, people. The Constitution is gone, we are now living in a dictatorship, and men are going to prison for WORDS.

  23. Blackdog
    Jun 26, 2015

    HAC – Interesting article, found it by googling for it. Scary thing is, you might not even know about it. The Organs might go right to Dreamhost with the subpoena and gag order and no one at this website, including yourself, would even know about it.

  24. adam
    Jun 26, 2015

    I just saw a NBC post calling white males the biggest terror threat in US history I laughed because there scared of us LET’S OC OGLEVY EM! In the mental sense of course?

  25. C
    Jun 26, 2015

    Hey guys, So Anglin over at the DS has had an epiphany and is supporting “reservation camps”. I’ve been over there promoting NWF logically and have seen others doing as well. Saw Heimbach in the comment section also saying he supported the regrouping of Whites in general. Of course I’ve had run-ins with the negative nancies tool. I think while this article is up we should be promoting the migration. Let people know that the groundwork has already been laid. I see people over there basically trying to reinvent Harold’s wheel of where to go and why. It’s a shame that so many WN’s don’t even know about this plan or immediately write it off. Anyways, if you guys wanna get over there and let that massive comment section of almost 400 comments know the plan already exists and is right here, be my guest and help me out. http://www.dailystormer.com/were-not-getting-our-countries-back-its-time-to-talk-about-reservations/comment-page-3/#comments

  26. Chicago Guy's Cyber-Stalker
    Jun 27, 2015

    My supervisor won’t let me get away with phoning in your harassment this week, Harold. Will you PLEASE just kill yourself like the client wants so I can close out your file? Come on, dude, be a sport.

  27. ND Nick
    Jun 27, 2015


    Are there any comrades in North Dakota? I’m finally leaving Commiefornia to take a job there next month, and it’d be nice to network with some like-minded people. It’s not the PNW, but the city is 90% White, and after being in CA for five years, that sounds like heaven on earth.

  28. ND Nick
    Jun 27, 2015

    Great show, BTW.

  29. Harold
    Jun 27, 2015

    Apparently we have been cast into outer darkness at Daily Stormer. No idea why. I have no idea WTF this Anglin guy is, never met him, not a clue what his beef with me is. Maybe he’s an alumnus of That Nineties Show, but the name doesn’t ring a bell.

  30. C
    Jun 27, 2015


    He is a younger guy, 30, only woke up racially speaking a few years ago. I have tried to engage him directly a few times about promoting you but he has never responded. My honest opinion from trying to promote you guys over there frequently throughout the past is that Anglin hasn’t done his research on the NWF. He has gotten in good with the Stormfront crowd (guest appearances on stormfront radio) and he has probably developed his opinion on the NWF from what they have said about it. Hopefully he finds his way through all the movement BS and figures out that this is the only option. I say this because his site is the most read WN news site and just one promotional article would do wonders for the NWF. Overall there were a good bit of people dropping links back to here over there today. the NWF was definetly the only idea that was repeated consistently by numerous people throughout the entire comment section. Things are looking up IMO.

  31. Snow
    Jun 28, 2015


    Andrew Anglin isn’t highly regarded in the movement outside of his circles. Known for his own brand of GUBU

    Also has anyone noticed that corporations has jumped on the anti-confederate bandwagon while actively promoting LGBTQ in their logo advertising? Liberal democrats at pushing this from the top down.

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